Miracle Girls episode 3

Episode Miracle Girls episode 3
Title Kazamuki ha London
Air date 1993.01.22
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.03.16

Mikage was feeling very depressed. She was just thinking about Kurashige. Even at the chemistry club lab her experiments weren't blowing up like usual. The other members of chemistry club were wondering about Mikage. Then Mikage left the chemistry lab and fell down the stairs.

Mikage heard Tomomi's voice. Tomomi was at the photography club. She was arguing with a girl who was planning the graduation album. Many people had asked to include a lot of Tomomi's pictures. But Tomomi didn't want any of her bad pictures in the album. Then Noda came into the room and said that he wanted to see Tomomi's picture. Tomomi quickly tried to cover it up. Then Mikage caught a glimpse of a picture of Kurashige. Mikage quickly ran off.

Mikage ran to an empty classroom. Kageura was going around the halls putting his ear to the ground, trying to listen for something. He saw Mikage going into the classroom. Then Tomomi ran into the room after Mikage.

Mikage was thinking about Kurashige, and she wanted to see him. Tomomi told Mikage that she would help use their power to send her. Mikage looked up. Tomomi said that she would send Mikage home. Mikage was disappointed. She thought Tomomi was going to help send her to London. Then just before Kageura came into the room, Tomomi sent Mikage home. Kageura asked where Mikage was, but Tomomi distracted him and left.

Mikage crash landed inside the house. Her mother came and warned her about going into the house with her shoes on. Since Mikage had fallen down the stairs, her mother told her father that Mikage seemed a little sick.

Meanwhile in London, Kurashige was with a short haired girl with glasses. It was the same girl that he had met on the plane.

Mikage's father went up to the girls' room. Mikage was in bed sleeping. Her father had gotten the two flowers and put them in a vase.

In england a military team gathered around the flower. The people were taking some measurements of the flowers. One guy said that it was the legendary flower. A girl with long hair said that all she had to find now was her twin sister.

The short haired girl was with an old dying woman. The woman was telling her the truth about her past.

A lightning hit the castle, and all of the equipment that was measuring the flowers got destroyed.

At night, Tomomi woke up and saw a light coming from Mikage's side of the room. Tomomi warned Mikage that their mother would scold her. Then Tomomi went to Mikage's side. Mikage was sleeping and floating in air. The flowers in the vase was lit up. Then Mikage woke up, and the light vanished. Mikage fell into her bed.

The next day Mikage was looking up some books at the library to find out about the flowers. But she couldn't find that flower in the books.

At school, Tomomi wasn't eating her lunch. She was just spaced out. Noda and Yamagishi were looking at Tomomi. Then the girl came asking for Tomomi's picture. Tomomi didn't know what she was talking about. Then she remembered that she had forgotten the picture. She said that she would bring it the next day.

Mikage went to get some juice at the library vending machine. There she began to see some illusions. She saw Kurashige jogging. Kurashige ran right past her.

On the way home from school with Noda and Yamagishi, Tomomi was acting very strangely.

While sitting down at the library, Mikage touched the flower. She saw an image of Tomomi. She touched the flower again. She saw an image of Kurashige.

Tomomi was also seeing these images too. She was wondering what was going on.

Kurashige was sitting on a park bench. An old man came by and said that there were ghosts around. He wanted Kurashige to inform him if he saw one. He said that it might be his daughter.

That night Tomomi and Mikage were wondering about the flower. Mikage said that she had remembered the time when she first saw Kurashige. Tomomi said that she understood how much Mikage loved Kurashige. Mikage said that she would go to London to see Kurashige.

In England, the team was checking the flower. Then some strange waves appeared on their screen.

Tomomi and Mikage were concentrating. They were trying to teleport. Then an image of Mikage appeared in front of Kurashige, who had fallen asleep on the park bench. Mikage then appeared next to Kurashige. Kurashige said, "I'm always being surprised by you."

Tomomi was floating in the air just outside of the window of Noda's room. Noda was sewing a stuffed animal. Tomomi laughed at him.

Kurashige tried to touch Mikage, but they couldn't make contact. Then Mikage disappeared.

In another place in England, the girl with long hair and girl with short hair saw each other. But their images also disappeared.

The next morning Tomomi and Mikage got to the station. But Tomomi remembered about the picture that she was supposed to bring. So they ran back home together. Tomomi got the picture and asked Mikage to use their teleportation to school. But Mikage said no. Then Tomomi said that she would be able to make it just in time if she ran. So Mikage said ok. They used their power to teleport to school.

[Tomomi is good in sports, Mikage isn't. So when Tomomi said that she could just make it to school in time, Mikage knew that she had no hope.]

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