Miracle Girls episode 30

Episode title
Kisekiha futaride
Air date
Koino Mirai (Garden)
Guest Voice Actors
Liz (Touma Yumi)
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.09.09
  • [There is a new OP song and OP animation. Tomomi, Mikage, Noda, and Kurashige in many different clothes dancing around. They end up wearing wedding clothes. Also there's a scene where Kageura has a bomb explode in his hands. In the pictures of Tomomi and Mikage, for just a couple frames. (You can see it by advancing the frames slowly.)]
It was summer vacation. Tomomi woke up to her alarm clock. Mikage was still sleeping. Then Tomomi reminded Mikage (via telepathy) that Kurashige was going to be at school. Mikage got up immediately and rushed down to take a shower, past Tomomi who was about to go in herself.

When Mikage was in the show, she apologized to Tomomi via telepathy.

At Kageura's house, Kageura was eating breakfast as Rika (his wife) was looking at advertisements for houses. Kageura was thinking about finding out the secret of the Matsunaga girls. Kageura told Rika that he would become famous one day.

Rika wasn't acting the same as she usually did. Kageura asked what was wrong, but she didn't say anything. After Kageura left for school, Rika said, "I'm sorry Shin-chan."

Tomomi and Mikage arrived at school early. They found out that the door to the science building was locked. Tomomi said that they should just wait for Kageura, but Mikage stuck out her pinky. She said that nobody was watching. Tomomi reluctantly agreed, and they teleported.

[During the teleportation, they played the ED music in the background.]

Noda and Kurashige arrived just in time to see Tomomi and Mikage disappear. Then Tomomi and Mikage opened the upstairs window. Kageura appeared and yelled at them. He asked how they got in, as he said that he was the only one with keys. Noda said that maybe he had forgotten to lock the door. But Kageura said that he had locked the door himself. Then Kurashige said "Hi" to him and dragged him away. Kageura went away saying that he had to check up on the Matsunaga girls.

Later while they were doing chemistry experiments, Mikage asked Kurashige what he was going to do during the rest of summer vacation. Kurashige said that since his leg was now fixed, it might be fun to go to his summer house with Noda and the Matsunaga girls. Mikage was very happy.

Then Kageura came up to them and asked Mikage how she got in that morning. Mikage told him to stop bothering her and continued with her chemistry experiment. Then Kurashige told Kageura that he should get away as soon as possible. Mikage's formula was starting to bubble. Mikage and Kurashige both got up and ran away. Then the beaker exploded in Kageura's face.

Meanwhile Noda and Tomomi were at track practice. Noda warned Tomomi about using their power too much. Tomomi said that she understood. Then Noda said that he was hungry. Tomomi said that she had made something special for him. When Noda asked if it was edible, Tomomi remembered that she had forgotten the lunch.

Kageura was sitting outside and was about to eat his lunch. Then he heard some voices behind him. It was Tomomi and Mikage. Both of them had forgotten their lunches. They said that there was no other way, so they teleported home. Then they teleported back with their lunch boxes.

Kageura was in the bushes and saw the whole thing. He was shocked, and said to himself, "I saw it. That was teleportation." Then Kageura started laughing. He knew that the Matsunaga girls were real espers.

Kageura ran home to tell his wife. He was thinking that it was the step for him to become rich and famous. But when Kageura got home, Rika wasn't there. He just found a letter on the kitchen table. "I love you Shin-chan, who is always chasing dreams. But I'm a little uncertain at a husband who is chasing dreams. Please give me some time to consider my future. Rika." Kageura was shocked.

Later that evening when Tomomi and Mikage's mother came home from work, she ate some of Tomomi's food. Tomomi said that she had made some for her. Mikage complained that mother made them do all of the housework. Tomomi said that she might write a letter to their father telling him this. Then mother said that the girls weren't cute. She took out two presents that she had bought, and said that she might not give it to them. But Tomomi and Mikage quickly went to get the gifts. It was a pair of rings with a pretty stone inside. Mother said that the stone used to be one stone, but it was cut into two. When she heard it, she thought it fit her daughters perfectly. It was said that the stone also had some power to call happiness.

But Mikage was still upset at having to do all of the housework. Then mother said, "Shut up. Isn't Tomomi doing it all anyways?"
Mikage said, "No. I'm helping out. Right Tomomi?"
Tomomi said, "Really? Is that so?"

Meanwhile Kageura was sitting by himself on a park bench. He was crying and couldn't understand it. Then he thought that if he could catch the Matsunaga girls in action, he wold be come famous and Rika would come back to him. He said that all he needed was the evidence.

Kageura called Mikage. He told her that he had Kurashige's wristwatch, that he had forgotten. Mikage said that she would go pick it up.

Kageura waited for Mikage to teleport there. But Mikage ran.

When Mikage got to the science building, she just went to the empty room. Then Kageura snuck up and locked the door shut, locking Mikage inside.

Meanwhile Tomomi had just come out of the shower. She asked her mother about Mikage, and mother told her that Mikage had gotten a phone call from Kageura and left. Then Tomomi got a telepathic message from Mikage. Mikage said, "Help! Tomomi help!"

Mikage kept banging on the door and yelling. Kageura was waiting outside of the room with a video camera. He wanted Mikage to teleport.

Tomomi ran out of the house. Just as she was getting into the train station, Noda (who had just come out of a rental video store) spotted her.

Mikage was still pounding on the door. When she stopped, Kageura thought that she had teleported somewhere else. So he ran outside.

Then Tomomi arrived. Tomomi saw that the door was locked, so she went to call someone for help.

When Tomomi was running around, Kageura spotted her and yelled at her. Mikage heard Kageura's voice and yelled at him. Then she accidently knocked over some papers, which caught on fire. (Mikage had lit up a burner for light.)

Tomomi ran into Noda and Kurashige outside. They all saw the fire in the science building. Kageura saw it too, and thought it was a great chance for him to see the teleportation.

Mikage climbed up through the attic and escaped to another room. But she fell down and got knocked out. Tomomi, Noda, and Kurashige were looking for Mikage. Tomomi tried telepathy, but there was no answer.

Kageura was still outside wondering why Mikage didn't teleport.

Tomomi started choking in the smoke. Kurashige told Noda to take Tomomi outside. He said he would look for Mikage by himself. But Tomomi said that she had to find Mikage herself. She tried telepathy again. Then the ring gave off some light. Mikage got some strength and regained consciousness. Mikage was lying in the lab, and called Tomomi. Tomomi, Noda, and Kurashige ran to Mikage.

Just when they got to her, the ceiling above Mikage gave way because of the flames. Noda and Kurashige rushed to catch the wood. Tomomi dove for Mikage. Then Tomomi and Mikage's fingers touched and they teleported away.

They appeared right behind Kageura outside, but Kageura didn't notice them. Kageura couldn't wait any longer and started to go to the building to save Mikage. But Tomomi and Mikage grabbed his clothes. Kageura was very relieved and happy to see the girls.

Then Kageura asked how the girls got there. He said that they must have teleported. Tomomi and Mikage denied it. But Kageura told them that he saw them teleport earlier that day during lunch. Tomomi and Mikage were shocked. Then Noda came and was about to punch Kageura. But the principal came and yelled at Kageura. When Kageura got pulled away, Noda missed and punched the tree, hurting his hand.

As Kageura was getting pulled away, he said to the girls that he wasn't going to give up.

[The CM breaks use animation. SD Tomomi, Mikage, Noda, and Kurashige.]

[There is a new ED animation, with the same song.]

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