Miracle Girls episode 31

Episode title
Hoshi sango no yoru
[The Night of Star Coral]
Air date
  • Synopsis by George Robbert, 1994.10.14
Mikage and Tomomi are walking down a country road. Mikage stops and puts down her bag, exhausted. Tomomi encourages her along, mentioning that they'll meet Kurashige in just a little bit.. When even this doesn't encourage Mikage, she comments, ``If you don't hurry, summer vacation will be over soon.'' As they are talking, a limousine drives by. Mikage isn't pleased at the cloud of dust it raised.

Inside the car, the driver is talking to his passengers in the back seat, Takamura Masaki and his sister Nana. He says they'll be there soon, and adds that it's been a long time since they've been to this summer house. Nana's asleep, but Takamura comments that since they're coming here they should meet someone.

Mikage is tired of walking, and convinces Tomomi to take the quick route. They link fingers and teleport off. With their bad aim, they appear just off the balcony of the lodge they're heading for. To make matters worse, they fall several feet to the ground and land on top of Noda. Tomomi is worried that they might have hurt Noda, while Mikage is worried about looking foolish in front of Kurashige, who is also there. The fellows remind the twins that their powers are secret, and teleporting around like this isn't the way to keep them so.

As if on cue, Kageura-sensei appears, carrying a huge backpack, surprising everyone. He says he was looking for them and is happy to be able to stay at Kurashige's place too. When asked, he claims to be here to do some various research for a university, but Mikage figures, correctly, that he's trying to get evidence of their powers. Tomomi wonders what they should do, as does Noda. Kurashige points out that it will all be fine if they don't use their powers, and the gals agree. Kageura moves into a room and starts unpacking. He looks at a picture of Rika, and asks her to please wait for him.

Downstairs, Tomomi is very impressed by some Star Coral displayed over the fireplace. It is a brilliant red and blue coral that sparkles like stars. Kurashige explains what it is and says that in days gone by there used to be a lot of it in the ocean around here. Tomomi comments that she'd like some, but Noda counters that the abundance Kurashige mentioned was long ago. He then suggests that they all go swimming.

Everyone heads off to the beach to have fun. Kageura notices them heading there and his happy; opportunity has presented itself. While Kurashige sits on the beach relaxing, the others enjoy the water. Mikage is out floating in a life preserver, while the more athletic Noda and Tomomi do without. As she is floating, Mikage notices a fancy mansion atop the cliff overlooking the ocean and wonders who lives there. In a nearby hidden cove, Kageura puts together a bunch of electronic gear in his rowboat. Tomomi decides to have some fun and starts towing her protesting sister further out to sea.

In the mansion, Takamura is sitting looking out a window, watching everyone have fun in the water. As he watches, a spoon floats by his ear. This drops into his hand when the butler (who was driving the limousine before) knocks and comes to pick up the dishes from his afternoon tea.

Noda is swimming around looking underwater for some star coral for Tomomi. He surfaces and notices a shark fin cutting through the water headed for the twins. He heads after them yelling their names. Kurashige notices and is also worried. The twins notice that the shark is headed for them, and Tomomi makes her best speed towing Mikage away from it. However, it can still swim faster than she can. It turns out the shark is mechanical and Kageura is controlling it by radio from his rowboat. He has a video camera and hopes to capture evidence of the twins' powers.

As the shark closes, Tomomi notices the radio antenna on the shark and Kageura in his boat. Just as the shark is about to get them, instead of teleporting like Kageura wants them to, Tomomi takes Mikage's ring and puts it over the shark's head. This breaks off the antenna for radio-control of the shark. Having lost it's controller, it pauses, flips and heads back toward Kageura at full speed. He desperately tries to control it, but it rams his boat with a big explosion

Takamura has been watching this whole incident from his window. Nana comes in and interrupts him, asking him to dinner.

Deprived of her floatation ring, Mikage shows that she is neither a good swimmer nor courageous about it. As she thrashes about, Tomomi tries to calm her and holds out her hand suggesting that they teleport back to the beach where it's safe.

When Takamura turns back to the window, the twins are not where he saw them before. He is surprised to see them walk out from beneath an umbrella on the beach. Nana asks what he saw, but he replies, ``nothing.'' He comments to himself that he has found who he came here to meet.

That evening, Mikage and Kurashige quitely share some fireworks together. Kageura sits in his room, bandaging the various cuts and abrasions he got from the collision with his mechanical shark. Tomomi and Noda take a walk together down the beach. They stop and look at the stars. She comments that the stars are pretty and the wind is nice too. Tomomi also enjoys and comments on the romantic atmosphere and steps closer to Noda. ``I've always wanted to be like this. It would even be nice if summer never ended.'' Noda points out that's a stupid idea. He then realizes that he's broken the mood, and pauses, thinking that may not have been what he wanted to do. Tomomi changes the subject, noticing a piece of star coral in the sand. She picks it up to find it is only a piece of glass. ``I guess I look rather stupid,'' she says, laughs and suggests they go back. Kageura is being his usual self, spying on and listening to these two trying to get more evidence of ESP powers.

The next day, Noda is looking at the star coral above the fireplace and wondering where to find some. Kageura comes up and tells him of a cave where there is supposed to be some. When Noda goes off to look, we find that this is yet another of Kageura's many schemes.

Noda finds the cave and climbs down the rope ladder at its entrance. He looks looks around only to see the rope ladder disappear up out the entrance. He's trapped in here now, and nobody responds to his calls for help. Outside Kageura laughs to himself, now all he has to do is wait for the twins to come looking for Noda.

It is dinnertime and Tomomi asks her sister if she's seen Noda at all. Mikage figures that he's still out playing in the ocean. Tomomi is worried about him anyway, but Mikage tells her not to.

The butler comes to call Takamura for dinner. He leaves his seat by the window, where he was watching a storm build outside.

Kurashige and the twins have sat down to dinner. Mikage's earlier lack of concern about Noda has turned into irritation at his not showing up for the meal she made. Tomomi, on the other hand, is worried if he's ok. Kageura appears and says he went out to look for star coral. He urges the twins to hurry up and use their powers to go look for him. Mikage counters that, if he weren't obsessed with this, he'd still have his wife. This remark hits home.

Kageura points out that the storm outside is building dangerously. This motivates Kurashige and the twins to go out and search for Noda. They split up, Kurashige heading off in one direction and the twins in the other. Of course, Kageura sneaks out with lights and his video camera so he can capture the twins powers on videotape.

While the three searchers are trying to find Noda and calling out his name, he continues trying, unsuccessfully, to climb out of the cave. When he falls back down once, he notices that there is another passage in the cave. Following it, he discovers that it's a way out, emerging just offshore.

The storm continues building and lightning strikes a tree near the twins, frightening them both. Kageura is there and, instead of showing any concern for their safety, exhorts them to use their powers to search for Noda. They deny having any powers, but he continues, ``Hurry up! Use your powers!'' Tomomi is really worried about Noda, and figures that using their powers is the only way they will be able to save him. Mikage is still hesitant to do so, especially since Kageura is standing right there with a video camera ready.

Finally, Mikage decides to do this and holds up her finger for Tomomi so they can teleport to Noda. Just as she does, Noda comes running up, having escaped the cave on his own. Before there is time for much conversation, lighting hits the tree right by them which begins to fall. Noda jumps and pushes Tomomi out of the way, but the tree nails Kageura. After the fall, Tomomi looks around, and finds Noda, unconscious, lying next to her on the ground. She's really worried, even scared that he might be dead. She wants to take him to the hospital, but there's really no way to do so. Just then, the limousine drives up and the butler gets out.

The butler has taken them all back to the mansion. Noda is laid on one sofa while Kageura is laid on another. The twins, especially Tomomi, are worried that Noda will be ok. At this point Takamura shows up on the stairs and asks what's going on. The butler explains that he brought these injured folks here to help them. Takamura recognizes the twins from the beach and some strange looks pass between them.

The butler comes over, looks at Noda and says it's nothing to worry about. He realigns his back and Noda wakes up. To say Tomomi is relieved is a vast understatement. Noda then remembers something, pulls a couple pieces of star coral out from his pocket, winks, and gives them to Tomomi. ``Didn't you want some of this.'' He explains how he found it swimming out of the cave he was trapped in. Tomomi is overcome. She thanks Noda and collapses crying unintelligiblely into his arms. She realizes that he was out looking for this star coral all the time, and it was his doing this for her that almost got him killed. Mikage and Kurashige exchange a knowing glance, and she explains to Noda that Tomomi really thought that he was dead (and was quite upset by this). While this is going on, Kageura wakes up. He asks, ``Hey, doesn't anyone care that I'm better?'' but is still ignored.

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