Miracle Girls episode 12

Episode title
Tomomi no mune no tsumikaze
Air date
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.04.26
In the morning, Tomomi woke up to her alarm which played beautiful music. Tomomi felt very happy. She then went to wake up Mikage. Mikage was still sleeping and very upset.
Mikage said, "I hate that alarm."
"Why?" Tomomi asked.
Mikage replied, "When I'm so sleepy and I hear such music, I become more sleepy."
But Tomomi said that she liked beautiful music in the morning to start the day off.

At school during lunch, Tomomi tried to fight against a crowd to buy some bread. But Tomomi got pushed back and trampled on. When everyone left, Tomomi was by herself and there was only one an-pan left. Tomomi and Mikage split the an-pan and ate it on the roof. Mikage complained.

After school Tomomi's classmate Kanazawa asked Tomomi to go to a live house with her. Tomomi said that she had never been to one, and was a little scared. But Kanazawa pressured her and Tomomi agreed.

At home Tomomi tried to find something appropriate to wear. She couldn't decide. Then she called Mikage via telepathy. Mikage was at school doing some chemistry experiment. Tomomi asked Mikage to go with her. But Mikage said that she didn't want to. Tomomi kept asking Mikage. Mikage yelled out, "You're bothering me!" Then Mikage's test tube exploded.

Tomomi rushed to Shibuya as she was late. When Tomomi got there, she couldn't find Kanazawa. Then someone tapped Tomomi on the shoulder. Tomomi turned and saw Kanazawa. But Kanazawa looked totally different from what she looked like in school. Kanazawa had make up on, took off her glasses, and wore ear rings. Tomomi was very surprised. Kanazawa said, "If I'm not pretty, I won't be able to meet the band members."

Kanazawa and Tomomi went to the live house. Outside Tomomi saw a lot of weird looking people. Tomomi became a little scared. Then Kanazawa and Tomomi went to see some of Kanazawa's friends. While Kanazawa was introducing Tomomi, the band arrived and all of the girls rushed to them. Tomomi was just left standing by herself.

Inside just before music was going to begin, Kanazawa was very tense. Tomomi thought something was wrong and touched her. Tomomi noticed Kanazawa's pounding heart beat. Then everyone screamed as the band appeared on the stage. The music was too loud for Tomomi. But when the guitar player played, Tomomi's flower bracelet responded. Then when the guitar player threw his pick into the crowd, Tomomi jumped up and caught it. Tomomi became happy and started to enjoy the music.

After the concert, the girls all waited outside for the band members. One girl had made some donuts for Tsukasa (the guitar player). Tsukasa became very happy. He offered one to Tomomi and asked her if she had a good time. Tomomi said that she did. Tsukasa then asked Tomomi to come again. Then Tsukasa left with the other band members. Tomomi just stood there blushing.

The next day on the way to school, Mikage walked apart from Tomomi. When Tomomi called out for her, Mikage just opened one eye and looked at Tomomi. Then Mikage just kept walking without saying anything. Tomomi had put ribbons in her hair, put on make up, put on a necklace, and wore "punky" clothes. Tomomi was in a very cheerful mood.

When Tomomi went to her class, Kanazawa gave her a picture of Tsukasa taken the night before. Tomomi was very happy. When Noda and Yamagishi came into the room, Noda noticed that Tomomi looked different. Noda was surprised. Then Noda and Yamagishi said "hi" to Tomomi, but Tomomi just kept staring at the picture.

During class, Tomomi was staring at the picture. She kept laughing to herself. Mikage noticed via telepathy and told Tomomi to stop it. But Tomomi said that Tsukasa was very cool.

Kageura caught Tomomi spacing out. Kageura yelled out "Matsunaga!" Mikage heard it and stood up. Kageura went to Tomomi. He found out that Tomomi was trying to hide something. Kageura and Tomomi fought. Then the picture teleported away.

Everyone in Mikage's class was laughing at Mikage. Then the picture teleported to Mikage's desk.

Later Mikage returned the picture to Tomomi. Mikage said that Tomomi had "bad taste". But she said that he was probably better than Noda. Then Mikage walked away. Kanazawa came and gave Tomomi a tape of the concert.

At home Tomomi was listening to the music and making up her hair. Tomomi stared at Tsukasa's picture and smiled. When she heard the guitar, her mind responded to the sound waves. Tomomi saw and image of Tsukasa, who was working at a video store. Tsukasa suddenly thought of something and wrote some music for his new song.

The next day at school, Tomomi wore a hat, ear rings, and more flashy clothes. Tomomi thanked Kanazawa for the tape.

Later that day, there was an explosion in the science building. Yamagishi and Noda thought it was Mikage. But Mikage walked by them. Mikage had skipped the chemistry club because she wasn't feeling well. Noda asked Mikage about Tomomi. Mikage was very mean and said, "What about Tomomi?"
Noda said, "Nothing."

At home Tomomi was playing her punk music loudly. Mikage got very upset and went to turn off the music.

The next day at school, Noda stared at Tomomi during class. Then Tomomi waved at Noda.

Later Tomomi asked Noda to go home together. But Noda had promised to go eat ramen with Yamagishi.

That night Tomomi couldn't sleep. Tomomi called Mikage via telepathy. But Mikage said that she was tired and told Tomomi to sleep. Tomomi wanted to tell Mikage that she got tickets for the live house again.

Then Tomomi had a dream [or maybe a flashback]. Tomomi was staring at the pick and walking in the park. Tsukasa walked by her. Tsukasa said, "Hi", but Tomomi didn't notice. Tomomi just kept walking. Then when some girls ran up to Tsukasa and made some noise, Tomomi looked back and saw him.

The next day at school, Tomomi was back to wearing her normal clothes.

The following week, Tomomi went to the live house with Kanazawa again. This time Mikage was there too. But Mikage wasn't enjoying it.

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