Miracle Girls episode 14

Episode title
Mame taifuu sekkinchuu!
[drawn near a midget typhoon!]
Air date
  • Summary by Pascal "P-chan" Janin, 1993.09.26
  • Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.10.05
Mikage is walking in the streets. She stops in front of a shop and looks at herself, reflecting in the shop window. She finds her hair quite long so thinks she will cut it. She suddenly hears a masculine voice in her head, which says "Busu! Sugee busu!" [you're really really UGLY!]. She becomes very mad and yells at the boy who is standing by the shop window. But he seems very surprised because he has said nothing, and besides it wasn't the voice Mikage had heard, so she apologizes to him. Behind her, a young boy, hearing the word "busu", turns back and looks at Mikage.

At home, Mikage's story makes Tomomi laugh but Mikage says that there's nothing to laugh about because they are twins (so "busu" might apply to Tomomi as well). Mikage says that it was very strange though, because the voice was very close, as if somebody had used telepathy. Tomomi laughs at her again.

Soon Mikage realizes that she has forgotten to buy some garlic for dinner. She asks Tomomi to go instead (she is chopping some cabbage right now) but she doesn't want to. So Mikage, upset, rushes to the department store.

In a nearby park, the young boy (who was looking at Mikage earlier) is sitting on a swing, but soon spots a dog and wants to play with him. The dog runs away, so the boy runs after him.

Mikage, still mad at Tomomi (because she didn't believe what Mikage said about the telepathic "busu"), sees the dog passing in front of her, and immediately followed by the young boy who bumps into her. He recognizes her (but Mikage doesn't recognize him because he was behind her) but runs away without saying a word. He hides himself behind a wall and looks at Mikage from afar. When she is about to enter the store to buy some garlic, Mikage hears in her head, "Ninniku? Kuse-!" [garlic? that STINKS!] again, startling her.

Back at home, Tomomi complains to Mikage that she has put too much garlic in the curry rice. Mikage says she has put "only" 13 cloves, but she likes it that way. Tomomi thinks about school tomorrow (they might have bad breath..). Their mother doesn't look good either. She says that recently (during the last 3 months), some strange things have happened at her hair salon, like towels that have moved to another place, etc.. She wonders if it's her imagination because she was too tired. Using telepathy, Tomomi and Mikage ask to each other if it might be telekinesis. They advise their mother to take a day off tomorrow, but she says she can't because she already has appointments. So she asks her daughters to come and help her a bit.

The next day at the hair salon, Tomomi is helping out and bringing her mother some towels, but doesn't look very happy. Her mother tells her that when you keep a store you have to smile and be cheerful all the time.

Then Kobayakawa-san and her son come in. She asks her son (Yuuhei) to wait a little bit until noon. Yuuhei soon spots Tomomi, and recognizes her as the girl he ran into the previous day (in fact, that was Mikage, but they almost have the same face). He "tells" her "ninniku busu!" using telepathy, and startles her.

Quickly Tomomi goes to him and tries to talk gently to him the same way, but he retorts "ninniku busu!" with a wicked smile. Tomomi says out loud that this kid isn't kind at all, so Yuuhei tells his mother that she was bothering him.

As she gives up and turns back, a nearby AC cord coils itself around Tomomi's left leg, making her lose her balance and fall head first onto the wall in front of her. Yuuhei laughs at her. Then her flower bracelet starts to blink. She turns back and suspects Yuuhei to have played that trick on her.

Later outside the shop, Tomomi tells Mikage what has happened, and now both of them are waiting for Yuuhei and his mother to leave the shop. When they leave, Mikage recognizes the brat she had seen the day before. The twins start to speak to Yuuhei using telepathy but he keeps teasing them, and leaves with a final "jaa ne, obasan tachi!" [see ya, old maids!]. The twins are now REALLY mad at him.

In the evening, the twins ask some questions to their mother. She admits that when the towels dropped onto the floor, or the shower got broken at her shop, Yuuhei was there at the same time. But she thinks it has nothing to do with him, as he isn't that kind of mischevious kid. Tomomi and Mikage are now convinced that it was his fault.

The next day, Yuuhei is coming back from school and sees Tomomi leaving a store. He seems happy to see her, but his angry look is back when he sees that she is with Noda. He and Tomomi stop at a nearby park, where Tomomi tells Noda what had happened. Of course, Noda laughs at her, but suggests that she and Mikage might teach Yuuhei the way to control his powers.

Then as he tried to sit on the swing, it moves out of his reach, making him fall onto the ground, bumping his head. At the same time, Tomomi's flower starts to shine, and she sees Yuuhei running away from the bushes where he was standing. She becomes very mad and dashes after Yuuhei.

Mikage is reading a book called "How to ESP" at a bookstore when she is spotted by Kageura-sensei. She, in turn, notices that the book he is reading is called "365 everyday recipes for him and her" and teases him. As they start to argue with each other about their respective books, Kageura slips on the floor and dozens of books fall onto him. Then many books all around the store start flying. Mikage rushes outside, to see that her flower is blinking. She spots Yuuhei, running away, and dashes after him.


Yuuhei is running down the hill, then stops and turns back to see if Mikage is still following him (he looks happy to play that game). But she isn't, so he feels sad. As he reaches the next crossing, he hears Mikage screaming for help: she's running down the hill too (on another street) but can't stop. She arrives right in front of him and holds him back (because he wants to run away again). She asks him to stop fooling around and making fun of Kageura-sensei. Yuuhei seems relieved to hear that he is her teacher [and not her boy friend?]. But Mikage scolds him once more for always using telepathy to reply her, instead of speaking "normally". Then he runs away and takes shelter in his house, pulling out his tongue at her for a last time.

A few seconds later, Tomomi, out of breath, arrives and asks Mikage where the brat has gone. She shows her the house where he has just gone in. Mikage wants to follow him inside but Tomomi is a bit worried. She thinks Yuuhei might have wanted to tell them something.

Inside, Yuuhei is disappointed to find nobody at home. His mother has left a message for him [recorded in his teddy bear --what a funny toy], saying that she will be late tonight and has cooked a gratin, left in the refrigerator, for him. As the message goes on, the pencils, on the table where the teddy bear was lying, start flying. So do the books on the shelves. A plant suddenly falls down onto the floor. Yuuhei sees all these things happening, and can't believe that he is responsible for that. Using telepathy, he calls for help.

Mikage and Tomomi hear him from outside. They decide to go in, but the door is locked, so they teleport themselves in Yuuhei's house.

When they enter the living room, they see all the mess Yuuhei has made here and there. They really worry about him, but Yuuhei yells at them, saying that they had no right to come into a house without permission, and wants them to leave at once. Suddenly, the books start flying around them again. Quickly Mikage gives up on Yuuhei and leaves the room, taking Tomomi with her. When they close the door behind them, Yuuhei, who was mad at them just one second ago, becomes sad again.

As Mikage and Tomomi were about to reach the entrance door (while not talking very nicely of Yuuhei) a vase, then a painting, fall onto the floor just in front of them. Mikage decides to go back to punish the kid for that.

When they enter the living room again, Mikage starts to speak angrily to Yuuhei. But he is now sitting on the sofa, holding his teddy bear, with a sad look on his face. Tomomi starts to speak to him about his mother, but soon he retorts that his mother doesn't seem to care about him at all, working late everyday. He suddenly stands up and yells again at them to leave at once.

At the same time, in his back, the large window breaks, and the books start to fly again, the crockery and all the windows on the shelves break, the chandelier falls down, and a book hits the TV screen, breaking it. Tomomi and Mikage are now surrounded by flying glass. Yuuhei then starts to cry, and more windows are broken all around the house. To escape, the twins are forced to teleport away, taking Yuuhei with them.

They land on top of a building, on the water tank. The twins don't know why they teleported there, and thought that it might be Yuuhei's fault. Yuuhei has now calmed down and doesn't feel reassured. He holds Mikage's arm as the twins say they won't drop him. Yuuhei had never imagined that there were other people like him with ESP powers. He is now calling the twins "oneechan", instead of that "obasan no busu" he was using before, and the twins are very happy of that. Yuuhei tells them that his mother is going to get married soon, so Tomomi thinks that he was just feeling lonely.

Just before they teleport back home, Yuuhei asks them to teach him how to do that too, but Mikage replies that he's still too young. Seeing the mess left in the living room, Tomomi says that when Yuuhei's mother comes back, she won't be very pleased of that. So they decide to help him cleaning the room; in exchange, they make him swear not to use his powers without reason any more.

While they were cleaning it [Mikage is putting HUGE quantities of scotch tape on the windows to fix them :) ], Yuuhei tells them that his mother is, in fact, on a date tonight.

When Yuuhei's mother comes back, she scolds him for having put such a mess while playing, but at last forgives him with a smile.

Noda, walking to school with the twins, thinks too that Yuuhei was feeling alone because his mother was going to get married soon. Yuuhei will learn how to use his powers as he grows old.

Another day at the hair salon. The twins' mother is putting some curlers in Yuuhei's mother's hair, when her locks suddenly stand on end, scaring them both. Nearby, Yuuhei, looking at the scene, is laughing to himself.

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