Miracle Girls episode 23

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Himitsuga barechatta?!
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  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.08.12
Tomomi and Mikage bought ice cream from a vendor in the park. Tomomi ran ahead and Mikage ran after her. Tomomi wanted Mikage to catch up to her, but Mikage stopped as she spotted a poster of England in a store window. Mikage immediately started thinking about her senpai.

In England, Kurashige went to a little antique store, and saw an Alice in Wonderland music box. The little girl of the store played the music and said that she wouldn't sell it, because it was her treasure.

Kurashige heard the music and recalled the events of the past. Mikage, Noda, and Kageura were dressed up as Alice in Wonderland characters for a junior high play.

Then Kurashige heard a boy scream for help outside. When he went out, he saw a little boy hanging by one arm from a second story balcony. So Kurashige immediately climbed up and went to the boy. He grabbed the boy with one arm and was hanging on to the balcony with the other. But the gutter gave way and they both fell to the ground.

Kurashige was taken to a hospital in an ambulance. The little boy was with him, but he was all right. Kurashige woke up and had a flashback.

[start flashback]

Mikage got the role of Alice in the school play at the last minute because the regular person couldn't make it. Kurashige asked if she could do it, and Mikage said that Tomomi would help out. [At this time, nobody knew about Tomomi and Mikage's powers.] Kageura and Daijouji were also involved in the play, with Daijouji being the director.

They started rehearsing with Mikage as Alice. Tomomi was on the side of the stage reading the lines out to Mikage. [not using power, I think] Kurashige and Noda were watching from the side. Then Yamagishi came and saw Tomomi. He fell in love at first sight. [Tomomi was a student at a different junior high, so he had never seen her before.] Kageura saw Tomomi too. He was very curious about the two girls.

Then Tomomi messed up on one of the lines (causing Mikage to mess up), and Daijouji got upset. She said that Mikage had to give it her best, since she had accepted the lead role. When she also mentioned that Tomomi was from a different school and she shouldn't be involved, Mikage got mad and said that she would do it herself.

Tomomi was worried about Mikage. When they were alone, Mikage asked Tomomi to read the lines to her via telepathy from the second floor broadcast booth. Mikage said that she had to do well because Kurashige was watching.

With Tomomi reading the lines, the rehearsal was going well. Daijouji, Kurashige, and Noda were surprised because Mikage had learned all of the lines in such a short time.

When Kageura walked by the broadcast booth, he spotted Tomomi. Then Yamagishi also spotted Tomomi. Yamagishi snuck into the room and started to ask Tomomi out. Tomomi tried to refuse. Since Tomomi and Mikage were still communicating via telepathy, Mikage started to say the words that Tomomi was saying to Yamagishi. Daijouji and the others were surprised at Mikage's sudden outburst.

Kageura was looking at Tomomi and Mikage. He noticed that Mikage was repeating Tomomi's words. He said that sometimes twins had strange powers between them, such as telepathy.

Yamagishi pulled Tomomi outside. Tomomi told Mikage via telepathy that she would try to do something as soon as possible.

Yamagishi and Tomomi sat down and ate takoyaki together. But Tomomi was reading the script to Mikage. Then they went to the haunted house and other places in the school festival. But Tomomi just concentrated on sending the lines to Mikage.

Things were going well with Mikage again. Then the rehearsal finished.

Noda found Tomomi, and Tomomi said that coed schools were nice. [Tomomi's junior high was an all girls school.] Then Noda suggested that Tomomi come to this high school next year. Tomomi said that she would like that.

Kurashige congratulated Mikage for memorizing all the lines.

Noda asked Tomomi to join the track team too. Tomomi said that she would really go for it. Then Noda ran off to get some yakisoba for her. [yakisoba = fried noodles]

After Noda left, Kageura came up to Tomomi. He said that there were going to be some changes in the script. So Tomomi went with Kageura. Kageura led Tomomi to the roof of the school building.

Kurashige and Mikage ate lunch together, as Mikage got to take a 30 minute break. When Kurashige told Noda and Mikage that he saw Tomomi with Kageura, Mikage ran off. Mikage called Tomomi via telepathy and told her that Kageura was investigating ESP. She told her to not say anything.

After closing the door to the stairs, Kageura asked Tomomi what she had been doing in the broadcast booth. Then Mikage came. Kageura was happy and locked the door. He asked Mikage how she knew the location of her sister. He said that it must have been telepathy.

Then Noda and Kurashige started banging on the door. Kageura asked Mikage and Tomomi to teleport. But they didn't. Noda and Kurashige started to break down the door. When Kageura turned to the door, Mikage hit him and Kageura's keys went flying. Tomomi jumped to try to catch it, but the keys went flying over the fence. Tomomi almost fell off of the roof, but she caught the ledge and was hanging on. Mikage went to try to help her.

Kurashige and Noda finally broke through the door and ran over Kageura's body. They ran to the girls and tried to help them, but their hands slipped and both Tomomi and Mikage went falling down. But Tomomi and Mikage's fingers touched, and they teleported away to safety, back onto the roof.

Kurashige and Noda were shocked. Then Mikage went to Kurashige and apologized. She said that she thought Kurashige wouldn't like her any more if she told him the truth. But Kurashige and Noda were both happy about it.

Then there was an announcement that the play was going to start. So Mikage and Tomomi teleported away.
Noda was still surprised and fell down. "There really are ESPers."
Kurashige said, "Let's keep it a secret, just the four of us."

The play went well for Mikage.

[end of flashback]

Back in the hospital bed, the little girl gave Kurashige the Alice music box so he can give it to his friend.

At the airport, Noda, Tomomi, and Mikage waited for Kurashige's plane to arrive. Since Kurashige was in a wheelchair, he didn't come out with the other passengers. Noda was looking all around for Kurashige.

In another part of the airport, a stewardess helped Kurashige into an elevator. When the stewardess went to get his bags, Mikage teleported to Kurashige. Mikage blushed and said, "Welcome home." Kurashige gave the Alice music box to Mikage.

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