Miracle Girls episode 11

Episode title
Toki no Nagare no Chuu hou
[The Time Stream's Storm Warning]
Air date
  • Summary by George Robbert, 1994.09.20
  • Revision 2 by George Robbert, 1995.04.01
Mikage is sitting on a park bench, reading. The cold winter wind blows through her hair and fans the pages of her book. She gets up and walks home passing a group of archeologists who are excavating an ancient tomb. She pauses and watches as one of the archeologists shows some of his finds to the press. This appears to be an ancient burial mound. Mikage looks into the cave behind him.

The scene is all in red and a girl, dressed in old fashioned clothes walks away into the distance. Mikage runs after her, her bare feet splashing through the shallow water. She yells after the girl to wait, asking who she is. This all turns out to be a dream Mikage is having. Thanks to their telepathy and their flowers, Tomomi is experiencing it too, and she awakes with tears running down her face. Crossing to Mikage's side of the room, she finds her sister sprawled part way off the bed.

That morning at breakfast, their mother is reading the newspaper and and sees an article about the archeologist's discovery of the tomb in that park. Mikage is stirring her coffee. The coffee becomes a large whirlpool and once again sees the gal from her dream. She is still chasing her, asking who she is. This time, she trips and falls. The water becomes a whirlpool around her which draws her under.

In school, Mikage is not paying much attention to Kageura's lecture. Tomomi telepathically talks with her, asking about last night. Kageura comes up and tells Mikage to stop using telepathy. He's surprised to see that she's drawing the same shape time after time in her notebook, paying no attention to what she is drawing. He starts to question her about this when Daijouji stands up and demands he stop acting like a fool get back to the lesson.

After class, Tomomi learns that Mikage went home sick. She also returns to make sure her sister is ok. She's in the bathroom there trying to cool off her feverish head. At home, Tomomi find's that Mikage filled all her notebooks with this strange pattern. The sound of someone falling startles Tomomi who runs to find her sister collapsed in front of the sink. Tomomi and her mother put Mikage to bed with some medicine.

The next day at school, neither Noda nor Yamagishi recognize the strange shape Mikage was drawing in her notebook. However, another classmate does. It's the exact shape of some beads from an ancient necklace. She arranges for Tomomi to meet her father, an archeologist. He looks at the drawings and confirms that they are indeed that type of bead. Noda even finds a couple of the beads on the shelves in his office. Incidentally, he's also the man that Mikage saw talking to the press at the dig in the park.

Tomomi comes home, and is still worried about Mikage who is lying in bed with a fever. That night, they both dream about the same girl again. Tomomi asks her sister who she is. This time, the girl turns around and they see that she is wearing a necklace with beads like Mikage drew.

The next day, on the way to school, Noda comes up and asks how Mikage is doing. Tomomi tells him and also describes the dreams they are having. When Noda comments that they're only dreams, Tomomi says they're not. After school, Tomomi and Noda visit the archeologist again. Tomomi is disappointed to find that the tomb he is excavating is of a man, not a girl. Thus the girl in their dreams can't be the person buried in the tomb.

They pause in the park on the way home and discuss the dreams and the excavation. Noda comments that it's somewhat tough and boring studying the past like this and asks Tomomi if she's getting discouraged. She isn't, and wonders what the relationship is between the youth and the girl in their dreams. Noda assumes that it must be a romantic one, but Tomomi isn't sure and doesn't want to jump to conclusions. As they leave, Tomomi collapses. Mikage's severe headache got to her too. Their mother, worried, continues to cool Mikage's forehead. Apparently this helps Tomomi too, since she is better afterwards. At the park, Tomomi stares into the cave for a long time, asking who that woman was while Noda is impatient to return.

When she comes home, Tomomi finds that her mother has fallen asleep taking care of Mikage. As she moves to cool her sister's forehead, Mikage starts thrashing. They touch and their flowers glow. They both see another dream. This time, the girl is facing a young man. They obviously care for each other. We don't get their words, but she is crying, and puts off his arms.

Tomomi talks to the archeologist again and gets permission to visit the tomb. She enters and touches the coffin, asking if this person was the same youth that she saw in her dream yesterday. ``Please tell me,'' she begs. Both twins get a vision of the youth and girl from earlier. She is running away laughing with him happily chasing her. The scene shifts to leering villagers bending over them. At school, Noda is worried because Tomomi didn't show up that day.

That evening, Tomomi rests her head on Mikage's bed. Their flowers flash and they share another dream. This time, the girl is surrounded by samurai with spears. The youth tries to come, but is held back by dark hands. The samurai carry the girl away in a small boat. The youth pursues on horse and then on foot by the shore. She sees him running after her, takes off her necklace and throws it to him. He tries to catch it, but it falls into the water short of him. The girl's boat also tips and begins to sink, leaving the distraught youth behind. The poor girl drowns, and the necklace follows her down into the deep.

Tomomi awakes, finally knowing the full story. Even better, she finds that Mikage's fever has broken. Mikage is feeling better and asks for the necklace.

Tomomi and Noda share a snack in a cafe. She surprises him by asking to borrow some scuba gear. After hesitating a bit and commenting on the cold, he agrees. Tomomi puts this on at home, and with Mikage's help, teleports to where the necklace is. It's too dark underwater to see much in front of her, but her flower bracelet starts to glow as does a spot on the sea floor. Reaching into the silt there, she pulls up the necklace. Swimming up, Tomomi surfaces next to a buoy in the harbor. She looks at the necklace she retrieved, happy. At home, Mikage is finally enjoying food again.

When Mikage is finally up and around, the sisters go visit the tomb in the park. They find that the coffin is now open a crack. This scares both of them, but not for long. Mikage takes the necklace and drops it into the coffin. From deep within, one of the beads on it flashes red, as if in thank you.

Outside, Tomomi comments that Yoshimura-sensei, the archeologist, was really kind to help and let them do this. Mikage agrees, and adds that it's nice that they could help these people from the 14th century. They were able finally to get the necklace to this prince, the last gift from the girl he loved. It must have been lonely for him waiting all this time for it.

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