Miracle Girls episode 22

Episode Title
Hatsukoi ha shinkirou
[Was Her First Love a Mirage?!]
Air Date
  • Synopsis by George Robbert, 1994.10.26
A woman is sitting crying on a pier, watching a ship sail off into the sunset. Her tears vanish when a man comes up behind and greets her. This turns out to be a movie that Mikage and Tomomi went to see. Mikage loves romances with happy endings like this.

Afterwards, Mikage is staring out over the ocean, lost in thought about the movie. Tomomi brings up a couple ice cream cones she bought and teases Mikage about being so romantic. Mikage chases off after her, but the wind blows a scarf in her face so she trips and falls. It belongs to an old lady who comes up, apologizes and ties up Mikage's skinned knee with her handkerchief. Mikage thanks her and promises to return the handkerchief tomorrow after washing it. The lady says to meet her here, she comes every day.

That evening, as Mikage is hanging the handkerchief up to dry, the twins talk about events of the day. Mikage mentions that the scarf she ran into was very old. Tomomi figures that it must be full of memories, but her sister says that only happens in movies, ``Don't think about it so much. This isn't a movie.'' Tomomi agrees, but adds that Noda thinks that Mikage and Kurashige seem like they are from a movie too. Mikage takes umbrage at this statement.

The next day at school, Mikage runs into Noda and tells him off for that comment. Tomomi comes up and apologizes for having blurted it out. Later, she telepathically asks Mikage if she's still mad. Fortunately, she isn't.

After school, the twins meet the old lady again and return her handkerchief. She comments that Mikage reminds her of herself when she was young. When asked, she tells the story of how she got the scarf that tripped Mikage, happy that the girls want to hear it. When she was young, her parents arranged for her to go to a dance party on board a ship, in fact the one that's moored in front of them. The party was as pretty as she dreamed it would be. Unfortunately, she tripped and fell, tearing the front of her new dress. A man stopped, gallantly helped her up, and gave her his scarf to cover the tear. They danced together through the rest of the night. It was love at first sight for her. She never saw him again, so she couldn't return the scarf, but she will never forget this dreamlike story.

That night, Tomomi suggests to Mikage that they should try to find the ladies first love. They get Noda and Yamagishi to help in the search. Asking around the various merchants near the harbor and looking through material at the library turns up nothing about the party in the story though. It begins to rain, and they call it a day.

Later Mikage and Tomomi decide they can use their power to find this woman's first love. Noticing their flowers glowing, they think that maybe they can find him, so they teleport off. The twins appear in a hotel room and hide behind the curtains when they hear someone coming. An older man and his son come in. The man reminisces about a shipboard party of his youth and how he met his first love there. The story matches the one that the old lady told them. The two men leave, and the twins agree that this man must be the ladies first love. They teleport back to find her, but she has left already.

Elsewhere, the sun has finally come out. The old lady finishes packing and leaves her hotel. She makes a brief stop at the harbor to look out over the sea again, and the twins find her there. They tell her of what they found about the man and her fist love. She thanks them for this, and is happy to have found out, but that's sufficient. This is good as only a memory. Both her and her first love are old now. She won't be the woman he remembers; she's old and no longer as lively as she once was. Anyway he'll be different from her memory too.

Meanwhile, the older man and son get on a train. He tells his son that it was good enough to just see the old ship.

The old lady ends up giving Mikage the scarf from her first love. She's going to be going abroad to her family, so she'll have no chance to return it. Mikage doesn't want to take it since it means so much to the old lady, but she insists. She adds that they can return it to her if they find her first love and if that's what he wants. Mikage decides she will find the fellow. The twins teleport to where he is (since they don't know the name of the hotel he was staying at). They are surprised to appear on a Shinkansen. After initially hiding, they proceed to look through the cars for the original owner of the scarf. As they are walking down the aisle, the old man from earlier spots the scarf tied around Mikage's wrist. He stops her and asks about it.

At the airport, the old lady is riding and escalator down to her flight. Mikage and Tomomi appear at the top, and Mikage tosses her the scarf. Mikage says that they were able to get in touch with her first love and that he still fondly remembers her. His name is in the scarf. The old lady is overjoyed.

Mikage and Tomomi look out over the airport and watch her plane take off. Mikage is happy to have helped, and likes happy endings like this. Of course, the subject of love and foreign lands brings Kurashige fondly back to her mind.

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