Miracle Girls episode 10

Episode title
Nadare Keihou hatsurei
[Avalanche Warning Announcement]
Air date
  • Summary by George Robbert, 1994.09.12
  • Revision 2 by George Robbert, 1995.04.01
The episode opens with Mikage briefly narrating what happened last episode. She tells how they all came to stay at this lodge in this village where there are stories of a legendary snowman. There, they met Emma Winston, an international college student who, for some reason, is being chased by two strange men.

Tomomi and Mikage are in the kitchen fixing dinner. Daijouji is still scared and hanging onto an annoyed Mikage. She says that she's never seen the snowman but still believes in him, that's why she's scared and hanging onto her. Outside, Noda and Yamagishi are on the roof, arguing over the best way to chase Emma's pursuers. The noise of their falling off the roof startles the girls, and they head outside to investigate, though Mikage and Daijouji are reluctant. All are happy to find that it was only these two. The fellows notice Emma's tracks heading off. She is still running away from her pursuers. In the village, everyone is looking forward to the festival.

Later, Daijouji is hainging onto Mikage as they sit in front of the fire. She says she can't help being scared. At the table, Rika is feeding her husband when Yamagishi comes by and interrupts them to get Kageura-sensei to come along and search for Emma.

The villagers are dragging a large ice sculpture of the snowman through town to the village square with much fanfare, including, among other things, children dressed up as white stags. A large crowd has gathered to watch this procession.

In the hotel, a kid wanders over and says ``hi'' to the stuffed snowman. The wind howls in answer scaring the kid. His dad brushes him off, telling his son to let him know him when the snowman starts walking around. While the three fellows get ready and head off on foot after Emma, the guests at the hotel notice that it's getting awfully cold. In fact, the bath water has frozen!

At the lodge, Daijouji is still scared, hanging onto Mikage in front of the fire. Rika asks Tomomi if she's worried about Noda, then Mikage joins her in teasing Tomomi about her concern. The lights dim and then go out, the wind howls, and a plate falls off the mantle. ``It's the snowman,'' says Daijouji. Her grandmother gets up and leaves. The other gals follow her outside. She stops at a certain spot outside and tells them that this is the place. Something terrible is going to happen and they have to try and prevent it. When Mikage's flower glows, a petrified Daijouji finally lets go and they too head after Grandma. Meanwhile, the fellows continue searching for Emma even though the footprints are disappearing as the snow continues to fall. At Grandma's request, the gals build a fire in the square. Mikage and Tomomi don't understand why she wants a fire here, but carry wood for it anyway. Grandma explains that there's going to be an avalanche.

Realizing that Noda is in the path of an avalanche, Tomomi runs off after him, and Mikage follows her. She calls out to Noda, who pauses looking back as if he heard her. Meanwhile, the switchboard at the hotel lights up as every guest calls or crowds around the front desk with their problems. Up in the mountains, the first cracks in the snow appear as the avalanche begins.

Emma collapses, not able to run any further. Noda and the others hear her pursuers call out to her and head off in that direction. Mikage and Tomomi argue whether they should head toward the danger of the avalanche or not. Emma asks the fellows, ``What are you guys up to? Why are you following me?'' Coming up from behind, Noda and Kageura tackle the two guys kneeling by Emma. Yamagishi again tries to pick her up, but she notices that her rescuers are getting the worst of it and lends a hand. Yamagishi follows suit and a free-for-all ensues.

The ice sculpture of the snowman has reached the village square. A ``cage'' of stout beams is raised around it with much ceremony. As the avalanche continues to build, the windows in the hotel shatter as does the glass case around the stuffed snowman. Grandma kneels before the fire praying and everyone can feel the shaking of the avalanche. With the ground shaking this much, the cage around the ice snowman can't be held up and falls. Fortunately, the beams manage to miss everyone.

On the mountainside, the twins link fingers. The cave they saw in a vision earlier appears and the white stag runs out between them. Then they teleport off sideways. The deer and the twins race off in front of the avalanche grabbing Emma and the others from its path. During this, images of the twins saving the hijacked plane in episode 2 flash by.

They continue to streak past the front of the oncoming avalanche. Trails like this one lead up and spiral skyward. Grandma sees this and says, ``it is the path of spirits. Our prayers have reached the snowman and the white stag.'' Mikage and Tomomi have succeeded in saving Noda and the others from the avalanche. They all stand gazing up at the giant tree of ice that has appeared behind the lodge (except for a couple who are head down in the snow). Everyone is astonished at this miracle that has saved them and the village.

The next day, the sky is clear. The sun sparkles off the snow on the mountain. The avalanche destroyed much on the mountain, especially the ski lift. Fortunately, it stopped short and the village and its inhabitants are safe (and thankful).

The twins and the fellows say good-bye to Emma as she leaves in a taxi. Yamagishi again tries to get her phone number etc., but Noda distracts him. While he's gone, Emma thanks the twins for saving her again. They're surprised at this, so she mentions she was on the hijacked plane too. She closes by saying, ``See you again, Miracle Girls,'' in English.

Yamagishi finds he's been tricked and returns only to see Emma's taxi disappear down the road. The two fellows who were chasing her, get off the telephone and also leave town.

On the bus home Kageura treats us to a truly awful karaoke rendition of the opening song. Rika, of course, enjoys it. Mikage looks out the window of the bus and sees Daijouji pass by. She's hanging out the sunroof of their car and gloating. Mikage warns her not to catch cold. Tomomi looks back and thinks of everything that happened there.

Daijouji's Grandma is once again sitting quietly in front of the fire. We see the shape of the snowman standing inside his cave. He waves good-bye to the white stag who runs off into the distance.

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