Miracle Girls episode 4

Episode title
Bargain typhoon
Air date
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.03.08
Mikage saw a red dress that she really wanted at a department store. She tried it on and wanted to buy it, but it was 56,000 yen. The sales woman tried to push it, and said that there was only one of that dress. Mikage really liked it but she couldn't get it.

That night Tomomi asked Mikage for help with some math. But Mikage didn't help her. Mikage was just counting her money and worried about the money required for the dress. Mikage then asked Tomomi for some money. Tomomi said that Mikage should ask their mother for money. But Mikage said that since she had just gotten a new dress, she couldn't. Then Tomomi said that she would do the homework by herself.

The next day at school, Tomomi and Mikage ate lunch separately. Noda and Yamagishi saw them. Noda asked what was going on, and Tomomi said that Mikage wanted a new dress. When Noda said that he didn't understand, Mikage yelled at him.

Mikage tried working at a hamburger store. She tried taking orders. But she told one customer that she should eat salad instead of french fries. The customer got mad and ran away. Then Mikage worked in the kitchen. Mikage tried to make a very large hamburger, and caused an explosion. Mikage got fired.

Mikage was standing outside of the window where the dress was. She kept staring at the dress.

Later Mikage dragged Tomomi to Kageura's office. Mikage said that she would do the ESP experiments for Kageura, and asked for 50,000 yen. Tomomi didn't want to do it, but Mikage forced her. After Kageura got the cameras set up, Mikage and Tomomi pretended to do some simple object teleportation. But it was a fake, and Kageura got mad. Tomomi and Mikage quickly ran away.

Mikage went to the store again. Mikage stared at the dress. The sales woman came out and whispered something to her. Mikage became very happy.

Tomomi was at a different section of the department store. Tomomi was looking at a short skirt. Then Mikage came and told Tomomi that there was going to be a bargain sale. Tomomi became very happy too.

Later Mikage was at home working on a program on her computer. Mikage was doing a simulation of the bargain. She was making up a strategy so she could get the dress. When she was finished, Mikage and Tomomi went with Noda and Yamagishi to the department store to go over the strategy. Tomomi asked about her skirt, but Mikage was only concerned with her own dress.

That night Mikage was very happy and couldn't sleep.

The next day Mikage and Tomomi went with Noda and Yamagishi to the department store. They lined up and there was a huge crowd. At 10 AM, the door opened and they all ran in. Tomomi used roller skates. All of the other girls ran too. It was very crowded.

Tomomi and Mikage finally got to the store. It was very crowded and Tomomi just stood there. Noda and Yamagishi were very tired and just sat down on the floor. Mikage went in and fought with all of the other girls to look for her dress. Tomomi left and went to look for her skirt.

Mikage called Tomomi through telepathy. But the connection got cut. Their flower bracelet started flashing. Mikage couldn't answer Tomomi. So Tomomi rushed back to Mikage. Meanwhile Mikage fell down. [This was in black and white. I have no idea what this was supposed to mean. - H.Doi]

Mikage got up and saw Tomomi, Noda, and Yamagishi. Mikage told them to help out. So Noda, Yamagishi, and Tomomi created a wall to block the other girls as Mikage was looking for her dress. Finally Mikage found the dress. But when she looked closely at it, she didn't like the pattern of the collar.

That night Tomomi and Mikage wondered what had happened during the day when their power failed.

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