Miracle Girls episode 2

Episode title
Ame tokidoki highjack
Air date
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.03.08
Kurashige was at the airport because he was going to leave for England. Tomomi and Noda were there to see him off, and they were all waiting for Mikage. Tomomi said that Mikage had been working all night on something.

Mikage was rushing to the airport by train.

Then Tomomi tried her telepathy to reach Mikage but the distance was too far and she couldn't reach her.

Kurashige was worried that Mikage might not make it in time.

It was almost time for Kurashige to board the plane. Then Tomomi's telepathy finally reached Mikage as she had arrived at the airport five minutes before the plane was going to take off. Mikage got off of the train and ran. But Mikage bumped into a stranger, and dropped the envelope that she was carrying. The guy picked it up and gave it back to her. Then Mikage finally reached Kurashige and gave him the letter.

In England, a small boy and his dog found the two strange flowers.

After the plane took off, Kurashige opened the letter. He was shocked to discover that it was a threatening letter for a highjack. Then two guys suddenly got up and took out their guns. They highjacked the airplane.

Later Mikage was at home and very sleepy because she had been up all night writing the love letter to Kurashige. Tomomi said that Kurashige would probably call Mikage as soon as he got to England. Mikage was worried that Kurashige might have only thought of her as a sister.

Then the phone rang. Tomomi assured Mikage that it couldn't be Kurashige. It was Noda. He told Tomomi that the plane Kurashige was on had been highjacked. They turned on the TV and saw the news. Mikage quickly ran out of the house.

The highjacker told the pilot to contact the tower. The pilot conveyed the demands of the highjackers. He said that 30 minutes later they would read a note, and they wanted it to be announced worldwide.

Tomomi caught up to Mikage outside. They rode the train to Yokohama station. There they met Noda. Mikage was spaced out. Mikage was very worried about Kurashige. Tomomi and Noda tried to comfort her. Then she said that she wanted to go to Kurashige.

The time came to read the note. The highjacker told the pilot to read the note. The pilot glanced at it and was surprised, but he started reading the note. It was the love letter that Mikage had written.

Mikage was in Yokohama station and heard her letter announced through the entire station. Mikage was shocked.

The highjackers got very mad and cut off the connection. Then they went to the passengers section and asked who had switched the letter. When Kurashige saw the letter, he got up. The highjacker told him not to stand up, but Kurashige went to get the letter. The highjacker then kicked Kurashige as he dove to get the letter from the floor. But Kurashige just grabbed the letter. The highjacker questioned Kurashige, but he didn't say anything. So the highjacker shot at Kurashige and hit his arm.

Mikage and Tomomi concentrated so they can teleport to the airplane.

In the airplane a little girl said that she wanted to go to the toilet. The highjacker stood there with the gun in his hand. So Kurashige attacked the highjacker. When they were fighting, Tomomi and Mikage appeared in the plane, and there was a lot of flashing all over. The plane lost all controls, and the plane was losing altitude.

Mikage landed on top of Kurashige, and hugged him. [Kurashige didn't seem very surprised.]

Then the girls disappeared, and the plane regained control.

Mikage and Tomomi returned to their house. Tomomi landed on her bed, but Mikage crashed through the second floor window and fell outside. Luckily Noda was there and caught her.

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