Miracle Girls episode 6

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Esper biyori
[a fine weather for espers]
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  • Summary version 2.0 by Pascal Janin, 1993.12.22
  • Summary version 3.0 by Pascal Janin, 1994.02.26
  • I have slightly rewritten this summary, because I have just watched it again WITH my dictionary handy this time :) - P-chan.
Kageura-sensei is in his lab, trying to bring one of his inventions (a bloody chemical solution) to life using a pair of electrodes hooked to a high-voltage generator. Despite his efforts, it doesn't work. At the same time, a delivery man brings him a voodoo mask that he was expecting.

The next day during his lesson at school, Kageura is talking about extrasensory perception (aka ESP), so Daijouji gets mad and asks him to resume his usual lesson. Meanwhile, Mikage is drawing her flower in her notebook, and is startled when Kageura makes a rush at her to talk about ESP powers. She says she knows nothing about it, but Kageura still bothers her after school in front of the ladies' restroom. The principal comes at the perfect time so Mikage rushes into the restroom, but she drops the sketch of her flower behind on the floor.

At night, Tomomi (from the living room) and Mikage (in her room) are "talking" to each other, using telepathy, about Kageura and his sudden interest in Mikage's flower on her bracelet. They think that he might be suspecting something.

At Kageura's house, it's dinner time [he even has a roasted bat for dinner:)]. While he and his wife are praying, he hears a scientist on the TV talking about the effects of weather. Showing a picture of a rocky mountain, he says that lightning may carry enough power to awaken inward human powers and develop ESP powers.

In the meantime in the twins' room, the flowers are blinking slowly in the dark.

Now there are huge clouds in the sky. Back in his laboratory at school, Kageura discovers that his crow Juliette [also Kyouko Otonashi in French..] has kept dropping various items (coins etc..) into his "magic" solution. She has even just dropped a green beetle in it, but Kageura thinks that, after all, his invention might have worked, since there was life in it [ie the beetle]. Thus he tries again to use the high-voltage electrodes and drops them into the solution, with voltage set to maximum. Soon the generator overheats and explodes.

Then a big flash of lightning from the clouds [attracted by Kageura's electrodes] hits Kageura's voodoo mask pinned against the wall. The mask seems to have been brought to life, and has a demonical laughter. Then it slips onto Kageura's face while a sphere of energy, that the mask has taken from Kageura's flowers, "merges" with him.

Kageura soon wakes up and wonders why he was wearing the mask. Later Kageura discovers that he is emitting blue lightning, and can even move objects from afar [when he moves objects, the same strange music, played when the twins use their powers, is heard].

Tomomi and Mikage are disappointed to see that their magic flowers aren't in great shape these days, and have lost their colors [they are now both dark blue, like the flowers in England]. They even try to drop them into a glass of water but it doesn't do anything.

Due to (thanks to?) Kageura's special powers, his chemistry courses have become unusually calm, as they should have always been.

When their lesson is over, Tomomi and Mikage are about to leave and eat their lunch when Kageura meets them and tells them that now he understands what having ESP powers, like theirs, means. He says that he might have even gotten ESP powers more powerful than theirs. The twins don't understand what he is talking about.

They decide to follow him up to his lab. There, they see him giving a call to the scientist he saw on TV the day before [he wants to get in touch with this scientist because he has something to ask him], and at the same time making a glass flying in mid air with his mere finger.

[CM break]

On their way back home, the twins confess to each other that they still can't believe what they just saw and heard.

At home, Kageura has great fun playing by making things "fly" in his room. Then his wife calls him for dinner.

At home, Tomomi is very worried about their flowers, being in a very bad shape. They have kept them in a glass of water for days, but the flowers have not recovered yet.

During the dinner, Kageura tells his wife that there is something important, that even he doesn't understand very well, that just happened to him [he has a plate full of a strange soup made of bits of skull]. His wife fears the worst, but when Kageura confesses that he might have gotten ESP powers, it makes her laugh a lot. She was obviously expecting something much more terrible, and laughs even more at the "flying plates demonstration" her husband just makes, being caught off guard by her reaction.

During the next few days, Tomomi and Mikage daydream at school, only thinking about their flowers. Then all of a sudden, their flowers' hearts start to blink slowly, still in their glasses of water at home, emitting a burst of light which is felt by both Tomomi and Mikage at the same time. They find an excuse to leave the class early, and meet each other at the school entrance. They say that they have both felt their flowers crying, and hurry back home.

At home, Tomomi wonders if their flowers have died. Mikage says it can't be, and works hard on her computer to find a cure for them.

At home, Kageura seems to have found a new hobby: making various items fly in mid air just to have fun and make his wife laugh.

The morning comes and finds Mikage and Tomomi sleeping, resting against each other on the floor.

The same morning, Kageura tries hard to move a cup of umeboshi [small Japanese plums -> Lum's weak point :) ]. While he is concentrating, his wife actually moves the cup away on the table so when Kageura opens his eyes again, he feels relieved to see that the cup has moved for real. He was thinking he had lost his powers (in fact, he has).

Later in the countryside, Kageura and the TV scientist are walking to the rocky mountain [Kageura has brought with him a huge backpack with an inflated animal as he was expecting for a much longer trip] shown on TV. A storm is coming and dark clouds are surrounding the top of the mountain.

Still at home, Mikage and Tomomi hold their flowers in their hand, wondering what they could do, when the flowers' hearts resume blinking, first slowly then faster and faster.

Kageura is now meditating, but despite his efforts nothing comes to his mind.

Mikage and Tomomi are very happy to see their flowers blinking again.

By sheer force of concentration, Kageura seems to have found out something. Then he suddenly stands up, rushes at the mountain, and manages to climb to the top.

With a last powerful burst of lightning, the flowers unexpectedly teleport Mikage and Tomomi away.

Kageura has reached the top of the mountain. He has a demonical laughter and says that it's there that the lightning hit the ground. As a matter of fact, he is hit by a flash, which also breaks the mountain into pieces and sends it flying.

At the same time, Tomomi and Mikage are in the midst of a teleportation. Some bits of rock from the mountain hit their flowers' heart, making them dazzle more than ever. Soon they get their colors back, and the bits of rock turn into magical stones matching the flowers' respective colors. Then the twins vanish with a last burst of light from the flowers.

Falling down, Kageura is hit by another flash, and then surrounded by a blue aura. He discovers that he can fly, and has great fun [again].

Then the twins appear nearby. They are shocked to see Kageura flying "a la" Superman, scaring the scientist.

Another blink of their flowers makes Mikage and Tomomi crouch with pain. They don't understand what is happening to them. It is as if they have a very heavy weight on their shoulders, making them unable to move. They can't even free their fingers, which are tied together.

But Kageura's flying powers don't last long, and soon he crashes head first. At the same time, the twins' hands are set free with a last burst of light, and the magical stones fall on their knees. Mikage and Tomomi think that they have been brought there by these stones that are the "energy refills" that their flowers needed badly. Kageura is still lying on the ground, unconscious.

At school the next day during Kageura's lesson [which has become "hentai" chemistry again :)], Mikage is studying the pendants that they just made with the stones, instead of listening to what he says. So Kageura comes to her and asks her what these pendants are. Since she doesn't want to tell, he starts to chase her, and when she passes by Tomomi [having lunch on the grass with Noda and Yamagishi], she quickly throws the pendants to Tomomi..

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