Miracle Girls episode 32

Episode title
Miracle sama
Air date
  • Synopsis by George Robbert, 1994.10.19
The episode opens with a recap of events closing the previous one. Mikage and Tomomi are out looking for Noda, and Kageura is trying to get their powers on video tape. Noda arrives and lightning strikes a tree which falls falls barely missing him and Tomomi. They are all back at Takamura's mansion when he appears and notices the twins. The butler fixes Noda's back, much to Tomomi's relief --- she was worried that he might have been dead. Noda gives Tomomi the star coral he found for her and she is overcome with gratitude and relief. Takamura silently observes this whole event from is vantage point on the stairs.

The next morning, Kageura is wolfing down breakfast. He even goes as far as to take Mikage and Tomomi's food from their hands (nearly out of their mouths), offering them salad and juice instead of buttered toast and coffee. He encourages them to eat a more healthy diet, ``you've got to eat well everyday if you're going to use your powers.'' Of course they deny having any powers. Kageura counters by picking up his video camera and suggests, ``Now that you're done with this meal, why don't you teleport.'' Off to the side, Kurashige notices the twins discomfort, and points this out to Noda. Kageura continues to exhort the twins about their diet and their powers.

The butler is serving Takamura and Nana breakfast in a fancy dining room. He comments that the girls here last night were about Takamura's age. Takamura remembers seeing the twins yesterday in the water, and then on the beach after they teleported. The butler continues ``We're only here for a little while, but it might be nice if you became friends.'' Takamura agrees.

After breakfast, Tomomi and Mikage are disgusted by Kageura's continuous attempts to try and capture evidence of their powers on videotape. Noda appears on the second story balcony. He's holding a bunch of video tapes and asks Kageura what he's going to do with them. Kageura's quite concerned since these are what he plans on using to get evidence of the twins (or he has already used them for this). Noda ``accidentally'' drops the tapes and they shatter on the porch below. Kageura can't get there in time to catch any. Kurashige appears beside Noda and comments that this is terrible. He offers Kageura his condolences, and the two fellows flash a ``V'' for victory to the twins. The twins are happy for the first time today, but Kageura is crushed by his loss.

Later the twins are enjoying the beach, much happier now that Kageura is leaving them alone. Unfortunately for the fellows, he's leading Noda and Kurashige on a long hike up the road. They complain about the march, but he tells them they're young, it's for their own good and anyway it's only 5 kilometers. Mikage and Tomomi sit looking over the sea, and Tomomi comments at how romantic this must be with sempai here. Mikage is surprised, but notices that Tomomi is gazing at her star coral in her hands and has a look of pure happiness on her face. Mikage stops her teasing when they notice Takamura and Nana coming up the beach.

They meet, Tomomi thanks him for his help last night, and they all introduce themselves. Nana comments the girls have the same face with gives her a bad feeling. Mikage is upset at this, but Takamura tries to calm things over commenting that Nana is shy. Tomomi tries to help adding that kids are often this way, but Nana announces that she's not a kid. Changing the subject to something less divisive, Takamura invites the girls over for lunch. Tomomi equivocates but as Takamura expounds on the invitation Mikage quickly accepts. Takamura takes his leave and walks off with Nana. Tomomi is surprised that Mikage accepted this quickly and wonders if it will be ok. Mikage thinks it will be great. Nana and Mikage stick out their tongues at each other in parting. Tomomi is not to sure about her sister's behavior here.

We see where Kageura has taken the fellows. They come out of a store where he has purchased more video tapes to replace those that Noda broke this morning. Noda complains at the number, 80 tapes, and at the fact the he has to carry them, while Kageura is carrying nothing. Kageura just heads off at a faster pace.

Takamura is treating the twins to a very fancy lunch. As they chat, Mikage complains about Kageura: he even took the best room. Takamura is content to let the twins do most of the talking. Tomomi comments on how good the food is and laments that they must return home tomorrow. Mikage slips and mentions that Kageura is trying to discover their secret. Tomomi kicks her under the table and trys to cover up the slip while telepathically criticizing Mikage. Takamura was quick and asks what this secret is. Tomomi changes the subject commenting at what a nice place this, and he replies that it's been a long time since he's been to this house.

The three fellows are having lunch at a cafe just outside town. They comment on how good the food tastes here by the ocean, and Kageura tells them to eat as much as they want.

After lunch, Mikage and Tomomi share a walk with Takamura in the large garden. While they look at the wonderful flower beds, he uses his power to begin levitating a large bronze sculpture toward the girls. He figures that if they do have powers, this will definitely make them show it. His plan is interrupted when Nana runs up to talk to him. He puts the sculpture back and talks with Nana, pointing out that they have guests so he can't play with her now. She makes a face at the twins and runs off. Takamura apologizes for his sisters behavior, and Mikage asks him if he and Nana are the only ones in their family. They are. With a glance at each other, the twins decide that it's time to go. They thank Takamura and take their leave of him.

At the cafe, the three fellows have finished their meal. Kageura expounds on his plan for discovering the Matsunaga twin's secret powers; this will make him famous. Kurashige and Noda are not impressed by this. They're even less happy when he stiffs Kurashige with the bill for lunch.

As Mikage and Tomomi walk home, they talk about what a great meal this was and wonder what the fellows are doing right now, and hope that Kageura isn't being to difficult with them. Kageura is leading them to take a bus back home. Noda and Kurashige barely catch the bus in time, and Kageura again makes them pay their own way. Noda heads to the back of the bus where Kageura is seated. He starts to tell him off for all that he's done to them today, ``What kind of a teacher are you.'' Kageura argues back in kind, calling him a violent student.'' Finally, fed up, Noda calls him a liar and throws the backpack full of tapes he's carrying at Kageura. Since Kageura ducks, it sails over him, out the open window of the bus and lands on a truck headed the opposite way. Kageura is upset over this and immediately gets off the bus to pursue his video tapes. While the bus continues on Noda and Kurashige watch out the back window as Kageura runs desperately down the road after the truck with his tapes.

As the continue their walk home, Mikage and Tomomi talk about Takamura. Tomomi comments that he's mysterious, and Mikage adds that she doesn't take to Nana at all. Just then, they see Nana trying to retrieve her hat. It is stuck on a tree that is jutting out from a point over over the ocean. They run to help and yell at her to be careful, but she ignores them it typical kid fashion. When she finally grabs the hat, she slips and falls into the ocean below. Tomomi jumps in to save her.

Back at the mansion, Takamura is thinking about the twins when the butler knocks and comes in. He asks Takamura if he knows where Nana is; she's missing.

Tomomi swims out to Nana, who is calling for her brother to save her. She makes it there and manages to grab a scared Nana. Mikage is also worried about them. The waves are big enough that Tomomi can't swim back to shore with Nana, so she telepathically asks Mikage to come help. Mikage figures she can't swim, but sees a rowboat and reluctantly pushes it into the surf and rows out to the rescue. She's having a hard time handling the boat in the heavy surf, and isn't happy at having to do this, but gets to Tomomi and Nana.

Just as Tomomi is passing Nana over to her, a big wave comes up and capsizes the boat, tossing Mikage into the water. Mikage thrashes around in the water, scared, and Nana starts crying for her brother again. As Mikage thrashes she and Tomomi try to touch fingers so they can teleport out of this mess.

At this point, Takamura arrives and hears Nana calling for him. Mikage's thrashing isn't working and she begins to sink. Takamura holds out his hands, and uses his power to part the sea here. As the water flows out from beneath them, the twins drop. Mikage's feet finally touch bottom and she is able to link fingers with Tomomi. They immediately teleport away to the safety of the beach. Takamura stops and is surprised to find the twins and Nana safe on the beach. Tomomi is confused about what just happened.

Takamura comes up, Nana runs to him and he comforts her. He thanks the twins for saving her and begins to walk off with Nana. As they leave, Tomomi telepathically asks her sister if he saw them Teleport. Mikage doesn't know. Just then, Takamura turns around and says he'd like to be able to meet them again walks on.

Immediately after this, Kurashige and Noda run up. They ask the confused (and somewhat worried) twins, ``what's the matter.'' As they can't come up with an answer, Mikage counters by asking where Kageura is. Noda starts and Kurashige explains that ``a lot happened.''

Kageura is sitting beside a small road in the countryside and laments that that he had to chase the tapes for 20 kilometers. A farmer comes up, leading his cow home, and asks Kageura what he's doing. He replies that he's waiting for the bus. The farmer tells him that this bus only comes by once a day. Kageura isn't exactly pleased by this revelation. The sun sets on an upset Kageura stuck in the tranquil countryside.

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