Miracle Girls episode 25

Episode Title
Fushigi na Touriame
[The Mysterious Passing Shower]
Air Date
  • Summary by George Robbert, 1994.10.10
Mikage, waiting on the front porch, yells at Tomomi to hurry up and finish getting ready; they're going to the hospital to visit Kurashige. As soon as Tomomi on the porch ready to go, it starts to rain. Mikage doesn't want to get the new dress she's wearing (for Kurashige) wet so she convinces Tomomi to teleport to the hospital instead. A woman carrying an umbrella walks by their house and notices them leave in this fashion.

In the hospital room, Mikage is glad to be able to see her boyfriend again. He's happy to see them, but laments the fact that he can't go out and do things with them as he would like to. Mikage tries to cheer him up and Tomomi adds that they will go out and do something when he gets better. He embarrasses Tomomi by commenting that she and Noda make a good couple, and adds no weather is bad for dating. Mikage teases her about having a date so Tomomi leaves to get something to drink. As Tomomi walks down the hall, Mikage telepathically asks her why she left.

Since she is not paying attention to where she is going, Tomomi runs into a woman at a corner scattering the flowers she is carrying. They both apologize, but Tomomi is really surprised when she stoops to pick up the flowers she knocked down and finds the woman holding them as if nothing happened. She is further surprised when the woman tells her to be careful when having a private conversation (how could she know about their telepathy?). When Tomomi has recovered her wits and looks after the woman, she has disappeared.

Mikage and Tomomi are leaving the hospital after their visit. They walk off a bit and are ready to teleport away when a woman's voice stops them. She says that it's going to rain so they should run to catch the bus that's coming. They see her standing at the hospital entrance; it's the same woman that Tomomi ran into in the hall earlier, and also the same woman that saw them teleport away from home. She opens her umbrella and it starts to rain. The twins run to catch the bus but just miss it. When the turn around, there is no sign of the woman on the hospital stairs. Neither of them is happy at being soaked.

The next day at school, Mikage is working in the chemistry club while Tomomi is talking to her telepathically. Mikage accidentally replies to her out loud which attracts Kageura's attention. He comes up and surprises Mikage by asking who she was talking to. He immediately begins asking her if she was talking telepathically. She doesn't have to avoid answering long, for the beaker she was working with explodes, throwing them both to the floor.

Afterwards, Mikage meets Tomomi who was waiting for her. She asks to teleport to the hospital, since they promised to visit Kurashige everyday. Tomomi isn't pleased about this, but agrees. They teleport in, landing behind some bushes and surprising a parrot hanging in a cage in a nearby tree. Satisfied that no one is around, they step over the hedge. The same woman they saw yesterday comes round the corner and points out that they shouldn't be standing on the flowers. The embarrassed girls get off the flower bed, but wonder how she got there this quickly.

As soon as the woman has left, Mikage asks Tomomi to teleport to Kurashige's room. When they move to touch their pinkies, the parrot erupts into loud squalking, and who should come back around the corner than the same woman. She tells the girls the normal way doesn't take much more time. ``See you tomorrow. Be careful not to get wet.'' She then opens her umbrella and walks off as it starts to rain.

That evening, at home, Mikage and Tomomi are wondering about this strange woman that they met. How does she know about them? Mikage christens her ``Ame-Onna'' (=~Rain-Woman) since it always seems to start raining around her.

The next day at the hospital the twins try and catch a glimpse of the woman. They fail, until they offer to help someone carrying a huge load of laundry. It's her. They end up stuck helping her hang out the wash on the roof. A gust of wind carries one of Mikage's sheets over the edge and the twins go down to pick it up. It landed on the tree with the parrot, so fortunately it didn't get dirty. Just as they're ready to teleport back, another sheet lands on top of them. The woman leans over the edge and apologizes; the wind took it. Mikage gets mad at this. Every time they try to do something, this woman shows up. Mikage throws the sheet around in anger, knocking over the cage and letting the parrot free.

The twins apologize to ``Ame-Onna'' who has suddenly appeared downstairs. She comments that the kids and old folks at the hospital will be a bit lonely now. The parrot was a mascot for them. ``But it can't be helped.'' She adds that, unlike the people in the hospital, the twins and their friends are always free to go out and do things. This makes Mikage think back to Kurashige's earlier comment that he couldn't. Mikage surprises her sister by saying that they'll go out and search for the parrot. ``Ame-Onna'' is happy that they will and thinks this is a good idea. ``But without using your favorite magic, ok?'' This really surprises the twins, but she asks them to promise that they won't.

Once out of earshot Mikage and Tomomi argue about how she would have known of their powers. They then head off to ask and look around for the parrot. After much inquiry and searching, Tomomi comes to Mikage (who sat down to rest) with news that she found the parrot in the park. They head off, but part way there Mikage stops, unable to run any further. She laments she won't even be able to see Sempai today, but Tomomi counters that she can if they find the parrot. At this, Mikage gets mad and kicks a tree, scaring the parrot who flies off. Mikage is ready to teleport after it but Tomomi reminds her they promised not to. ``Ame-Onna'' appears and reminds Mikage as well. She adds that running more will make her healthier anyway. ``Don't forget you can do this as an ordinary girl.'' She then opens her umbrella and is nowhere to be seen as it begins to rain again.

The twins run back up the street and pause for a bit under a tree so Mikage can catch her breath. Discussing the woman, Mikage comments, ``She really is Ame-Onna.'' Tomomi figures that this woman must have some power, recalling the time's they ran into her and she noticed their power. Just then, the parrot flies past and the gals run off after it.

They find it sitting on the balcony of a house. They're locked out of the yard, and to save the parrot from an oncoming cat, teleport to the balcony. They save the parrot but realize that they broke their promise in doing so. Further discussion is stopped when the railing Mikage is leaning on breaks. She falls and Tomomi does too, trying to catch her. An umbrella (the woman's) materializes in their hands. They grab it and are able to land safely.

The parrot flies over and lands on ``Ame-Onna's'' hand. She tells them that she thinks they used their power quite well this time. The twins are surprised that she knew after all. She continues commenting that their friend in the hospital wants to run but can't. It didn't do them any harm to do some running around in his place. Mikage wonders if she's asking them not to use their powers at all, but that's not the case. ``Ame-Onna'' also adds that she can do more than make it rain, at which point the sun comes out and a rainbow appears. Finally, she passes her hand in front of the parrot, making it disappear. This really surprised Mikage and Tomomi. She then comments that the bridge is here and it's time for her to head to the next city. Mikage asks what her name is and she replies, ``It's `Ame-Onna,' right?'' When the twins look down in embarrassment, she disappears too. They turn to see her leaving across the rainbow, dressed just like Mary Poppins and hear her parting words, ``Genki da ne, Miracle Girls.''

Back at the hospital, Mikage and Tomomi ask Kurashige if he ever saw this woman there. He hadn't. They're confused at this, but quickly change the topic, opening the window and commenting on the wonderful weather they have now.

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