Miracle Girls episode 5

Episode title
Mikage ichiji Tomomi
Air date
Guest voice actors
Reiko (Ohtani Ikue)
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.03.16
Tomomi was playing volleyball. She kept score many points for her team. There were many girls cheering for her. They thought Tomomi was very cool. One girl with a camera (Reiko) was taking a lot of pictures.

After the game, Tomomi told her friend that she would be able to play in next week's game too.

At home, Tomomi was looking in her closet for some special clothes. But she couldn't find it. Mikage guessed that Tomomi was going on a date with Noda. Mikage was making a jigsaw puzzle. Then Tomomi remembered that her clothes were at the cleaning store. Tomomi asked Mikage to help her teleport there. Mikage said that she didn't want to. But Mikage helped out and Tomomi teleported away. Then something went wrong. Tomomi landed at some construction site.

Reiko was waiting outside of the Matsunaga home. She wanted to take more pictures of Tomomi. Just as she was getting bored, she saw a dirty Tomomi running home.

Mikage finished her puzzle. It was a puzzle of a picture of Kurashige and Mikage. She said that all she had to do was frame it now. Then Mikage noticed a dirty spot on the puzzle. Just when Mikage was leaning over to it, Tomomi ran into the room. Mikage fell forward and messed up the puzzle.

Tomomi was rushing, saying that she would be late for the date. Tomomi took a shower and put on her favorite clothes. Then Tomomi asked Mikage to teleport her again. But Mikage didn't want to. Tomomi grabbed Mikage's hand and tried to force their pinkies to touch. Then they touched and Tomomi teleported away.

But Tomomi landed inside the fountain, next to where Noda was waiting. Tomomi got all wet, and was very disappointed. Noda saw her and started laughing.

Reiko was still waiting for Tomomi outside of her home. Then she spotted a soaking wet Tomomi walking home.

Mikage had finished her puzzle again. Tomomi silently walked up to her room and crashed into her bed. Mikage asked what her happened, but Tomomi didn't answer.

Then the door bell rang. Mikage went down to answer it and found out that it was Noda. Mikage yelled at Noda. Noda said that he didn't do anything. Then Noda told Mikage what happened. When Mikage found out that Noda had laughed at Tomomi, Mikage yelled at Noda again. Mikage told Noda that girls were delicate. Then Noda started laughing. He said that the word delicate and Mikage didn't go together well. Then Mikage got mad and threw shoes at Noda as he ran away. Tomomi was just staring out the window looking at Noda.

The next day at school Mikage tried to talk to Tomomi through telepathy. But Tomomi wasn't answering.

Kageura caught Mikage call out for Tomomi. He told Mikage that he thinks they are talking through telepathy. He asked Mikage to tell him about it, but Mikage said that she didn't know what he was talking about.

When school ended, Tomomi ran out of the classroom right away. Noda ran after her. Mikage was also running to Tomomi. Mikage and Tomomi almost bumped into each other.
Mikage said, "Why are you shutting me out?"
Tomomi said, "Don't keep talking to me telepathically."

Then Tomomi spotted Noda coming at her so she teleported away. Mikage said to Noda, "Hey Noda! I told you girls were delicate. Why are you trying to scare her! I'll talk things over with Tomomi. So don't talk to her until then. Wait for her at the same fountain at 10 AM this Sunday. Ok!"

Reiko went to Kageura's office. Kageura was hanging upside down from the ceiling and swinging back and forth. Reiko showed Kageura the pictures of Tomomi. Then Reiko told Kageura about something "strange" that had happened when she was waiting for Tomomi.

When Mikage got home, she found out that her room had been cleaned. Mikage got very upset. Tomomi was going around the house cleaning. Mikage went to Tomomi and yelled at her. "Why did you clean my room? I always told you not to touch my things. It might look messy, but I know exactly where everything is." Mikage paused a bit and said, "Noda said that he wanted to go out with you again." Tomomi stopped for a moment, but went back to cleaning without saying anything.

The next day at school, Noda, Tomomi, and Mikage were not their normal selves.

After school when Tomomi got home, she started cleaning the house again.

On Sunday morning, Tomomi was still going around cleaning the house. Mikage tried to talk to her, but Tomomi wasn't answering. Then Mikage called Tomomi ugly. Tomomi snapped back that she wasn't. Then Tomomi went upstairs to get her clothes. Mikage thought Tomomi was going to see Noda. But Tomomi said that she was going to the volleyball game.

Noda was waiting at the fountain.

Reiko was still outside of the Matsunaga home with her camera.

Tomomi and Mikage ran outside and argued. Then they teleported away. Reiko saw it.

Tomomi went to the park to see Noda. Tomomi and Noda ate ice cream together.

Meanwhile Mikage was playing volleyball in Tomomi's place. Mikage got hit in the face with the ball.

Tomomi thanked Noda and ran to the gym. When Tomomi arrived, she quickly took Mikage's place and won the volleyball game.

Reiko told Kageura that she stopped taking pictures. Kageura asked why, and Reiko told him that it was a secret.

Mikage was putting the puzzle together. Tomomi came and said that she would help. But Mikage said that she didn't want help. Then Tomomi went and picked up a piece. Tomomi and Mikage both fell together on top of the puzzle, messing it up.

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