Miracle Girls episode 28

Episode title
Onna no tatakai!! Watashi no kachi yo
[A Women's Contest!! It's My Victory!]
Air date
  • Synopsis by George Robbert, 1994.10.14
Tomomi is studying for the algebra test tomorrow. She's having a hard time and finally goes to ask Mikage for help. She's asleep. Mikage would rather sleep than study (since she doesn't need to). With some clever words about Kurashige's upcoming release from the hospital, Tomomi finally convinces Mikage to help her with studying.

Daijouji is also sitting at home studying hard. In front of her is a graph of her and Mikage's performance. She's always lower. She sets a fiery resolve not to be beaten by Mikage this time.

The next day at school, the tests are passed out. Tomomi is happy to find this is what she studied with Mikage last night, then realizes that she doesn't remember it. She telepathically asks Mikage for help, but is told to do the test herself.

Kageura announces that there are 5 minutes left in the test. Mikage then gets up, gives her test to an impressed Kageura and leaves. Daijouji doesn't like this, works really hard and also manages to finish a bit early. Mikage is in the hall looking out the window. Daijouji comes up and yells her about finishing early, adding that she won't let Mikage defeat her.

The next test, Daijouji manages to finish before Mikage. She hands the test to Kageura who is impressed with her finishing 10 minutes early. He then points out that she forgot to write her name on the test. She's horrified and ashamed; the rest of the class is amused.

After school Mikage is in good spirits while Tomomi's are low. Mikage talks about going to the ocean this summer vacation. She points out that Noda and Kurashige-sempai can come along too. Tomomi likes this and mentions she should ask when she visits the hospital today. As they're talking, Daijouji comes up, walks between them, and tells Mikage she'll lose tomorrow on the English test. The twins are taken aback and a bit confused. Mikage asks for help in looking for a present for Sempai. She drags Tomomi off to look, ignoring her protests that she has to study. Daijouji is surprised at this. She follows the two to a flower shop where they are complaining about the price. She spys on them, figures that they must be studying flower names, and looks for that notebook. When the twins walk off and turn down an alley. Daijouji follows, only to find an that the alley is a dead end with no-one in it.

The twins teleport into their room. Tomomi is worried about the test tomorrow. An unconcerned Mikage goes off to make supper and to make something tasty for Sempai. At home, Daijouji takes a cold bath to strengthen her will for the test tomorrow.

Tomomi has been studying during the whole meal, while Mikage hasn't bothered to at all. After finishing dessert, a sleepy Mikage heads off for bed and asks Tomomi to take care of the rest of the meal Tomomi protests being deserted like this.

The next day Daijouji finds she studied for the wrong test. After school, Mikage asks Tomomi how she did on the English test. Not at all good. Mikage again drags her off to help pick something out for Sempai. This time, Tomomi finds a back scratcher at a little shop. Mikage thinks this is the perfect gift. Daijouji is again spying on them. She sees them walk behind a truck and not appear out the other side. Going to look behind the truck, she finds no-one. This is to much so she pulls out her cards and starts studying.

At the end of the next test, Kageura picks up Mikage's paper and complements her on a perfect score. Daijouji is not pleased at this at all and complains to Kageura. When all is done, Daijouji comes over to Mikage's desk and starts berating her. Mikage is distracted by Tomomi telepathically asking her if she's ready to go visit Sempai at the hospital today. Daijouji does not take Mikage's distraction by this too well, assuming that she is snubbing her. Tomomi mentions that Noda's coming too and asks when Mikage's coming. She quickly excuses herself and runs off past a frustrated and mad Daijouji.

That night while studying, Daijouji throws a pencil like a dart at a picture of Mikage she has in her room. She's already doctored the picture to look more the way she wishes. Daijouji is horrified the next day at school when the test results are posted. Mikage has again gotten the top grade in the school. Noda notices this and Tomomi adds she didn't study any at home. Daijouji yells at her and storms away. Everyone else there is confused at her behavior.

After school, Mikage is walking to the hospital to visit Kurashige. Daijouji follows her, and wonders why she's going to a hospital. She peeks in the door and sees Mikage with Kurashige-sempai. She gave him something to eat and he slipped mentioning it tasted better than last time. Unfortunately `last time' was something Mikage made herself. Kurashige is enough of a diplomat to smooth things over with Mikage.

Daijouji gets an idea. At home she finds and puts on a dress, lets down her hair, puts on some lipstick and takes off her glasses. She looks a lot more attractive this way, and resolves to steal Kurashige's heart. Walking out she runs painfully into the door, proving how much she needs her glasses.

She finds Kurashige's hospital room and enters. When he asks, she introduces herself as Daijouji Rumiko who's in the same class as Mikage. Kurashige comments that he thought she always wore glasses; without them she looks different.

She heads over to his bed, but trips on a stool in the way. On the floor she sees a fuzzy spot which she resolves into a cockroach. She runs screaming under the bed covers as Kurashige yells about his leg. He wonders what she's scared of and points out that it's only a bottle cap. She sticks her head out, puts on her glasses and laughs, embarrassed, when she finds he's right. She takes the glasses off again and tells Kurashige, ``I like you, I love you. Please understand my feelings.'' ``I want you to understand my feelings too,'' Kurashige responds. ``Please get off my leg and the bed.''

The next day at school, Mikage is talking telepathically with Tomomi when Daijouji comes up and shows her a picture of herself and Kurashige together yesterday. She lets down her hair, takes off her glasses and gloats about also being attractive, then gives Mikage the photograph and runs off. Mikage is both mad and worried. She runs to Tomomi and explains what's happened and that Daijouji looks very attractive that way. ``This is terrible.''

That day Daijouji brings Kurashige some flowers and is ready to get him released. She moves to help him change when Mikage, Tomomi and Noda come in. Mikage's carrying a present for Sempai. They enter the room and find Daijouji in the midst of undressing him. He says it's all a mistake, and tries to explain. The two girls start to argue and Daijouji claims it's better for him to leave alone with her.

Just then a car honks outside, and Daijouji explains that it's from her dad's company. She starts hauling Kurashige toward the wheelchair. Mikage tries to stop her, but this makes her drop his leg. His broken leg hitting the floor doesn't feel good. After this, Daijouji is still able to wheel him out in the chair, cackling in her usual fashion.

As the three stand there, left behind. Tomomi asks Mikage how she feels about this. She replies she's happy that Sempai can get out of the hospital, forcing herself to be cheery.

In the car driving away, Kurashige is quiet. Daijouji wants to take him to her home. He speaks, wanting to clear things up. He doesn't love her and asks her to stop. It's Mikage that he loves, and she's the only one for him. ``If that's the case,'' says Daijouji, ``get out of the car.''

Noda, Tomomi and Mikage are at the hospital entrance when a taxi drives up and Kurashige gets out. Noda goes over and helps him stand. Kurashige apologizes to Mikage about having to be released again. Her eyes fill with tears and she drops her present. Tomomi picks it up and gives it to Kurashige, explaining that it's for him from Mikage. He opens it up, and Noda is confused about why Mikage would give him a back scratcher. Kurashige smiles, and shows why it's a good present by pulling up his pants leg and using it to scratch inside his cast. Mikage is overjoyed that he likes it as tears stream down her face.

The next day, Kageura hands out the grades. Daijouji rejoices at finally beating Mikage.

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