Miracle Girls episode 33

Episode title
Nakahoku rosuto rabu?!
[A Lost Love On Good Terms?!]
Air date
  • Synopsis by George Robbert, 1994.10.21
The autumn wind blows past Mikage as she stands in the park talking to Kurashige. He tells her, ``When I return to London this time I don't intend to come back to Japan again.'' Needless to say, she's shocked and horrified.

It turns out this was a dream. Mikage tells it to Tomomi while she's studying. Tomomi points out that dreams sometimes are wrong or mean the exact opposite, but Mikage is worried that this is a prophetic dream. Tomomi replies that Kurashige's an idiot if he does that, which drives Mikage upstairs despite her sisters requests to help with her homework.

Upstairs, Mikage is sitting on her bed, staring at the picture of the four of them at the beach they visited in the last two episodes. She picks up her pillow and hugs it in lonely depression. Tomomi comes up and finds her like this. She asks if everything is settled, and comments that, ``this just isn't like you.''

Kurashige echoes these same words. He and Noda are out shopping in a music store. Kurashige is looking for a CD to give Mikage. Noda comments that Kurashige and Mikage really are quite similar. Kurashige finally selects a CD of classical music, saying that Mikage wanted to hear this one.

Afterwards, Kurashige calls Mikage to arrange to meet her. She's overflowing with happiness after getting off the phone, dancing all around the house. Tomomi stops her dead in her tracks by pointing out that this is a good chance for a confession of love. She compounds Mikage's conundrum this by adding that Kurashige will soon be returning to London.

Mikage heads out the front door for her date with Kurashige, and Tomomi wishes her luck. Tomomi is surprised when she quickly comes back inside, whimpering, ``I can't do it.'' Mikage leaves again, this time with a reluctant Tomomi in tow. Mikage begs her to come with her, but it is bribery of help with her homework that finally gets Tomomi to agree. Tomomi points out how late they are now, and Mikage offers teleportation as an alterative. They teleport off to the park.

Kurashige is waiting for Mikage by the fountain in the park. She runs up to him, but finds herself too tongue-tied and embarrassed to be able to say anything. Tomomi telepathically offers encouragement from her hiding place in the bushes. Finally Mikage excuses herself and runs off, asking him not to follow. This naturally confuses Kurashige. She finds Tomomi tells her that she just can't... She asks her to switch places, maybe Tomomi can find out if `the dream' was true. ``I don't have the skill at doing this.'' Tomomi gives in to her sisters begging and they switch clothes and put on wigs for the appropriate hair. As Tomomi is ready to leave, Mikage tells her that ``This is an important first date.'' Tomomi replies to be careful, reminding her of the problem of having two ``Mikages'' around.

Tomomi (as Mikage) pops out of the bushes, surprising Kurashige. She makes a lame excuse about being surprised by a squirrel in there. When Kurashige wants to see too, she tries to stop him. Of course Mikage gets worried at this. He then suggests going to visit the aquarium. After a few telepathic words with her sister ``Mikage'' is happy to go and pushes Kurashige off in that direction. She thinks to herself that she just went there yesterday with Noda. ``Tomomi'' runs off, stealthily pursuing the two so she can see what happens.

Noda comes up and surprises ``Tomomi,'' asking her what she's doing. She calls the real Tomomi, who is now visiting the aquarium with Kurashige, and explains the problem she got into. ``This happened at the worst time. You didn't say that you had a date with Noda at the amusement park.'' ``Mikage's'' cry of surprise confuses Kurashige. To cover things up, she excuses herself to go the the restroom. There, she has a telepathic conversation with her. Mikage asks what she was going to do on her date with Noda. Mikage thinks this a bit strange, but...

Noda and ``Tomomi'' are sitting on a park bench. He comments that it's sort of boring doing nothing here. She is downcast and looks none too happy to be stuck with him (she's also worried about Kurashige). The real Tomomi telepathically asks her how things are going and reminds her she should be happy to be with Noda. Mikage replies that everything is going ok and Tomomi suggests meeting at the coffee shop near the amusement park. ``Tomomi'' likes this idea and runs off, leaving Noda to follow.

Kurashige and ``Mikage'' are sitting in a coffee shop exchanging small talk about the aquarium they just visited. He slides the CD he bought across the table to her. Her reaction of ``what is this?'' isn't the most appropriate, and leaves him confused. She then notices ``Tomomi'' coming in the door with Noda and calls her over to sit with them. Kurashige isn't sure what to make of this.

The four sit down and begin chatting. When Noda mentions that he and Tomomi also went to the aquarium, ``Tomomi'' comments on the wonderful tuna they saw there. Noda is confused since there were no tuna at the aquarium. An embarrassed ``Tomomi'' gets a kick in the shins for this and her sister drags her off to the ladies room for a lecture. After this, they figure that these trips to the restroom can be explained by the stereotypical reputation of women using the restroom.

They come back and apologize for making the fellows wait. The guys look a bit embarrassed themselves. Kurashige asks Noda what they were going to do, and he replies they were going to an amusement park, ``Tomomi'' comments that would be a pleasant thing to do. This earns her another kick in the shins and discussion in the bathroom. ``Remember the last time?'' asks Tomomi. ``Do I have to do everything myself.'' Mikage is frustrated that Tomomi wasn't able to make (or get) a confession when she was alone with Kurashige.

This lecture over, the twins meet the fellows who were waiting for them outside. After some moments of indecision, ``Mikage'' decides to go with Kurashige and ``Tomomi'' goes with Noda.

At the amusement park, Kurashige suggests going to the fortune teller with ``Mikage.'' After a short confused hesitation, she goes in with him, figuring that this could be a good way to reveal Mikage's feelings. Noda takes ``Tomomi'' to the roller coaster for a ride. She isn't so sure about this, but he points out that the roller coaster is the whole reason they came here.

The fortune teller asks what their names are, and ``Mikage'' almost slips. ``Tokage?'' asks the fortune teller, but Tomomi corrects her that her name is Mikage. The cards are dealt out and the teller looks at them in surprise and asks for their hands. After examining them for a while, she replies, ``As I thought. It's unfortunate, but you two don't go well together it seems.''

After leaving, ``Mikage'' asks Kurashige about this result. ``It's only fortune telling,'' he tells her. Even though he says not to worry, Tomomi doesn't know how she can tell the real Mikage about this.

Meanwhile, ``Tomomi'' is riding the roller coaster with Noda and is scared out of her wits. After a while of just screaming, she finds anger is a reasonable antidote, grabs Noda by the neck and starts strangling him. As they walk away from the ride, she figures that the ride is what Tomomi likes, but she can't understand why. ``Tomomi'' begins haltingly to apologize to Noda.

Kurashige takes ``Mikage's'' shoulders, holds her against a tree, and tells her, ``I understand your feelings, but though it's not good, I love someone else. Therefore I cannot return your feelings.'' Tomomi is shocked that he would tell Mikage this. She's also worried that her sister's worst fears have just been confirmed.

As Noda and ``Tomomi'' take a spinning barrel ride, he also tells her that he loves someone else. Mikage gets up and is about to vent her displeasure on him, but quickly sits back down feeling dizzy and a bit sick.

Mikage and Tomomi walk through the amusement park with sad hearts and long shadows. They meet and run crying into each others arms. Kurashige and Noda see this. Kurashige comments, ``it was inevitable. Shall we show ourselves?'' Noda agrees. They walk up as the two gals continue crying. Kurashige comments, ``The kid called Tokage used to be sitting here.'' Noda adds the he thought he saw ``Mimomi.'' ``But since I don't know those brats...''

The four walk home; the misunderstanding having been cleared up. The gals are embarrassed that their attempt at deception was discovered, but are relieved that what the guys said was not true. The fellows seem pleased to have seen through the little deception.

At home, Mikage puts on the CD from Kurashige. She and Tomomi sit on her bed and listen to it. It's a classical piano sonata. Mikage comments that she was worried but is ok now. Tomomi replies that the CD a very treasured gift, ``Even though I wasn't able to say anything myself.'' Mikage is happy anyway. ``It was perfect that Sempai came to see me.''

The camera pans from the two smiling girls sitting on the bed to the happy picture of the four of them at the seaside.

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