Miracle Girls episode 13

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Nazono idousei koikiatsu
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  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.05.14
Mikage and Noda were in a row boat in a park. They were both laughing. Mikage started to say something. Then Tomomi yelled at Mikage from the side of the lake. Mikage told Tomomi to leave her alone.

It was a dream. Tomomi was pounding Mikage with a pillow. Tomomi was upset that Mikage was with Noda. Tomomi thought Mikage liked Noda. They argued. Then Mikage went back to sleep.

While the girls were sleeping, something happened with their bracelets.

The next morning, Tomomi woke up. Then Mikage's voice came out of Tomomi and said, "Why do I have to be in Tomomi's bed." Mikage got up and noticed that she was wearing Tomomi's pajamas. It was Mikage in Tomomi's body. But she didn't realize it yet.

Tomomi (in Mikage's body) was walking down the street. At an intersection, she ran into Reiko [the girl with Hime-chan's voice]. Reiko pointed out that Mikage was wearing Tomomi's clothes. Reiko said that it fit her. Tomomi still didn't realize that she was in Mikage's body either.

Mikage (in Tomomi's body) went downstairs. Mother said that Mikage went to school already. Mikage got upset that her mother called her Tomomi. Then Mikage went to the bathroom. Mikage started brushing her teeth and saw her image in the mirror. Mikage was shocked. Mikage ran out and said that her long hair had become short. But her mother said that it was Mikage with the long hair. Mother left for work and told Mikage to hurry and go to school.

At school Tomomi was walking in the grounds and saw a soccer ball. Tomomi went to kick it. Yamagishi called out and told her to stop, because he knew Mikage was bad at sports. Tomomi kicked, but missed the ball and fell down. Yamagishi came and took the ball, saying that Mikage shouldn't have done it as she was bad in sports. Tomomi wondered why Yamagishi called her Mikage.

Mikage was still in her room crying in front of the mirror. "I can't go to school like this. I can't see Kurashige-senpai."

Tomomi went to her class as she still didn't realize that she looked like Mikage. The other students were talking about her. "She changed her clothes, but she forgot to change the hair." Kageura saw Mikage and was happy that she had come in Tomomi's place to hear his lecture. Noda looked at Tomomi.

Mikage was still at home and looked at the picture of Noda that Tomomi had on her desk. Mikage blushed.

Tomomi was in the toilet washing her hands. When she looked into the mirror, she saw an image of Mikage and asked when she had come to school. But when Tomomi turned around, there was nobody there. Then she looked at herself in the mirror and realized that she was in Mikage's body. Tomomi called Mikage via telepathy and told her to come to school.

Tomomi and Mikage went to the nurses office. They stared at each other. Since they didn't know what else to do, they just changed clothes to continue the rest of the school day. Both Tomomi and Mikage complained about each other's clothes.

During class, Mikage (now wearing Tomomi's clothes) looked back at Noda. She felt a little embarrassed. Tomomi felt it through telepathy and accused Mikage of liking Noda. Mikage couldn't understand why she felt that way.


During lunch, Noda and Yamagishi sat down with Mikage. Noda gave Mikage his fried shrimp in exchange for her "korokke" [croquette]. But Mikage just put it aside. Noda said, "Oh wasn't fried shrimp your favorite, Tomomi?"

Mikage said that she didn't want it. When Yamagishi asked for it, Mikage said that he couldn't have it. Noda noticed that something was wrong. Then Tomomi came and sat down with them. She immediately grabbed the fried shrimp from Mikage's plate. Yamagishi and Noda stared at Tomomi. Then Yamagishi said to Tomomi, "Mikage, didn't you hate fried shrimp? Since when did you begin to like it?"

Later after track practice Noda asked Yamagishi if he felt something was strange with the Matsunaga girls. Yamagishi said that maybe Noda would be better off with Mikage. Then Yamagishi said that he would take Tomomi and ran off. Noda chased after Yamagishi.

Mikage had a dream again about going on a date with Noda. It was the same dream as before. Tomomi pounded Mikage with a pillow again. Then they argued. Mikage was upset and said that it was Tomomi's body that was seeing the dream.

The next day Mikage was complaining because Tomomi asked her to go out with Noda in her place. Mikage didn't want to wear Tomomi's clothes. But Mikage finally agreed. Then Mikage said that she wouldn't take responsibility for anything that happens. She said that she might even kiss Noda. Then Tomomi got upset.

Since Mikage was already late, Tomomi wanted her to teleport. Mikage complained, but agreed. When they teleported, there was a flash. Then they tried again. This time, they both flew off.

Noda was waiting in the park. Mikage landed in the tree near him. Mikage was very scared in the tree. Noda laughed and said that it wasn't like her to be scared. Noda said that he would shake the tree. Then Mikage fell out of the tree. Mikage looked around for Tomomi, but couldn't find her. When Mikage (still as Tomomi) said that Mikage would come, Noda's eyes popped open.

Noda and Mikage were in a row boat. Mikage said, "Noda-kun."
Noda said, "What Mikage?"
Mikage said, "What?"
Noda said, "I'm sorry, Tomomi."
Mikage said, "Is that so. You were thinking about Mikage.."

That evening Mikage (still in Tomomi's body) was playing with her computer. Mother came up looking for Mikage. There was a phone call from Noda for Mikage. Mother wondered why Noda would call Mikage.

It was 10 PM, but Tomomi hadn't come home yet. Mikage tried telepathy, but there was no answer. Then Mikage spotted Tomomi's bracelet on the floor. Mikage picked it up and saw an image. Tomomi was still sitting in the tree in the park.

Mikage rushed to the park. Then Mikage held out Tomomi's bracelet to the tree. The bracelet flew through the air and went to Tomomi's wrist. The girls stuck out their little fingers. Then Tomomi teleported down to where Mikage was standing. They both returned to their own bodies.

The next day while Tomomi and Mikage were walking to school, Noda and Yamagishi ran by them. Noda hit Mikage on the back. Mikage got upset. Noda stared at the girls. When Tomomi said, "Good morning," Noda smiled and ran off to Yamagishi.

[I think Noda knew all along that Mikage and Tomomi had switched bodies.. But maybe not..]

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