Miracle Girls episode 21

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Nannansei no shinrowo tore
Air date
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.08.12
Tomomi and Mikage's school went on a hiking field trip to the mountains.

While they were climbing the mountain (on a trail), Noda and Yamagishi were playing around and didn't stay in line. Noda and Yamagishi were taking turns carrying the backpacks, and it was Yamagishi's turn. Kageura yelled at them for not staying in line, and not being able to follow rules of the group. But then Kageura got out his butterfly net and took off into the bushes, as he said that there was a very rare butterfly in these mountains. The school principal was left to take care of the school kids.

Mikage was complaining about the hike. (Mikage had tied up her hair in two ribbons above the ears.) She saw Noda fooling around and wondered what Tomomi saw in him. Mikage told Tomomi that she didn't like hiking. But Tomomi pointed to the top and said that they were almost there. Mikage asked, "What's so good about going to the top. All we can see is mountains anyways." Then Mikage collapsed and said that she couldn't walk any more. Mikage smiled and said that they could use their powers. But Tomomi said no. Mikage kept crying that she couldn't walk any more.

Noda looked around for Tomomi and Mikage. He saw them walking off of the path into the forest. Daijouji also spotted them, and started to complain. But Noda told her that he would go get them and started running for the Matsunaga girls. Noda wondered if they were going to teleport.

Mikage and Tomomi found a good spot and started the teleportation. Noda found them and yelled at them. He was upset that they were going to use their powers. When Noda ran to them, he tripped and fell with his hand into Mikage and Tomomi's hands. Then they all teleported away.

Mikage and Noda landed in some forest far away from the top. Noda didn't know where they were, but Mikage said that they could return by using their powers. But when she looked around, Tomomi wasn't there. Noda told her to use telepathy to find Tomomi.

When Mikage used her telepathy, Tomomi woke up. Noda asked about Tomomi, and Mikage said that Tomomi was badly injured and almost about to die. But she quickly told Noda that Tomomi was all right. Tomomi looked around and said that she could make it to the top by herself as she wasn't that far from the top. So they decided to meet at the top.

Mikage told Noda to go off by himself, so Noda started going. But Mikage looked around and saw the wilderness and became scared. So Mikage followed Noda through the thick forest. When Mikage asked Noda if he knew where he was going, Noda said that he knew that they were heading south. Noda pointed out that the trees usually grew its leaves and branches toward the sun. Mikage was very surprised that Noda was knowledgeable about these things.

Meanwhile Tomomi was playing around as she walked to the top.

The class had reached the top, and they got two hours of free time. Yamagishi looked around for Noda, but he couldn't find them. So he decided to eat all of the lunch by himself.

Noda was eating something as he walked, so Mikage asked what he was eating. Noda showed Mikage the twig that he had been munching on. Mikage felt grossed out by it and said that she would give him some of her water. But Noda said that he didn't want it.

Meanwhile Tomomi was wondering if Noda and Mikage were all right.

Mikage and Noda started arguing. Mikage said that it was very indecent of him to eat a twig in front of her. But Noda said that they would have to eat it if they ran out of water. Tomomi overheard the argument via telepathy.

When Mikage spotted Noda crouching down and looking at the ground at a fork in the trail, she asked him what he was doing. Noda said that they had gone a little off of the direction that they should have. Mikage complained that they were lost. Noda said that they would go to the left. Mikage looked to the left and it looked very creepy. (Noda had spotted some footprints going on the trail to the right.)

Tomomi had to climb a bare hill to get to the top. Since there was only a little bit to go, she went. But when she got part of the way up, Tomomi slid and fell down. Tomomi scraped herself and couldn't climb any more. So Tomomi decided to go through the forest.

Mikage asked Noda if they were getting deeper and deeper into the forest. Then Mikage saw a wild rabbit. Mikage was very happy, but Noda said to himself that they might run into something much bigger. Then Noda told Mikage to start singing. Mikage didn't want to, but Noda insisted.

Meanwhile Tomomi was walking through the forest. Behind her a large bear popped out of the bushes.

At the top of the hill, the class gathered. Daijouji pointed out that Noda, Tomomi, and Mikage were gone. The principal asked everyone if they knew anything about them. Yamagishi made up an excuse and said that they had gone down by themselves because they were tired. So the principal told everyone that they would go down too.

Mikage was singing songs as Noda and she walked through the forest. But she was getting very tired. Noda kept noticing the signs on the trees (claw marks) that there were bears in the area. Noda stopped and told Mikage that they were going to turn back. He said that it was getting late, so even if they got to the top everyone would have left already.

Then Mikage spotted a bridge over a deep canyon. Mikage ran to it, saying that if she found Tomomi, they could teleport anywhere. She didn't want to wander around with Noda any more.

When Mikage got to the wooden bridge, she found out that it was very old and tied together by old rope which looked like it was going to break. Noda said that she shouldn't go, but Mikage started going across anyways. Then Noda spotted some bear claw marks on the trees on the other side. He called out to Mikage and told her to come back. But Mikage didn't listen to him. Noda called out again and said that there were bears. But Mikage didn't believe him. Then the rope got cut and the bridge began breaking up.

Mikage just stood there and didn't know what to do. Noda hurried across to Mikage and grabbed her, just as the bridge collapsed. Noda jumped to grab a hold of a piece of rope which was still tied to the other side with his right hand, while holding on to Mikage with his left hand. Noda banged his body against the cliff very badly, but managed to hold on.

Mikage and Noda climbed up to safety, and Noda just collapsed on the ground. Mikage felt Noda's back and found out that it was very hot. Noda said that he just bumped it and asked for something to cool it. Mikage grabbed her canteen and cooled Noda's back with the water. Mikage was very worried about Noda, and Tomomi felt it via telepathy.

Tomomi felt that there was something in the forest behind her, but she just started running.

Mikage apologized to Noda. Then Noda said, "When you are honest, you're cute."
Mikage snapped back, "Why are you being so carefree!?"
Then Mikage asked about the bear, and Noda said that it was true. He said that that was the reason why he made her sing earlier.

Then they heard something in the bushes. Noda said that it was a bear. But it was Tomomi.

Mikage and Tomomi were happy to see each other. Tomomi got upset that Noda had mistaken her for a bear. But then they all heard something else in the bushes.

Tomomi and Mikage got ready to teleport. They both grabbed Noda and tried to concentrate. They didn't have enough power, so Noda said that he would face the bear himself. But Mikage said that he couldn't fight the bear alone. The noise from the bushes got closer, so they stepped back. Then they all fell off of the cliff. But the girls' power kicked in and they teleported away.

Kageura came out of the bushes. He thought he had heard the Matsunaga girls' voices, but he didn't see anyone.

Tomomi, Mikage, and Noda appeared at the school bus. The principal saw them and told them to hurry up and get on the bus.

On the bus on the way home, Mikage said to Tomomi that she had gotten a little better opinion of Noda. Yamagishi got mad at Noda for playing with the Matsunaga girls by himself.

The principal said that he thought they left someone behind. But Daijouji said that nobody left was remaining. Then after a while they remembered about Kageura.

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