Miracle Girls episode 9

Episode title
Roji no naka no Yukiarashi
[Blizzard in the Mountain Lodge]
Air date
  • Summary by George Robbert, 1994.09.12
  • Revision 2 by George Robbert, 1995.04.01
The episode opens aboard a tour bus. Tomomi loves the view of the snowy mountains out the window, but Mikage would rather sleep. Noda and Yamagishi greet Tomomi on waking up. They pass through a village in full swing preparing for their coming winter festival. Noda tells them that it's centered about a legendary (abominable) snow man in this area, but this doesn't scare Tomomi. They get off at a nice mountain hotel. Everyone is impressed by it except for Mikage, who is too sleepy to care. At the door of the hotel, they are surprised to meet Daijouji. She tells them that her family's lodge/house is better than this one and that they should stay there; her father would be glad to let them. Mikage heads for the door, telling her not to be so proud. This, of course, starts an argument between the two. The others take this opportunity to enter the hotel.

In their tent in the mountains nearby, Kageura-sensei is reading to his wife about this area. He finds that none of the literature that he has settles his question about the festival's climax. He resolves to go find the showman.

Back at the hotel, Daijouji and Mikage continue their argument in the doorway while the others check in. Mikage finally manages go get inside, with Daijouji still following. To avoid the argument, the others turn to look at a large stuffed model of the legendary snow man. In the argument, Daijouji accidentally shoves Mikage into the group who bump into the snowman's case and another girl who was also standing looking at it. They apologize and Yamagishi immediately tries to pick her up. ``What is your phone number? Your three sizes?...'' This gal, Emma Winston, is saved by an announcement that there is a phone call for her. As she leaves to get it, Tomomi telepathically hears her wonder about the strange phone call.

Back on the mountainside, the growing wind blows away Kageura's tent. Meanwhile, he and Rika find a cave and have discovered an altar set up at the back. He figures that this must be the cave of the snowman. When Rika trips, he warns her to watch her feet.

Up in their rooms, Daijouji talks on about the merits of her place in comparison to this one (imported bed covers and all). The twins soon tire of her acting like this. Emma answers the phone call, but finds that there is no one on the other end. Outside, a man leaves a phone booth and gets into a car with his partner. As they leave he tells him, ``She's here.''

The five characters are out walking through the snow, Daijouji having apparently convinced them to stay at her place (or at least gotten them too tired to say no). As they walk along to the new lodge, they discuss the legendary snowman of this area. Daijouji replies that she actually believes in him. Talk then turns to the coming festival and if they should go.

Kageura and Rika return to their campsite only to find their tent gone. He comments that the snowman must have taken it.

As they walk, Noda and Yamagishi have a snowball fight. Noda dodges off to one side and is run into by one of they guys that phoned Emma earlier. They apologize, and the one he bumped into quickly picks up the picture of Emma that fell out of his coat when they collided. Overhead, storm clouds build.

At the new lodge everyone is introduced to Daijouji's grandmother who lives here. This place isn't anywhere near as new and fancy as the hotel they came from, but it does have a certain rustic charm.

Kageura and Rika are wandering around after having lost their tent. They run into the two guys we saw earlier. The fellows are watching the lodge through binoculars now. They give Kageura directions back to the lodge (which wasn't the way he was headed). The two are relieved when Kageura and Rika head off following their directions. As they head toward the lodge, Kageura and Rika are caught in the building storm. The villagers continue their preparations for the conclusion of the winter festival.

Back at the lodge, everyone is gathered around the fireplace in the main room. Emma is there too, and they strike up a conversation with her. She tells them she's an international student in college, currently studying Japanese culture, and finds myth and legend interesting. When asked, she says that she thinks she's heard the legend of the snowman around here. At this point, Grandma pipes up that someone was here yesterday looking for the snowman. It was a school teacher.

Kageura and Rika take refuge from the storm back in the cave they found earlier, while the village continues preparing for the festival.

Inside the lodge it's quiet and a bit spooky, while the wind howls outside. Grandma sits in her rocker in front of the fire chanting ``Yuguradoshiru toneriko.'' [I don't know what this means -- ghr] A couple loud bangs shake the place, knocking dust off the chandelier.

A rock-slide throws Kageura and Rika out of the cave they were hiding in. Since this place isn't so safe, they head off through the storm to try and find the lodge, getting caught in a minor avalanche on the way.

The two men take advantage of the current general noise to sneak into the lodge, breaking a window and jumping through it. The folks in the lodge head off to find out what this noise was when the front door blows open. Noda and Tomomi head to close the door, Daijouji just stands there crying while the others head off to find the noise. Noda and Tomomi close the doors but are knocked down when they're blown open again. Large footprints appear in the snow between them and a ghostly snowman appears in the room with Daijouji and her grandmother. Yamagishi, Emma and Mikage find the broken window and block it shut, though Mikage isn't much help.

The ghostly snowman tells them to ``watch out,'' and time stops for all but the twins. Their flowers glow and they see a vision of a white stag standing looking at a cave. The snowman howls again and the winter scene of some trees completes itself. Mikage and Tomomi ask each other if they understand any of this; they don't.

Everything returns to normal, and they are able to get the door and windows closed. Daijouji collapses on the floor from the fright.

The two fellows who broke in are sneakily watching the three covering the broken window. Mikage goes to get Noda so he and Yamagishi can go nail shut the window on the outside. Back in the main room, Daijouji is sitting crying in a chair, petrified. The twins can't get a word out of her. Noticing that the fire is going out, they head off to get wood. The two fellows who broke in hide as they pass by. Emma points out the woodpile to them.

While the guys are outside working on the window, they hear Mikage and Tomomi scream. Rushing back inside, they find them sprawled on the floor. Tomomi explains that they saw some weird guys who were chasing after Emma.

Emma runs through the house, trying to escape them. She ends up in a room and opens the window to escape. The two fellows appear just as she is leaving. They are interrupted by Noda and Yamagishi coming after them, but this barely delays them. They leave the two boys tied up in a closet and continue out the window after Emma.

Tomomi and Mikage are worried about the fellows. Tomomi gets a sense that Noda is in trouble and is worried for him. She and Mikage teleport up and find them in the closet, so they untie them.

The two guys chase Emma out over the roof as the wind howls by. She ignores their entreaties of, ``Wait, Emma-sama.'' but does ask them, ``who are you guys?'' To avoid them, she jumps off the roof and runs off into the storm.

Hearing a pounding at the door, Daijouji takes a piece of firewood as a club and goes to find the intruder. She and the four coming down the stairs are both surprised to meet. They are further surprised when the door opens and Kageura and Rika fall in onto the floor. They wonder what he's doing here.

Elsewhere, a cold Emma runs away through the building snowstorm.

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