Miracle Girls episode 26

Episode Title
Watashi, tenkou shimasu
[Me, Change Schools]
Air Date
  • Summary by George Robbert, 1994.10.05
Tomomi is playing in a volleyball tournament at school. She is doing well, the star player on her team. Noda and Yamagishi are cheering on from the stands. A girl beside them with a bandaged hand, Ryouko, comments that the team isn't suffering without her because Tomomi is so good.

Tomomi's team wins the game and head out of the gym. She pauses on the way out to talk to Noda who's still in the stands. As she heads for the locker rooms, he's surprised to see a guy walk after her. This fellow stops her in the hall, ``You're Matsunaga Tomomi, aren't you?'' He introduces himself as Takeda from Kanaria Women's Academy. Tomomi recognizes this as the number one school in volleyball. He's interested in scouting her for their team. Needless to say, she's surprised.

Tomomi runs home, excited. She finds Mikage making a complete mess in the kitchen. She's baking cookies for Kurashige-sempai, and offers some to a hungry Tomomi. She then imagines how pleased Kurashige will be to get them, acting out the scene where she gives them to him, including his telling her that she'll make a good wife. Tomomi tries a cookie and finds that they're far from the best tasting, a fact that she doesn't tell her sister. She then drops the bombshell that she's been scouted for volleyball.

Meanwhile Ryouko calls Noda on the telephone shocking him with the same news. She adds that the whole team saw this.

As Mikage packs the cookies in a pretty box, the twins talk about Tomomi's skill at volleyball and the opportunities that this offers. After all, Kanaria is the number one volleyball school. Mikage asks if Tomomi's going to go, and when she equivocates, teases her about wanting to be with ``someone.'' Of course, this embarrasses Tomomi. Mikage goes back to the cookies and wonders if Sempai will like them. Tomomi declines to answer.

As they walk to school the next day, several people congratulate Tomomi as they pass her. Ryouko does so too, and Tomomi so surprised that she found out about her being scouted. She is further disconcerted when the entire class applauds as she enters. Yamagishi introduces her as an Olympic bound athlete and imitates a news interview. ``How did you feel when you were first scouted? Are you going to go?'' Tomomi doesn't have an answer.

At volleyball practice that day, a large crowd has gathered to watch Tomomi play. Ryouko and Reiko are happy at her success. After the game, her coach calls Tomomi over to the side. Takeda is there and wants to talk to her. The coach leads them to a room where she and Takeda can talk. He apologizes that she must be tired and asks if she's thought about his offer overnight. He talks about the advantages of going to Kanaria and adds that it's not just for her own sake that she should go. He's looking forward to hearing her response.

Tomomi walks home that evening, uncertain what to do about recent events. She is happy to see Noda who is practicing track and goes to talk to him. They chat a bit and he complements her determination in sports, saying it's really good to see her playing volleyball. This hits her hard as he runs off to continue practicing. Standing there, alone, she wonders what she should do, frowns, then reaches a decision.

Noda and Yamagishi are sharing a snack at a local burger joint. They comment how this is a great opportunity for Tomomi, though Noda doesn't act like he's completely happy. Mikage runs up and asks them if they've know whats going on. She wonders how Noda could compliment Tomomi on going to Kanaria Women's Academy. This surprises Noda.

At school, Tomomi talks some more with Takeda. As she heads home, she runs into Mikage who's waiting for her. Mikage asks about her ``surprising decision.'' Tomomi replies that they really do have better facilities at Kanaria among other things. ``Anyway Takeda-san was waiting for my response.'' Mikage asks if it is really ok, ``are you going to give up Noda like that?'' ``I don't have a relationship with Noda-kun,'' replies Tomomi. ``I've already decided.'' And with that she runs off.

That evening, Tomomi is running around cleaning the entire house. She knocks over some boxes and stops to check what is in them. It's her sailor-suit uniform from her old Junior High school. She remembers back to the events that brought her here.

Tomomi came home from Junior High and found a distraught Mikage crying on the floor. Mikage begged Tomomi to trade places with her and go to her school since she had to participate in the athletic festival. [Mikage is terrible at athletics.] They try changing clothes. Tomomi isn't sure if this will work, but agrees to try when Mikage starts to cry again, mumbling about not wanting to have to run with some guy named Noda. Mikage, now happy, pulls out a wig so Tomomi will have long hair like her.

Mikage then showed Tomomi some pictures of her classmates that Tomomi ought to know to pull off this deception. One of them attracts Tomomi's attention. Mikage identifies it as ``the jerk Noda Yuuya.'' She can't stand him, and he's also on the track team.

Tomomi (as Mikage) is walking down the hall at school. She's embarrassed since she's never been at a school with so many boys. She looks out the window and watches some guys playing basketball. One of the fellows is really good at it, making several shots. She enjoys watching the game, suggests the path past the defenders to him, and cheers his good shot. Hearing this he looks up to see who it was. They see each other and she ducks down below the window, embarrassed. She realizes that this fellow is Noda Yuuya.

At home, the twins are back in their own clothes. Mikage comes over and asks how it went; ok. She notices that Tomomi is studying and comments that this is not like her. Tomomi equivocates and lets slip that she has to study to be able to go to the same school as Noda like she wants to. This really surprises Mikage. The flashback ends with Tomomi looking at the old uniform she is holding.

The next day, Tomomi meets Ryouko by the shoe lockers. Tomomi is carrying an envelope. Ryouko congratulates her on her success, and comments that it's going to be lonely around here without her. Tomomi looks like she might be too.

Mikage is visiting Kurashige at the hospital again, sitting together on a bench outside. She tells him about Tomomi being scouted, all that's happened and wonders about Noda.

Tomomi walks home from school that evening looking sad about leaving. She sees Noda practicing track, but deliberately ignores him and walks on, not wanting to talk to him then. He's surprised at her reaction.

At home, Tomomi is lying on her bed playing with a volleyball when Mikage comes in. She asks her if this is really what she wants. Tomomi replies that it can't be helped. It's all done anyway. Mikage replies that there's still one thing left to do. They link fingers and Mikage helps Tomomi teleport to Noda.

Tomomi meets him near the school entrance. He comments that this is the same place where the high school entrance exam results were posted. They remember how happy they were that she got into the same school. He notices the envelope she's carrying asks if she really is doing it. Tomomi replies, ``Yes, even you were in favor of my doing so.'' He denies that he ever did so. When she points out his comment on volleyball, he replies that he really was talking about her playing volleyball here. They both pause and just look at each other silently. Tomomi then tears the envelope into little shreds. Noda wonders what she's doing, but she says ``it's ok,'' smiles and lets the wind carry off the fragments. A big smile fills her face, as she says ``I like the school I'm in now.''

The episode closes with Tomomi playing another volleyball game for them. Noda and friends are cheering her on from the stands, and Tomomi is happy have decided to stay here and to be here with him (so is he).

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