Miracle Girls episode 15

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Sakura zensen ijou ari
[something wrong in the cherry blossoms front]
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  • Summary by Pascal "P-chan" Janin, 1993.10.10
  • Editing by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.11.05
  • The character design has changed drastically since last episode 14. All characters' faces have become VERY ugly, and the animation has become even worse. If the story wasn't so good, I would have stopped watching this anime at once. - P-chan
Cherry trees are in full bloom, and blossom petals are flying in the wind.

It was night at the twins' house. Tomomi is about to sleep when a sudden explosion wakes her up with a start. She yells at Mikage for doing chemical experiments in their own bedroom, but Mikage is forced to do that because she must practice for the next day's meeting at her chemistry club.

As Mikage leaves to wash up, Tomomi notices on the floor the watch that Kurashige had given to Mikage just before he left for England. She opens it and puts it on Mikage's desk. Then a pin, which was holding Kurashige's picture on the ceiling above Mikage's bed, just drops in front of her on the floor. Tomomi also realizes that Mikage's "chemical model" (made of small colored balls like molecules) hasn't changed a bit for a long time. Then on the desk, the watch slows down then stops.

The next morning, Mikage wakes up late (Tomomi didn't wake her up) and is running to school. As she passes under the cherry trees, she opens Kurashige's watch and sees that it has stopped. Then when she puts it back in her pocket, her flower starts to shine, and at the same time loud bells ring in her head. Her head becomes so painful that she has to sit down. After a while, the bells fade away; when she hears the school chime instead, she realizes that she is very late so gets up and starts running. As she gets up, her body splits into "two" Mikage, one hurrying to school, one ["Mikage II"] still sitting on the pavement, with cherry blossoms flying around her.

Today is festival day at school. Students are running booth of their respective clubs to attract other students and make them sign in. Meanwhile, the other members of the chemistry club have locked Mikage in their meeting room, so that she won't mess up their booth at the festival and scare the other students away. But she finds out that they have forgotten to lock the windows so she can escape.

As her schoolmates go toward the chemistry booth on the school grounds, they see, much to their surprise, Mikage II already sitting there. But Mikage II has a vague look, and wonders out loud what she is doing here. She then hears Kurashige's voice in her head, calling her, so she dashes off.

On the school grounds, Tomomi is training for sprints, and is supported by other girls who would like to join the team and be like her. Yamagishi, Noda's classmate, is running the sports booth on the school grounds, when Mikage II comes to him and wants to sign up. She says she MUST sign up.

[Kurashige-senpai used to be a member of the sports team with Noda.]

It surprises everyone, especially Tomomi, because Mikage had never been into sports before. Then Mikage II dashes off once more.

At the chemistry club, Mikage has opened a window and is about to jump, but she computes to herself how many "G" she will have to withstand when jumping from 3 meters high; because her weight is 40 kg, she thinks 2.3 G won't be too harmful because a human body can theoretically withstand 4 G. But the window sill, made of wood, suddenly breaks apart so she lets go and falls in a bush lower down.

On the school grounds, Mikage II is resting on a cherry tree, looking at two students, who are talking to each other. But they vanish all of a sudden in front of her.

[Kurashige-senpai was one of the two students.]

Mikage II rushes at the place where they were standing just a few seconds ago, then dashes off. 2 seconds later, Mikage passes by, running in the same direction.

In the school building, a group of girls is walking by Kageura's classroom when the door slams open and Kageura shows up, holding two vials from which sparks and smoke come out. The first one explodes, and the girls quickly run away before the second one does (but that's a miss). Then Mikage II passes by him, running. He yells at her but she doesn't stop. 2 seconds later, Mikage also runs in front of him. Kageura thinks he is seeing hallucinations.

At the chemistry booth, Mikage's classmates are disappointed because no one has signed in yet. They even wish that Mikage was there to make experiments to attract students. They freeze when they see Mikage II passing in front of them. But she doesn't even stop, and the worst has yet to come: a very angry Mikage is now standing in front of them. She takes their place and starts to manipulate chemical vials.

At the theater booth, Daijouji Rumiko, Mikage's "hentai" classmate, is performing on a small stage to attract students to her theater club. She freezes when she sees Mikage II coming to the girl who is in charge of taking new recruits. Mikage II wants to play some plays written by English authors such as Shakespeare. The girl says that they usually don't play Shakespeare plays, but Mikage II says that any play would be all right, as long as it is from England. Then she dashes off.

[Kurashige-senpai used to be an actor, and has moved to England.]

The other members of the chemistry club have eventually locked Mikage in their meeting room again, but they see Mikage II running behind them. Inside, Mikage pushes so hard that she finally slams the door open. She is very very mad at them now.

At the chemistry booth, a big explosion occurs [as expected..]. Tomomi comes to see Mikage and ask her why she has decided to join the sports team. Mikage says she never did such thing. Then a girl, a member of the travel club, comes to tell Mikage about their next trip to England. Mikage is even more surprised to hear that she has signed in to that club too.

[Kurashige-senpai is now living in England..]

Then Daijouji shows up, and Mikage says that she doesn't remember to have signed in to the theater club either. Daijouji says that she doesn't know what Mikage intends to do, but she won't let her make fun of her club. Mikage and Daijouji start to argue, and Mikage swears that she will catch the "imposter" who signed in instead of her.

[CM break]

Mikage is now looking for the "imposter" among the booths in the school grounds, while Tomomi is in the school and checks inside the classrooms. Tomomi then spots Mikage II, who is standing up, staring at the stairs.

[Kurashige-senpai used to stand here -in the 1st episode- just before Mikage teleported away home.]

Tomomi asks her if she has already found the "imposter" but she replies "not yet". Then Tomomi hears Mikage calling her from the lower floor. She freezes when she realizes that it wasn't the Mikage (II) in front of her who has said that. Tomomi is shocked to see two of Mikage, and the two Mikage are shocked as well. Mikage II quickly retreats behind Tomomi. Then Kageura leans over the stairs guard rail to yell at them (since he has heard them arguing), but he was on the upper floor and can only see Tomomi and Mikage II from where his location. Seeing him, the 3 girls quickly run away. Kageura slips and falls down the stairs, wondering why the girls are running away like that. He decides to follow them.

On the lower floor, the girls split into 3 groups: Tomomi going downstairs, with Mikage and Mikage II in the corridors. Kageura spots Mikage on the left, and turns his head to the right to see a shadow of Mikage II, running away. Thinking he got hallucinations again, he finally decides to follow Mikage.

Outside, Kageura has cornered Mikage on Daijouji's stage, and in order to get her, destroys the stage completely. Daijouji is now very mad at Mikage, and runs after her as well.

In the school, Mikage II has taken shelter in a classroom. There is a window open, and the wind turns over the pages of a book on a desk. Cherry blossoms are flying in the classroom too, and Mikage II sees that Kurashige is actually sitting at the desk where the book is. He turns his head, smiles at her, then vanishes.

[This classroom and this desk were probably Kurashige's.]

-- From now on, the anime becomes a very confusing "who is running after who?" show.

Then Mikage II wants to leave the room, but retreats when she sees Kageura running after Mikage in the corridor. When they have left, she is spotted by Daijouji so must run away too.

On the school grounds, Noda is looking for Tomomi because it's her turn to race, and finally runs into her. Tomomi immediately asks him if he has seen Mikage, and tells him that something terrible has happened to Mikage. Then she starts running again.

In the school, Yamagishi is, in turn, looking for Noda, and sees Mikage passing in a run in front of him, followed by Kageura. Yamagishi decides to follow them, hoping that Mikage has seen Noda.

Daijouji is still chasing Mikage II, but has lost her in the stairs. She decides to go downstairs. Mikage II was hiding herself upstairs, but when she shows up, she sees Mikage running towards her and going downstairs. On the floor, she remains the only one, so Kageura (who was running after Mikage) spots her and now chases her upstairs. Yamagishi arrives a few seconds later, and goes downstairs instead [therefore after Daijouji].

On the lower floor, Mikage thinks Kageura has given up, but is spotted by Daijouji, and must run away again.

On the school grounds, Noda is now looking for Mikage too, and spots Mikage II running towards him. He asks her if she has seen Tomomi but she doesn't stop, much to his surprise. When Noda turns back, he is face to face with Kageura, out of breath, who is asking him if he has seen Mikage. Noda shows him a direction, but at the same time Mikage, followed by Daijouji, shows up, coming from the opposite direction. Kageura, with an angry look, promises Noda to take revenge on the next exam, then leaves and follows Mikage.

Noda is really lost now, wondering why he has seen two Mikage running in two opposite directions, when Mikage II passes in front of him again!

Mikage, now followed by Kageura, Daijouji, Yamagishi and Noda, are destroying all the booths they run into. Mikage has eventually managed to get rid of them all, and is now outside the school yard. She spots Tomomi and Mikage II walking side by side surrounded by cherry blossoms flying in the wind. She yells at them for all the trouble they caused, when her flower starts to shine again.

Tomomi shouts at Mikage to look back, because Kurashige has appeared behind them. When both Mikage and Mikage II turn back, Kurashige's watch slowly falls off of Mikage's pocket. Kurashige is apparently looking at the cherry blossoms, then looks at them, and says to Mikage:

"You too are fascinated by cherry blossoms, right?"

Then he opens his right hand, inviting her to come, and tells her:

"If you hurry, it's still time to."

[It is very likely that the same scene happened one year ago.]

Then Mikage II starts walking towards him, and as she reaches Mikage, all at the same time, Kurashige's watch finally drops on the floor, Kurashige himself vanishes, Mikage II's body "melts back" with Mikage, Mikage's flower stops shining, and the watch starts again.

Mikage says :

"Last year, we were looking at them too. We were looking at these flowers too. Kurashige-senpai and I, together."

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