Miracle Girls episode 27

Episode title
Yakyuu de miracle
[Miracle at Baseball]
Air date
  • Summary by George Robbert, 1994.10.03
When the bell rings at the end of school, Noda rushes out and away ignoring even Tomomi's cries to wait. She wonders where he's going. Yamagishi doesn't know why, but speculates that he may be going to see someone he likes. He then suggests that Tomomi go on a date with him, but she's already gone by the time he finishes the sentence.

Tomomi runs to find Mikage by the shoe lockers. She asks for help and gets reluctant agreement. They teleport to wherever Noda is. Mikage is not pleased at all to appear in a very dusty shed. The two girls emerge coughing while Mikage berates her sister's aim. Tomomi isn't too pleased on the location either.

They find themselves at a baseball field. As they're trying to figure out why they appeared here, someone cries, ``Look out,'' and a baseball heads toward them. Tomomi catches it and Mikage berates the hitter for not paying better attention. Both Matsunagas are surprised to find Noda here coaching a kids' baseball team. They're called the ``Miracle Boys,'' but are obviously neither very skilled nor motivated.

While the girls talk to Noda about why he's coaching these kids, the boys take a break from practice since he's not watching. Noticing that they've stopped, Noda tells them to resume practice, but they don't. Mikage understands their lack of interest in exerting themselves. Then one of the kid's watch beeps and he gets up, commenting that he has to leave for juku. The rest of the team gets up and says they do too. As the boys walk off, Noda yells after them, not pleased at being deserted by his team.

That night, Tomomi and Mikage are talking about these events as they lie in bed. Tomomi decides to help coach, maybe having just one person do so isn't enough. Mikage says the boys are bad enough that one or two people won't help. Tomomi points out that Mikage just volunteered to help too (to her chagrin).

The next practice, Noda is surprised when when Tomomi shows up and begins exhorting the team as well. Mikage is even there with her computer. She uses it to teach one of the boys the correct batting stance and grip. Noda is pleased to have this help.

The first real game for the kids finally comes. Mikage and Tomomi are rooting for the Miracle Boys. In fact, they are the only fans in the stands on that side. Before the game, Noda gives his team an inspirational speech, and the twins add in their say. The boys still aren't inspired though. As the game progresses, it appears that the girls coaching didn't help enough. The Miracle Boys are still playing very poorly.

They are down three runs to none going into the bottom of the ninth inning. The opposing pitcher hits the first batter with the ball thus getting the first man on base for the Miracle Boys. Tomomi cheers at even this achievement. The second batter gets hit, and gains a free base too. The third man up isn't hit, but four balls give him a walk.

The catcher has had enough by now and goes out to have a talk with his pitcher. When he demands to know what the pitcher is doing, he replies that he wanted a little more challenge, so he loaded the bases. Now he's going to retire the next three batters without a hit.

Things look like they're going according to his plan as the next two batters are down with three strikes each. The next batter comes up, knowing what his two predecessors faced. Mikage and Tomomi grab each others hands and hope. Their flower's start to glow too. Amazingly enough, the kid manages to get a hit, a high fly ball toward the outfield. Unfortunately, it is heading straight for a fielders glove and the third out. Surprisingly, the ball deviates from its path and the fielder misses it. The Miracle Boys can run and show this ability in rounding the bases. Amazingly, the ball seems to take a life of its own evading the fielder's attempts to pick it up until the last man is headed for home. He makes it there before the ball, giving the Miracle Boys 4 runs and the game. Tomomi is overjoyed and runs down to rejoice with the boys (who are jumping around in glee). Mikage is confused at these events and just stands there staring at her hand.

That night, Mikage tells Tomomi what she thinks happened there: they have the power of telekinesis. As an experiment, they try to move her alarm clock, but fail. Mikage wonders why, since they were able to move the ball this afternoon.

The next practice, the Miracle Boys aren't much more enthusiastic, though their victory gave them something to be happy about. Noda and the Matsunagas are pleased too.

The next game, the Miracle Boys are again down 3---0 in the bottom of the ninth. One of the fellows hit a long fly ball. The twins hold hands and their flowers glow. The ball moves away from the fielder trying to scoop it up, enabling the batter to get on base. ``We could do it!'' says a happy Mikage. ``Could do what?'' wonders Tomomi, and then realizes it's telekinesis. Mikage tells her not to say that out loud.

Now they try controlling the ball more. It works on the second pitch. They manage to slow the ball move the bat wildly for the batter to hit it. This continues for the next couple batters. Noda is confused as to what's happening, then he notices the twins holding hands up in the stands. The last batter manages to hit the ball out of the park, with the twins help of course. The Miracle Boys run the bases and again win the game. ``We did it!'' the girls cheer. Mikage figures they know how to play with the ball's speed now.

The boys are happy to have won as are Mikage and Tomomi. Noda is a bit confused. Afterwards he talks to them, asking them not to use their power to help the Miracle Boys win. Mikage doesn't want to stop, especially since they need to learn about their new power, but finally agrees to and runs off. Noda apologizes and tells Tomomi that it's better if the fellows exert themselves to the utmost instead of having someone else win the game for them. He understands Mikage's feelings but it is better for the boys to do it themselves with the gals only giving moral support.

The Miracle Boys continue to practice. Noda pushes them harder, even practicing in the rain. Tomomi and Mikage look on from beneath their umbrellas. Mikage still doesn't understand why they shouldn't be helping the fellows.

The next game, Mikage and Tomomi are the only people in the stands on the Miracle Boys side, as usual. Mikage laments their not being able to use their powers to help, but Tomomi insists that they shouldn't.

It seems like the boys don't really need the help this time. They are trying their hardest and actually doing some good hitting, catching and pitching. The game is fairly even, and the Miracle boys are only down 6---4 in the bottom of the ninth. As the last batter steps up to the plate (with a chance of either winning or losing the game) Mikage holds up her finger and begs Tomomi to use their powers just this once. Tomomi isn't sure and hesitates. She has raised her finger when the guy gets a hit. As it's another long fly ball, Mikage urges Tomomi to help. She doesn't and the fellow is caught out. Thus they lose this game.

Mikage is disappointed about this, but Tomomi isn't. The boys gather around Noda, hanging their heads. They then pull themselves together and resolve to practice harder. They didn't lose by much, maybe if they work hard, they can get on TV. Noda looks up at Tomomi, winks and gives her a thumbs up.

That evening, Noda leaves the stadium and finds Tomomi and Mikage waiting for him outside. He asks if they used their power this time. They reply that they couldn't today. To show this, they try to move a piece of paper on the ground. It wiggles and moves, but it is only the wind blowing it away.

Tomomi is content about not being able to do telekinesis, but Mikage still would like to. Leaving her behind, Noda and Tomomi run off for some ice cream forcing her to chase after them. After she leaves, a pile of bases and other baseball equipment falls down. Apparently the twins had succeeded in using their telekinesis.

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