Miracle Girls episode 8

Episode title
Tokoroni yori namida
Air date
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.03.30
Tomomi ran to her classroom. When she got there Noda stopped her. Noda concentrated and stared at Tomomi. Their faces got very close to each other. Noda asked, "Did you get my telepathy?" But Tomomi didn't get anything.

Meanwhile Mikage just woke up. She was already late for school. Mikage ran to school. On the way, Mikage heard a voice cry out, "mama". Mikage stopped. Then Mikage saw a little animal in the middle of the street. Mikage also saw a truck coming down the street. Mikage told the animal to run away via telepathy. Mikage closed her eyes just as the truck passed by. When Mikage opened her eyes, the little yellow animal was next to her drinking the milk that Mikage had dropped.

During class Mikage was staring outside. Kageura was lecturing and said that thousands of years ago, animals and people talked via telepathy. Daijouji got up and asked if it was Kageura's theory. Kageura said that it was. Daijouji asked him to go back and teach from the books. Mikage called Tomomi telepathically. Tomomi was in gym class doing archery, and lost her concentration when Mikage called. Tomomi got mad because Mikage called without knocking. Mikage asked if Tomomi had ever talked to animals via telepathy. Tomomi said no. Then Mikage said bye.

Later Mikage went to Kageura's office. Kageura was happy and asked if Mikage was going to participate in his experiments. But Mikage said that she just had a question. Mikage asked if people could talk to animals telepathically. Kageura was surprised and ran to Mikage. He asked Mikage if she could. But Mikage said that she was the one asking. Kageura said that Mikage probably knew better than him. Kageura said that people and animals used telepathy for communications in the past. But people started using verbal communications and lost the skill of telepathy. But animals didn't. Then Mikage ran out.

Mikage went to the pet shop. She tried to talk to some fish, a turtle, and a frog. But she got no response. Then Mikage heard a voice saying, "Hello." Mikage felt very happy. But she turned around and found out that it was just a talking bird.

That night on the way home, Mikage saw a dog. She tried to use telepathy to call the dog. The dog ran to her, but then ran past her. Mikage got mad. Then Mikage saw the little animal from that morning. She thought that it was a funny looking dog. Mikage tried to talk to it, but got no answer. When Mikage started walking away, Mikage heard the little voice say "mama" again.

Mikage got home and showed Tomomi the animal. Mikage gave it some milk. Tomomi called it a cat. Mikage said that it was a dog. Mikage tried talking to it again, but gave up when she didn't get any response.

The next morning while Tomomi and Mikage were eating breakfast, they saw on the news that a lion had escaped from the circus. Then they heard the animal cry out. The girls went up to the room and found the animal looking out the window. Then Mikage and Tomomi both heard the animal say "mama".

There were police cars and helicopters all over the area looking for the lion. The lion went to a pet shop. It destroyed the window and went inside.

Tomomi got a call from Noda. They talked about the lion. Tomomi said that it was still all right in her area.

The police were trying to catch the lion on the run. The TV camera in the helicopter spotted the lion. It started taking the video.

Mikage turned on the TV and saw the picture of the lion. The little animal saw it too, and said "mama". The little lion then broke through the window and ran outside. Tomomi and Mikage then realized that the animal was a lion.

The mother lions went past the police blockade and ran into the park. The park was crowded with a lot of people. When the lion appeared out of the bushes, the people ran away.

Meanwhile the baby lion was running down the street for its mother.

Tomomi and Mikage tried to go outside. When they were putting on their shoes, their little fingers touched each other and they teleported away. Tomomi and Mikage appeared in the middle of the street near the running baby lion.

The police surrounded the mother lion. They shot it with a tranquilizer dart, and put a net over the lion. The lion was still not asleep. Then the baby lions appeared. The police and other people all scattered.

Tomomi and Mikage were still running toward the park.

The mother lion saw the baby lion and started to get up. Everyone got scared and scattered. One policeman shot the lion with a gun. Mikage and Tomomi were shocked. Tomomi said, "I can hear his voice." Mikage said that she did too. The mother lion died, and the police picked up the baby lion.

Later that night Tomomi and Mikage were walking home on opposite sides of the street. Tomomi said, "Maybe they wanted to go back to Africa."
Mikage said, "I don't know." She paused and continued, "But even in Africa they can't live."
"Why?" Tomomi asked.
Mikage said, "Because they were caught and raised by people. They probably forgot how to get food."
Tomomi said, "Why?"
Mikage said, "Tomomi, don't cry."
Tomomi said, "I won't cry."
Mikage said, "Don't cry."
Tomomi said, "I'm not crying."
Mikage said, "Why are you crying?"
Tomomi said, "I'm not crying."
Both Mikage and Tomomi had stopped walking and were crying.

Later Tomomi and Mikage went to a park overlooking the Yokohama Bay Bridge.

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