Miracle Girls episode 19

Episode title
Kiri ni yobu koe
[A Voice Calling in the Mist]
Air date
  • Summary by George Robbert, 1994.09.22
Yamagishi wakes up, turns off his godzilla alarm clock, says good morning to the various dinosaurs and pictures of girls in his room, and tells Tomomi's picture, ``today I'm a year older.''

Tomomi runs out of the house and down the street. Mikage just sits on the couch, gloomy. Her mom asks why. There's no one she can go on a date with. Mom understands; that's because he's in London. She suggests that Mikage go out and try to have some fun.

Tomomi arrives at Ogurayama station just in time for her date with Noda. She's surprised to find Yamagishi there. He suggests that they go off and visit the dinosaur museum. Just then Noda comes up, saving Tomomi. He's surprised at Yamagishi's suggestion, but stops Tomomi from turning him down immediately. Yamagishi adds that they're lucky to have him along, he's a dinosaur enthusiast and can explain everything in the museum. When it comes up that Noda and Tomomi were going to do something together, Yamagishi comments that it will work out fine. ``The three of us can go party.'' He heads off, assuming agreement. Noda and Tomomi are disappointed, not being able to be alone together, but resign themselves to doing this.

Mikage is walking through the park, but the couples she sees, even around the fountain, only irritate her. Leaving there, she finds Kageura arguing with another man. She stoops to look at fossil ammonite in the sidewalk between them while the argument continues overhead. When she touches the fossil, her flower shines and she sees the prehistoric sea that it inhabited. She asks Kageura-sensei if this town has characteristic fossils, then runs off.

Tomomi, Noda and Yamagishi end up going to the museum exhibit on dinosaurs. Yamagishi is quite knowledgeable on the subject and explains the exhibits to them. While Tomomi is impressed by his knowledge, Noda isn't. He seems more worried about Tomomi's being impressed by Yamagishi.

Tomomi is surprised to find a fossil of the first bird. When she touches it, she finds herself flying over the Jurassic landscape, dinosaurs and all. When Noda wonders what happened, she tells him. He finds this more interesting than scary.

Yamagishi, left behind by these two, is leaning on an egg when it begins to crack. Fortunately the guard didn't see him. He's further shocked when the egg continues cracking and a ghostly dinosaur emerges. It quickly grows to a full size brontosaurus. Apparently only Yamagishi, Noda and Tomomi can see it, although the rest of the museum patrons wonder about their strange reactions. The brontosaurus walks out through the museum wall and disappears. When they get over to the window, the three can't see it anywhere outside.

After leaving the museum, Tomomi and Noda run up some stairs, leaving Yamagishi behind. As they walk along a wall, Noda asks if she caused the hatching with her powers. Surprised, Tomomi falls off the wall. It's only a few feet so she's fine, but he is still concerned. This may be a new power of her's, but she doesn't know. Noda is amused that she doesn't understand her own power, but comments that he doesn't either.

Yamagishi, left behind, calls out for them to wait. He then turns around and sees the brontosaurus. It looks at him and roars. He runs screaming from it, right past Tomomi and Noda. They wonder why he's running until they too see the brontosaurus.

Meanwhile, Mikage wanders through the park looking for fossils using her flower. She finds some and stoops to look. Something she finds there really surprises her.

The brontosaurus continues walking through town while the three chase it. They wonder what it's doing or looking for. Noda kids that it's an apartment-saurus, but Yamagishi corrects him, identifying it as a brontosaurus, one of the more popular dinosaurs.

In the park Mikage is startled to hear the dinosaur roar. She looks up, wondering what that was, as the wind blows past her.

The three pause, panting. Yamagishi is a bit ahead and urges them to keep following the brontosaurus. Tomomi and Noda wonder how he can see it if it is caused by her power, especially since everyone else doesn't seem to be able to. Yamagishi runs off again on the chase, yelling to the other two to come along. Noda doesn't like being ordered around like that and is is ready to stop the chase, but Tomomi drags him along and runs off.

Mikage follows her glowing flower through some woods. In the roots beneath a tree, she finds a glittering piece of amber. She asks the trees if she can take it, and after apparently receiving permission, does. It has a piece of fern leaf embedded within it.

A little girl comes up behind her and comments that it's pretty. Mikage says hello, asks her if she wants the amber and offers to give it to her. The girl turns her down. She introduces herself as Kana-chan and adds that she knows where something even more spectacular is. ``Do you want to see it?'' Mikage does.

Elsewhere, Tomomi and the guys are chasing after the dinosaur. They stop to apologize after running in front of some cars at a stoplight. When the stop, the dinosaur does too, turning and looking back at them.

The Kana-chan leads Mikage into a tunnel. Inside the girl points out the full fossil skeleton of a large fish. Mikage agrees that this is indeed spectacular. Holding the girls hand, her flower shines, and she gets a vision of the fish as it was when it was alive.

While the three continue their chase, Mikage and Kana-chan come out of the tunnel. Kana-chan explains that this is a secret that only she knows. Mikage promises to keep her secret and they seal the pledge shaking their little fingers. The little girl then runs off.

Mikage stops to take a good look at the piece of amber. She is interrupted by a flash of light from her flower bracelet. Wondering about this, she is further startled to see the ghostly brontosaurus come over the hill. As it bends down toward her, she trips backward in fright and drops the amber. It glows on the ground beside her. She closes her eyes and doesn't see that the dinosaur simply licks the amber and then leaves. When she opens her eyes, the dinosaur is gone.

Yamagishi, Tomomi and Noda pause when the dinosaur stops wandering. It looks around town at the various cranes that look vaguely like it's kin and howls. As it does so, Tomomi realizes that it's lonely and probably looking for something familiar.

An exhausted Mikage runs up. She asks Tomomi if she can see the dinosaur. She can, and adds that Noda and also Yamagishi can too. Tomomi then notices the amber Mikage is carrying. Mikage says that it must be from the same time as the dinosaur. Tomomi replies that it's an interesting find since today is the dinosaur's birthday. The word birthday makes Noda pause. They hear a ships foghorn, as does the dinosaur. Yamagishi says to follow since that sounds like the dinosaur's call. Sure enough, it heads for the harbor. The four follow, and find it wading out into the bay, following the ship.

Mikage and Tomomi get an idea and teleport to the top of the lighthouse to say good-bye to it with the foghorn there. The fellows hear this and Noda guesses where the twins went. After they've run up the stairs, the four of them look out over the bay and say good-bye to the dinosaur. It raises it's head, roars, and fades away.

The four are walking away and comment that Tomomi certainly learned about dinosaurs today. Noda then holds the girls back and whispers something to them. Yamagishi turns around and asks what they're doing. Together, they responds, ``Happy Birthday!'' He's pleased and a bit embarrassed by this. Mikage comes up and gives him a present, the piece of amber she found. Yamagishi is overjoyed, he's always wanted to have one of those. Mikage asks if she can see it sometimes. Tomomi asks if she could to. He replies, ``of course you two can see it.'' Noda then asks why he's only letting the girls look at it. Yamagishi wonders that he wants to see it two, and the two guys end up chasing each other around in fun.

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