Miracle Girls episode 7

Episode title
Yochi shisuu ?% (arere percent)
Air date
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.03.30
There was an unexpected increase in sunspot activity.

In a morning before school, Mikage was helping Tomomi study for a chemistry test. Mikage was getting upset because Tomomi was so dumb. Mikage said that Tomomi should just take the supplemental test. But Tomomi said that she didn't want to, because Noda had asked her out to an amusement park.

Mikage and Tomomi ran out of the house. Mikage said that they wouldn't make it in time, so they tried to teleport. But something went wrong. Instead of teleporting, they just saw an image of a banana.

Since they couldn't teleport, they ran to school. Then Tomomi slipped and fell on a banana.

Mikage and Tomomi got to an intersection and waited for a long time for the light to change. Tomomi was getting restless and wanted to take another street. Then the light changed and Mikage tried to pull Tomomi. Their fingered touched, and they saw an image of a girl's underwear. Then the wind blew and flicked up Mikage's skirt.

While they were running, Tomomi wondered if they had the power to see the future.

At school Tomomi was sleeping during class. Noda came and woke her up. Tomomi said that she had been pulling all nighters to study for the chemistry test.

Mikage came and asked Tomomi for her gym clothes. But Tomomi said that she had taken them home the previous day. Mikage had forgotten them that day because they were rushing in the morning. Tomomi said that she would help teleport Mikage home.

Mikage and Tomomi went to the empty music room to try the teleportation. They touched each other's fingers. But they just saw an image of some goldfish. Then Daijouji came into the room to play the piano. Mikage and Tomomi quickly left the room.

During that day Tomomi slept through her other classes too.

Later Mikage and Tomomi were talking outside. Mikage said that it must be foresight powers. But Tomomi said that the goldfish was strange. They hadn't done anything recently that would bring them close to any goldfish. Then Kageura came running at them dragging a cart. He crashed into Mikage and Tomomi. The girls went flying and landed in the cart. The cart was a large fish tank filled with goldfish.

That night Tomomi and Mikage were concentrating. Mikage said, "Are you ready Tomomi? If we can see the future, we might be a modern day Nostradamus and see the end of the world."
Tomomi said, "I don't care about the end of the world. I just want to see the questions for the chemistry test."

At home in his study room, Kageura was very happy as he just thought of some questions on sunspots that he was going to put on the test. It had nothing to do with chemistry, but he just wanted to see the shock on the faces of the students. Then Tomomi and Mikage teleported into Kageura's room. Kageura was surprised, but said, "I have a loving wife. I know how you could be interested in me.." Tomomi and Mikage snuck out while Kageura was talking to himself.

The next day Tomomi and Mikage were wondering why they teleported instead of seeing the future. Mikage thought that they must have been missing some key ingredient. Then they accidently touched fingers. They saw an image of Tomomi taking the test. Tomomi said that it was the future again. Then Mikage sai that the reason why it worked now must be lack of sleep. Tomomi said that they should become very tired so they can control their foresight powers.

That night Mikage and Tomomi played games all night. When their mother scolded them, they said that they were doing it so Tomomi could get a good score on the chemistry test.

The next day during school, Tomomi tried to keep herself awake by pointing a pencil up at herself.

That night Mikage and Tomomi played fast music and danced outside to stay awake. Their mother saw them and thought that they had completely gone insane.

The next day after school, Noda told Tomomi not to try too hard. He said, "Even if you get a good score, if you get sock you won't be able to go to the amusement park." But Tomomi said that she was all right.

That night Tomomi and Mikage were very sleepy. They had reached the point where they couldn't be any more sleepy. So they tried using their power again. But they teleported to Noda's room. Noda had just gotten out of the bath and had just a towel around him. When he saw the two girls in his room, the towel fell off. Noda quickly grabbed the towel and covered himself, but Tomomi and Mikage's faces became very red. Noda said, "You saw?" Tomomi shook her head, and Mikage was motionless.

Mikage told Tomomi that she wanted to quit. Tomomi asked her not to give up. But Mikage said, "I can predict the future. If we continue this we will both die." But Mikage said that she would help Tomomi.

The next morning, the girls were very sleepy and couldn't walk straight on the way to school. Mikage wondered into the street in front of a car. Tomomi pulled Mikage away, and their fingers touched. Then an image of the chemistry test appeared.

That night Tomomi was very happy and couldn't sleep. She was trying to pick out clothes for her date. Mikage told her that she didn't have to pull another all nighter.

After Kageura passed out the tests, all of the students except Tomomi were shocked. Kageura just laughed and said, "If you're mad, why don't you become a teacher." Then Kageura spotted Tomomi working calmly on the test. He was shocked. He said that this was a college entrance exam level test. But Tomomi said that she could do it.

After the test, Tomomi was very happy.

That night Kageura was grading the tests. He was surprised that Tomomi had gotten all of the answers correct. But she had written all of the answers on the wrong line (off by one). So Kageura laughed and gave her a score of zero.

On the day of the supplemental test, Tomomi went to school as Mikage just slept. Tomomi saw that Noda and Yamagishi had to take the supplemental test too. Tomomi was very happy.

Later Mikage was working on her computer and figured out that their foresight power was caused by the sunspots.

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