Miracle Girls episode 29

Episode title
Yuurei ha osuki?
[Do You Like Ghosts?]
Air date
  • Summary by George Robbert, 1994.09.29
Mikage is having problems with her hair. She washed it and, even with a dryer, it won't behave. Tomomi comes in and complains about always having to wait for her, to which Mikage replies that she doesn't understand. Tomomi claims to, and disconcerts Mikage by imitating how much she loves Kurashige, and what she might say. She ends with, ``This is a party to celebrate his full recovery. Today will be your chance.''

Mikage is hurriedly packing some bags from the refrigerator while Tomomi waits. When she is finished, Mikage runs outside, late again. As they argue, Mikage, being in a hurry, grabs Tomomi's little finger and the two teleport off.

Kurashige and Noda are sitting by a fountain, waiting for the twins to show up. The girls appear in the tree above them showering them with the food in the bags. Noda and Kurashige are barely surprised by this. Tomomi berates Mikage for her impulsiveness and rushing.

As the walk to the taxi they flagged and ride off in it, Mikage is worried about Kurashige's leg and if it will be all right. He says it will, adding that he won't have any problems overseas. This idea doesn't exactly cheer up Mikage.

Their destination is a large mansion owned by Yamagishi's aunt. Noda says that she plans to turn this into a restaurant. They arrive, and Yamagishi calls them inside. Kurashige comments that this will make a nice restaurant. When Tomomi asks who lived here, Yamagishi points out a portrait of an Englishman on the wall. It's about 100 years old, and is of the former owner of the house.

After Mikage (only) hears the chandelier rattle, Yamagishi tells them that no-one lives here now, but the house does have a ghost in it. The twins don't believe him, so he tells the story. An English Baron, the one in the portrait, fell in love with a Japanese girl. After a while, he proposed and gave her a rose in promise. She accepted. On the day of their wedding, the rose of his happiness shattered. She didn't become his bride, since her parents, who were opposed to the marriage, locked her up. At this point, Mikage hears a man laughing, although no-one else does.

The five climb the creaking stairs to the second floor, and at Mikage's prompting, Yamagishi continues the story. It is said that the Baron entered a room up here and shot himself. Yamagishi shows them the room. It was the girl's room and still has her wedding dress set up in it. His spirit is still waiting in the house for his bride to come. Mikage hears a man's voice say that this is his beloved. Everyone else laughs at her for this.

Later, they are all outside building something out of bricks they have collected. They discuss this old place and the legend of the ghost as they work. Noda and Yamagishi bring up the last of the bricks and Tomomi comments that she forgot desert and runs off. Noda and Yamagishi join her and they share a laugh at their idea. Mikage isn't pleased about being left with the rest of the work.

Kurashige and Mikage continue the work. Their hands touch as they both reach for the same brick, embarrassing both of them. Kurashige changes the subject, commenting that when he goes back overseas this time he thinks he'd like to visit Ireland. Lately he's developed an interest in Irish culture. Mikage asks when he's going to go back. Unfortunately for her, it's going to be soon.

Mikage hears the same mysterious man's voice commenting, ``a lonely hearted girl,'' and a glass on a nearby table shatters. She runs inside to find no-one there. Running upstairs, she hears laughter and the doors in the hall start opening and shutting by themselves. ``Cut It Out!'' she yells. A ghostly voice moans and laughs in answer.

This is to much and she runs off screaming. She is further frightened when a hand reaches out and grabs her. Fortunately it is Kurashige. They hear a gunshot and head back upstairs to investigate. The door to the room with the wedding dress opens of it's own accord. They look in, and Kurashige asks, ``Who's there?'' while Mikage clings to him for comfort. A ghostly laugh replies They turn around to find an Englishman standing in the doorway. Mikage screams and the door slams.

The Englishman turns out to be Noda, in costume. Tomomi and Yamagishi pop out of hiding and enjoy the joke then move to listen at the door. Tomomi comments that she wanted to give these two a good start. When the stairs start creaking again, Tomomi asks Yamagishi if the tape is still running. They see a man ascending the stairs, freeze and scream. It's the Baron from the portrait.

Meanwhile, in the girl's room, Mikage is petrified. She asks Kurashige if he saw the ghost too. He did. He puts his arm around her, reassuring her, ``It's ok. I'm here. Don't be scared.'' This makes her feel much better, but a spider dropping down on the end of a string is too much. She runs off screaming, and sets off a tape recorder of ghostly sounds. In her stumbling, a bucket falls off a beam above her and lands over her head.

On the stairs, Tomomi and the two guys cower in fear from the oncoming ghost. Mikage runs around, crying, unable to see where she is going. When she collapses in tears, Kurashige tenderly takes the bucket off her head. His first reaction is to laugh at the dirt on her face. This doesn't exactly make her feel better, especially since she doesn't know what he's laughing at. As the ghost reaches the frightened three in the hall, it fades and vanishes.

Back in the room, Kurashige shows Mikage the tape recorder and remote switch to turn it on. She's not at all pleased at this trick being played on her. At this point, the other three enter. ``It's a ghost,'' says the frightened Noda. He then realizes this wasn't the best thing to say. Mikage does to. Furious at being tricked, she runs over, attacks him, and tears his sleeve off in her anger. He's upset since this was a borrowed outfit.

Mikage starts telling them all off, but stops when she notices her dirty face. She's stricken at appearing less than her most attractive in front of Kurashige. She tells them, ``I hate you all!'' and runs off to wash her face. Noda is amused at this, but Kurashige comments that he understands how a dirty face could be frightening to Mikage, even though it is a tad childish. Tomomi then realizes that Mikage doesn't know about the real ghost.

Mikage is in the bathroom washing her face. This seems to improve her mood some. A towel floats up for her to dry with and she thanks whoever handed it to her. The ghost appears commenting, ``A lonely hearted girl.'' Mikage sees him and angrily throws the towel at ``Noda.'' It passes right through him. ``I've been waiting for you, my beloved,'' he says.

This is to much for Mikage who screams and runs off. As she's running she talks telepathically with Tomomi who tells her this is the real ghost. Tomomi then tells the fellows that Mikage is with the real ghost, and they run off to help.

Mikage collapses in the parlor to rest. She doesn't get a chance, since the ghost appears above the chandelier and jumps down in front of her. She can't escape through the French doors since they are locked. ``Won't you be my bride?'' he asks her. ``I am filled with your love.'' She stammers, and as he continues to speak, tries to run away. Unfortunately, she trips on a chair and falls against a cabinet. Petals from the roses in the vase on it fall down and cover her.

Kurashige and the others are descending the stairs. Tomomi and Noda tell him not to overdo things because of his leg. He claims to be ok, and comments that what they did earlier was for his and Mikage's sake. This surprises Noda and Tomomi.

Mikage awakes to the sound of water dripping. She finds herself in a strange and fancy bed. The ghost is standing there and water is dripping from his missing right hand. He holds up a rose to Mikage. She is surprised that it is for her.

Kurashige comes into the parlor looking for her and sees the flower petals on the floor. He hears the ghost's voice coming from the next room and wonders about it. The ghost continues presenting the rose to Mikage and says, ``When I discovered the maiden I gave this flower to I again revived. It is my eternal love that called me forth from the grave because of your love for me.''

Mikage moves to take the rose, and we see an image of her in the wedding dress standing beside the Baron. Kurashige pounds on the door, yelling for her. This apparently gets through, since she stops reaching for the flower and tells the ghost, ``I'm sorry. I really love Sempai.'' She then runs to the door and tries to get out, yelling to Sempai that she's here. She begs the ghost to let her out when the door won't open, but he refuses, explaining, ``You are mine.''

As Kurashige pounds on the door and Mikage retreats, the ghost advances, continuing to try to persuade her. She falls through the doors out onto the balcony. The ghost tells her she will forget ``that fellow,'' but Mikage denies that she ever will. Kurashige sees them out there and switches to pounding on the French doors. Mikage begs him to help. He tries to break through them with a chair, but it shatters and lightning runs around the window frame; the ghost is keeping him away. Kurashige tells Mikage that he'll come to her aid and heads off downstairs. His injured leg gives out as he is descending and he painfully falls the rest of the way.

The ghost continues advancing on Mikage, continuing to try to persuade her to love him. Mikage begs him to stop, but he refuses, adding, ``that fellow isn't coming.'' She continues to claim he will. Mikage keeps backing away from the ghost and ends up against the balcony rail. He continues to advance on her, saying, ``Your heart, body, and life are entirely mine.'' As she leans against the rail, it breaks and Mikage falls. Kurashige has just come outside, takes a running leap and catches her. The two fall, and roll off across the lawn in each other's arms.

Seeing that Mikage has gone from him and is with the man she loves, the ghost screams in frustration and explodes into nothingness.

Tomomi and the other fellows run up and ask if the two of them are ok. While they continue to hold each other, Kurashige first asks Mikage if she is. After finding out that he is, Mikage herself is ok, and is also content to remain in his arms.

Tomomi looks at the couple and comments, ``After all, it is something of love...'' Noda has to agree, and they share a laugh.

Left alone on the balcony, the rose sheds it's petals and they blow away on the summer wind.

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