Miracle Girls episode 17

Episode title
Omoide kiryuu
Air date
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.06.04
Tomomi was outside cleaning the yard. Mikage was in her room looking for a bracelet. Mikage was complaining because Tomomi had just cleaned up her room.

Mikage went down to Tomomi and showed her a very old picture of themselves when Mikage had the bracelet. But Tomomi said that she didn't remember it. Then Tomomi asked, "Was it in the room before I cleaned up?"

Mikage wasn't sure, but then she asked Tomomi to use the teleportation to find the bracelet. (They were going to teleport to the place where the bracelet was.) Tomomi said that she would get mad if they went somewhere other than Mikage's room.

Tomomi and Mikage teleported and they appeared in some open lot. Tomomi commented, "You have a very large room." Then Tomomi accused Mikage of not concentrating.

When they were wondering where they had come, Mikage heard a bell. Then Mikage spotted a little short haired girl with the bracelet. The girl played with the bracelet and ran off. Tomomi and Mikage tried to run after the girl.

Tomomi asked Mikage if it was really Mikage's bracelet. Mikage said that there was no mistake about it.

The little short haired girl was playing with a dog.

After running down the street for a while, Tomomi spotted a large tree. Tomomi said, "Mikage, didn't that tree get cut down a long time ago?" Then they heard a bell again. But this time it was a cat.

At the Matsunaga home, a little Mikage with her bracelet on, went outside carrying some books.

Mikage became tired and couldn't run any more. Tomomi and Mikage had come to their old grade school. Tomomi commented that things haven't changed one bit since they went there.

Little Tomomi (the little shorted haired girl that Tomomi and Mikage had been chasing) was playing with her bracelet and walking around.

Tomomi and Mikage were wondering around since they had lost the little girl. Tomomi was getting hungry. Mikage said that it was Tomomi's fault that they had to walk around so much.

At the library, little Mikage was showing off her bracelet to her friends. She said that it was a souvenir from her father, and that both Tomomi and Mikage got one.

Tomomi spotted a crepe shop across the street, and said that she wanted a chocolate-banana crepe. Then Mikage spotted little Tomomi at the store. (Tomomi and Mikage still didn't know that they were in the past.) Mikage tried to cross the street, but a truck came by and almost ran her down. After the truck went by, Mikage looked across the street and discovered that the little girl was gone.

Mikage crossed the street and Tomomi followed her. They couldn't see the girl, but then they heard the bell and ran after the sound. Then they saw the girl go up to a wall, climb it by pulling on a branch, climb onto the tree, and swing off into the park on the other side of the wall. Tomomi said, "Is she a monkey?"

Tomomi tried climbing the wall and grabbed onto the branch. But she was too heavy and the branch broke. Tomomi fell on top of Mikage, and Mikage complained that Tomomi was too heavy and should go on a diet. But Tomomi said that she was lighter than Mikage.

Tomomi and Mikage tried teleporting again.

A young Kageura was sitting on a park bench reading a newspaper. He saw little Tomomi coming out of the bushes. Then he saw Tomomi and Mikage appearing into the bushes out of nowhere. Kageura was shocked. But then a little boy yelled out, "Watch out!" as a baseball headed toward Tomomi and Mikage. Tomomi tackled Mikage out of the way and the ball flew by them and hit Kageura.

Little Noda and little Yamagishi came over and asked the two "old ladys" if they were all right. Mikage got upset at being called an "old lady".

Tomomi asked the boys if they saw the little girl. Little Yamagishi pointed in the direction that the girl ran off to. When Tomomi and Mikage turned to go, the boys flipped up Mikage's skirt and ran off. Mikage got very upset and Tomomi tried to calm her down. Mikage said that the boys won't turn into anything good when they grow up. But Tomomi said that one of the boys was pretty cute. Mikage told Tomomi that she had bad taste.

Tomomi and Mikage ran but couldn't find the little girl. They stopped at and intersection. A little boy (looks like Kurashige) was reading a book while walking. He bumped into Mikage and knocked her down. The boy got up and apologized. Mikage said that it was all right. When the girls asked the boy if he had seen the little girl with the bell, the boy said that he didn't see anything because he had been reading the book. But he said that he had heard the bell.

Tomomi and Mikage ran some more and came to a river. There was no sign of the girl. But then they heard the bell. When they realized that the little girl must have crossed the river, Mikage said, "Is she a ninja?" Tomomi said that she couldn't lose and pulled Mikage across the river.

In a park, little Daijouji was on a swing by herself. Little Mikage went up to her and watched her.

Tomomi and Mikage kept running and they spotted little Tomomi.

Little Daijouji was swinging and asked little Mikage if she wanted to swing too. Little Mikage said yes. Then little Daijouji said that she would let her if little Mikage would let her play with the bracelet. Little Mikage said no, but little Daijouji wanted the bracelet and tried to get it from her.

Tomomi and Mikage finally caught up with little Tomomi, who was sitting on a fence. Tomomi asked Mikage what she was going to do. Mikage said that she was going to ask for the bracelet. But Tomomi said that the little girl really seemed to like it.

Little Daijouji chased little Mikage around. Little Mikage got cornered at a fence. Little Mikage yelled out, "Stop it!" Little Tomomi, Tomomi, and Mikage all heard it. (probably through telepathy)

Little Tomomi ran past Tomomi and Mikage. Tomomi was shocked and said, "Did you see that girl? Maybe she is.." But Mikage was running after the little girl.

Little Daijouji and little Mikage were fighting. Little Mikage's hand hit the fence and the bracelet broke off. The pieces fell through the fence and went into the river. Little Mikage started crying and little Daijouji ran off. Little Tomomi came for little Mikage. Little Mikage ran to little Tomomi.

Mikage ran home instead of going after little Tomomi. Tomomi ran after Mikage. When they got by the gate, they saw little Tomomi walking with little Mikage, who was still crying. Then little Tomomi gave her bracelet to little Mikage to make her stop crying.

Little Tomomi and little Mikage went to play in their back yard. Their mother came out and took a picture of them. (It was the same picture that Mikage had shown Tomomi earlier.)

Tomomi and Mikage teleported back to the present time.

Tomomi and Mikage went up to their room to look for the bracelet. Tomomi was shocked when she saw the room. Mikage had totally messed up Tomomi's room. Tomomi yelled at Mikage and told her to clean up the room by herself.

[The bracelet was actually in Mikage's burnt test tube on her desk.]

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