Miracle Girls episode 24

Episode title
Eh? Senpai ni Koibito?
Air date
Guest Voice Actors
Liz (Touma Yumi)
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.10.08
Mikage was sitting in school. She was counting down the seconds until it was 3 PM. (school ends) At the bell, Mikage ran out of the classroom. Kageura wasn't finished with his lecture, so he went after Mikage. He stopped her and said that his class wasn't over. But Mikage said that Kageura had Rika waiting for him at home. Mikage also said that she was going to meet the one she loved, and ran away. Kageura got upset and ran after her.

Tomomi and Mikage teleported home. Then Tomomi said, "I'm not a taxi!"

Mikage started cooking. Tomomi asked if she was going to see Kurashige again. Mikage said, "Of course." Tomomi said that it was probably bothering him, if she went everyday. But Mikage said that it wasn't.

Mikage had made too many fried squid rings, so she gave some to Tomomi. Tomomi ate it and her eyes became dots.

At the hospital, when Kurashige ate Mikage's cooking, he was shocked too. But when Mikage asked how it was Kurashige said that it was delicious. Mikage was very happy, and said that she had tried making nikujaga for the first time. When Mikage asked Kurashige to try it, he reluctantly did and said that it tasted very "new".

[nikujaga = thin sliced meat and potato cooked in a soup]

Meanwhile Tomomi was at home taking some stomach medicine. She hoped that Kurashige wouldn't get sick.

As Mikage was leaving, she asked if she could come again the next day. Kurashige said that it was all right with him. Mikage said that she would cook something else for him, and Kurashige tried to smile.

When Mikage left and she was walking down the hall, she saw a blonde haired girl carrying flowers. Mikage saw the girl knock on Kurashige's door and go in.

That night Mikage wondered who that girl could be. Tomomi joked and said it was Kurashige's girl friend. Then Mikage threw a pillow at Tomomi's face.

The next day on the train to Kurashige's hospital, Mikage overheard some foreigners speaking English. [it was terrible English!] Mikage thought for a moment that the girl she saw could be Kurashige's girl friend, but she quickly said that it couldn't be.

When Mikage got to Kurashige's room, she heard a voice inside. It was English. Mikage noticed that it was a different girl from the day before.

When Mikage went inside, she saw flowers by Kurashige's bed. It was from the girl the day before. Also Kurashige was eating some sandwiches, brought by the girl who had just left. Then another foreign girl came to Kurashige's room. Mikage rushed out of the room.

Mikage went to a movie by herself. Then Mikage went to a game center and played a UFO catcher game. She almost caught a doll, but if fell down.

Mikage got home and told Tomomi that Kurashige had become a playboy. Tomomi said that she couldn't believe it.

Then there was a phone call from Kurashige. Tomomi answered it, and Mikage signaled that she didn't want to talk to him.

The next day after school, Tomomi went to see Kurashige. Mikage was sitting by herself in the chemistry lab. Kurashige explained to Tomomi that the girls he was meeting were girl friends of the guys he met in England. They had asked Kurashige to pass on letters and gifts.

When Tomomi left, a blonde haired girl with flowers headed for Kurashige's room. Just as Tomomi was getting in the elevator, she remembered that she had forgotten her hat. When Tomomi went to Kurashige's room, she heard the girl crying inside. Tomomi took a peek and saw the girl crying on Kurashige's lap, with Kurashige comforting her.

That night Tomomi explained the situation to Mikage. But Tomomi told Mikage that she shouldn't try to stick too close to Kurashige.

When Tomomi was in the bath, Mikage picked up her pocket watch and saw the image of Kurashige comforting the blonde girl. Mikage dropped the watch in shock.

The next morning, Tomomi woke up to the alarm. When she went to Mikage's side of the room, she saw the watch on the floor. Mikage was already gone. Mikage called Tomomi via telepathy. Mikage said that she didn't understand any more.

During class, Mikage was day dreaming. Kageura caught her and made her do a problem on the board. Mikage easily did it and Kageura was shocked, as it was an entrance exam question for T University.

Later Tomomi gave the watch to Mikage and told her to believe in Kurashige. Then Tomomi teleported Mikage to the hospital.

At the hospital Mikage saw Kurashige on crutches and the the blonde girl walking together. Mikage ran away. Kurashige tried to go after her, but lost his crutch.

Mikage returned to school, and got yelled at by Kageura. As punishment Kageura made Mikage clean the science building.

Later the blonde haired girl went to see Mikage. They went to a coffee shop. The girl (whose name was Liz) explained that she and Kurashige were just friends. Her boy friend was Kurashige's room mate in England. She had been seeing Kurashige to hear more about him. Mikage was very relieved to hear that.

Liz and Mikage went to see Kurashige, and they all talked together.

As they were leaving, Mikage asked Liz why she was crying in Kurashige's room the other day. Liz explained more about her boy friend Harry. Harry had written many letters before. But now there weren't any. Also Kurashige had brought a pen from Harry for her.

That evening, Mikage asked Tomomi to teleport to London. Mikage wanted to tell Harry to write more letters to Liz.

Mikage and Tomomi teleported to Kurashige's room in London. They saw a picture of Mikage and Kurashige on his desk. Then Tomomi turned to Harry's desk. The girls saw a picture of Harry with another girl. Then they saw an image of Harry walking around with another girl.

When Mikage and Tomomi got back, Tomomi asked Mikage if she was going to tell Liz about Harry. Mikage said that she couldn't.

At the hospital, Kurashige told Mikage and Tomomi that he had known about Harry. But it was hard for him to tell Liz. Then Mikage spotted the pen that Liz had gotten from Harry. Kurashige said that Liz had forgotten it, but Mikage said that Liz must have left it on purpose. Tomomi and Mikage then teleported to Liz.

They met Liz at the train station. Liz said that she knew about Harry. That pen was something that Liz had given Harry for his birthday. Liz said that she would write a good-bye letter to Harry with it.

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