Miracle Girls episode 20

Episode title
Otome gokoroha hurricane
Air date
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.06.10
Mikage was making something in the chemistry club. Kageura came and told her that he was going to a newspaper office, who had expressed interest in his ESP research. Mikage wasn't interest at all. Then Mikage took a beaker of black liquid and put it up to Kageura. Mikage said, "One taste for a dreamy paradise, in exchange for your life." Kageura was scared and ran off. Then Mikage called the others and said that the coffee was done.

Tomomi was at the bay looking at a ship. Noda came running as he was a little late. Tomomi saw him and asked, "Why didn't you wear it?"
Noda tried to laugh it off, but Tomomi was upset. Noda said that he was embarrassed to wear matching clothes.
Tomomi said, "It was my dream to go on a date with you wearing matching clothes."
But Noda said that some people they knew might see them. Tomomi was feeling very sad because of Noda.

Kageura went to a newspaper company. But the editor tried to get rid of him. When the editor was on the phone, one of the office ladies tricked Kageura and threw him out the back door. She also told him to go to another newspaper company.

So Kageura went to another newspaper company. But he got thrown out again, and his papers got all spread out onto the street.

After parting with Noda, Tomomi was at the train station by herself. Tomomi was looking at herself in the mirror.

A sudden wind blew and sent all of Kageura's papers flying into the air.

The weather report on the TV said that a strong hurricane was coming.

Tomomi was wondering about the relationship between Noda and herself. Mikage asked if something happened. Tomomi said that she didn't know how Noda felt. Mikage said that Noda probably know how Tomomi felt. But Tomomi said, "I want to really know how Noda-kun feels." That night Tomomi couldn't sleep.

The next day it rained a lot. During class, Tomomi drew a picture of herself and Noda wearing the same clothes on her notebook.

Mikage was sitting in her class and said to herself, "Destroy everything. Create something new." Then Mikage and Tomomi's bracelets started flashing. Both Mikage and Tomomi stood up and collapsed in the middle of class.

Since the storm was coming for a direct hit, the students were let out of school.

In the nurse's office Tomomi and Mikage were talking to each other. Kageura was near the door listening. They were saying that their telepathy must have caused them to faint. Then Mikage spotted someone approaching. It was Noda.

When they were walking down to the shoe boxes, Mikage was saying that Noda was probably trying to peek or scare them. But Noda said that it wasn't so. When they got down to the shoe boxes, Mikage told Tomomi that she had forgotten something. She told Tomomi to go home without waiting for her.

Mikage went upstairs and watched Tomomi and Noda walk home together. Mikage had done this so Tomomi and Noda can be alone. Then Kageura came up to Mikage and said that he had overheard their conversation in the nurse's office. He wanted to hear some more about their telepathy.

Tomomi told Noda that she wanted to go on a date with him that day. She told him to meet her at the same place later. Noda didn't want to because of the rain, but Tomomi just ran off.

Mikage told Kageura that she would tell him about her powers. Then as they were leaving the school grounds, a lightning fell nearby. Kageura jumped and fell onto his face.

At home Mikage was laughing. Mikage said, "Kageura thought that the lightning was caused by my power. He was so scared. It was so funny."
Tomomi asked, "Why did you tell Kageura?"
Mikage said, "I don't know. I suddenly felt like playing around with him."

Kageura tried calling newspapers to cover the "big event" that was coming up.

Tomomi asked, "You're not serious about showing Kageura the power, are you?"
Mikage said, "I am. I promised him that I would show him later today."
Tomomi said, "No. No. Don't you know that it will cause a commotion?"
Mikage said, "Who cares. We'll feel relieved."
Tomomi said, "But we won't be able to stay normal high school students."
Mikage said, "But Kurashige and Noda know about it."
Tomomi said, "They're special. We promised not to tell anyone else, even mother and father."

Kageura got hung up by the newspapers. Then Kageura's wife called him for lunch. While eating, Kageura watched TV and saw some reporters who said that they would go out to cover special events.

Mikage said, "I don't want to keep hiding it any more. I think it will be relieving. I've already decided."

Kageura drove wildly in his car to the Yokohama Marine Tower.

Tomomi told Mikage that she had made a date with Noda. Mikage told her to do it on another day, but Tomomi said that she had to do it that day and ask Noda how he feels. Then Tomomi changed into her "pair look" sweatshirt.

The TV reporters met Kageura. Kageura told them about the twins with ESP, and got ready for the big event.

Mikage asked Tomomi to go with her, and told Tomomi that she would teleport her to her date.

Mikage and Tomomi ran to Kageura. The TV cameraman and reporter hid in the bushes. Kageura turned on the car lights for better lighting. Then Mikage and Tomomi started using their powers.

Noda was waiting for Tomomi by the bay in the heavy rain. Tomomi was late. Then Noda saw a tower of spiraling light going up into the sky. Noda knew that it must be Tomomi, and ran toward it.

Kageura and the TV crew got thrown around by the wind caused by the girls' power.

When Noda arrived at the spot, it was calm and the girls were lying on the ground. Noda held Tomomi who was unconscious. Tomomi regained consciousness and said, "Noda-kun, I love you." Then she lost consciousness again.

Later Kageura got mad as the TV crew had only captured the tower of light.

The next day at school, Mikage was wondering why they had done those things the previous day. Tomomi was playing in a water puddle. Then Noda and Yamagishi came.
Tomomi asked Noda, "I don't remember well, but when you saved me last night, did I say something?"
Noda replied, "I didn't hear anything."

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