Miracle Girls episode 35

Episode Title
Nazo no tenkousei
[Enigmatic Transfer Student]
Air Date
  • Synopsis by George Robbert, 1994.10.31
The mailman is making his delivery rounds Tomomi is sitting, sleeping at the kitchen table while Mikage anxiously waits for the mailman to come. When he does, she goes to check the mailbox. There's a letter, unfortunately it's for Tomomi and not from Kurashige. Mikage goes back in, wakes her sister up, and gives her the letter. Mikage is uninterested in it's contents and starts her homework. She suggests Tomomi study too, although she is not too keen on Tomomi's reply that she has time to help since there's no letter from Kurashige.

Meanwhile, at the London train station, Kurashige boards a train. As he waits for it to depart, he stares out the window and thinks.

Someone is moving into a large house nearby. It's Takamura (from the episodes 31-32). Their butler is overseeing the movers as the unload. Takamura walks about the garden looking out over the city. A ball rolls up to him, followed by Nana. She wants to play, and he agrees to, to keep her out of trouble.

That night, Takamura sits by a table in an empty room. Telekinetically, he flips through the notebook sitting on the table next to him. He finally settles on one page: it has pictures and descriptions of the Matsunaga twins on it.

At home, Tomomi is already asleep while Mikage sits at her desk, holding the watch Kurashige gave her and thinking of him. He is walking through the English countryside and lies down on the grass as Mikage's voice recites a letter she sent him.

How is the London summer? Here, it is very hot every day. Since summer vacation has finally come to an end, we've started to have homework. Though Noda and others do it every day, they don't work at studying too hard and come her for help. Sempai, please take care not to get sick. Bye. I'm waiting to hear from you.

Matsunaga Mikage.

Kurashige gets up to head back, and sees a gal on a scooter racing down the road toward him, out of control. She crashes into him, and they roll off to the side. He gets up, and is happy that she seems to be ok. She then realizes she was still hanging onto him and lets go, embarrassed.

Kurashige goes over, sets the scooter back up and works at trying to restart its engine as the gal watches him from a nearby rock. When he finally gets it started, he tells her it's ready for her to go and says good bye. She suddenly decides that she hurt her wrist in the fall, and asks if he will drive her back. They head off down the road with Kurashige driving the scooter and the gal seated side-saddle behind him. When she asks, he tells her that he's studying abroad here in London.

As they ride down the road, a limousine comes up and passes them. The gal is surprised to notice it coming, and pulls down her cap trying to be inconspicuous as it passes them. Kurashige turns to ask her a question, and looks back at the road only to see the limousine rapidly backing towards them. Both are surprised.

It comes to a stop next to them and a man in a dark suit with dark glasses looks out the window at them. The gal sticks out her tongue at him, reaches forward and hits the throttle, speeding the scooter off. The car can't make as fast a getaway since one of it's tires is stuck, though it tries.

Kurashige asks why she did that, and she points out that the guys in the limo are chasing her. When they notice the limo gaining on them, he tells her to hang on tight, which she does after a bit of hesitation, and he heads off the road and down a grassy slope and through some woods. They come out on the far side and are able to stop just short of a canyon. They are relieved at their escape until the limousine crashes out of the woods too. It manages to stop before diving into the canyon, but not as easily as Kurashige. The car is perched precariously on the edge and the passengers are a bit shaken up. The car isn't in the best shape either. Kurashige and the gal share a laugh over it's predicament.

They continue back down the road. He asks about her right wrist, she seemed to use it ok, and she claims that it got better. Kurashige is forced to stop by another limousine and several men dressed like the others in wearing dark suits and dark glasses. They surround the two on the scooter. To Kurashige's surprise, the gal gets off, walks over to one of the men and begins talking with him. One of them tells her that she shouldn't be out, she's got a party to attend.

With all this, she decides that going to the party can't be helped. She turns and asks Kurashige his name. He replies, and she thinks that ``Hideaki Kurashige'' is a nice name. She then takes off her cap, letting free her long tresses and introduces herself as Marie. (She's the same woman, who looks remarkably like Emma, from episodes 2-3). She looks forward to meeting him again. Marie drives off with the men in the car, leaving a confused Kurashige behind with her scooter.

At school, the gals in Mikage's class are bubbling over some news. There's a new transfer student coming. He's rumored to be similar to Kurashige, but more handsome. They want to know what Mikage thinks of this. She doesn't seem to care. Daijouji points out this isn't all. He also get a completely perfect score on the entrance exam. ``Your era is over,'' she tells Mikage. Mikage stops her laughter by reminding Daijouji that she should worry about herself instead.

Class starts, and Kageura introduces the new student; it's Takamura. The gals are very impressed by this good looking guy. Mikage is wide-eyed in surprise. As Takamura walks back to his seat he pauses at Mikage's desk and comments to her ``it's been a while. It's nice to meet you again. I didn't think I'd know anyone at my new school.'' A tongue-tied Mikage stammers a response. The rest of the class and Kageura are surprised at this. When Takamura sits down, the jealous gals turn on Mikage and give her their opinion about her beating them to this new fellow. Kageura vainly tries to restore order in the class.

Between classes Noda runs into Takamura in the hall and greets him, surprised to find him going to this school. He tries to strike up a conversation, but Takamura ignores him. When Noda tries again, he coldly responds, ``I'll give you this advice: don't meddle with me. I hate folks who do that.'' Noda is confused at this rebuff.

At PE, the girls volleyball stops so they can watch Takamura doing the high jump. Tomomi vainly tries to get them to continue with the game. Takamura makes the jump and Yamagishi comments on his success, but Noda is unimpressed. Daijouji ignores volleyball to watch and comment on Takamura. She remarks that he's perfect not just in studies, but also in athletics, adding that the two of them are suited for each other. When Tomomi suggests continuing the game, she turns and tells her off in an ugly voice. Daijouji then goes back to cheering on Takamura. After making this jump, Takamura has the bar raised a bit. As this is happening, Noda and Yamagishi comment that this is the same height as Kurashige's record. As Takamura makes this jump, Mikage sees his image blend into that of Kurashige doing the high jump. After successfully clearing the bar this time too, Takamura walks off. The fellows want him to keep trying for better, but he's done all that he wants to. Daijouji is overjoyed at his success, and Tomomi is still trying to get the girls back to the game.

After class, Mikage asks for help carrying the chalk boxes back to be put away. Daijouji refuses, telling Mikage they already gave her the easiest task there. Takamura comes up and offers a hand. As they walk back, Mikage has a cute smile of victory on her face, which only infuriates Daijouji more, especially when he and Mikage begin discussing his little sister. He thanks her again for saving her and adds that Nana wants to meet the twins again.

As Mikage, Tomomi, Noda and Yamagishi walk home, talk turns to the new transfer student. Yamagishi talks about Takamura's amazing performance, but Noda is still not impressed. When Mikage pushes him, he replies that he's still better in the sprint. They continue the discussion, and Tomomi wonder's about her sisters attitude toward Takamura.

At home, Mikage finds an empty mailbox with nothing in it from Kurashige. Over in England, he walks out of his inn with a letter in hand to mail, only to find two men in dark glasses and suits waiting for him. As they drive him off in their limousine (against his wishes) he asks them where they are taking him. They tell him they're taking him to their country, the duchy of Diammas, on the orders of their princess.

At the castle on the lake we saw in the first episodes, Kurashige is introduced to the princess. She's Marie, the girl he met last episode. They talk on the terrace. She apologizes for the method of bringing him here and tells him to call her ``Marie'' (not ``Princess''). He protests that he has to return to London for school. She begs him to stay here for a month, or even just a week. Diammas is beautiful, and she's lonely here. She's wanted someone to be with her for a long time. He understands, but gives her a letter that he needs to have mailed to a friend in Japan. She agrees, looks at the address, and recognizes the name ``Matsunaga Mikage'' as being that of a girl.

Mikage opens the mailbox and finds a letter in it from Kurashige-sempai. She's happy to have finally received one, but the wind comes and blows it out of her hands and off into the sudden darkness. She awakes thinking of Sempai, having fallen asleep on a table in the chemistry lab after school. Takamura comes up and offers her his handkerchief.

That evening, they walk home together. She stop to look at a flower bed full of asters, pleased to see them. Takamura is happy to see her smiling face after the bad dream she had. He tells her about asters and their appearance in Goethe's ``Faust.'' He tells how they were used to win the love of a young girl in there, and how that is the origin of these flowers. He guesses that Mikage is thinking about Kurashige and mentions that he may have forgotten her. Takamura tells Mikage that he loves her and advances toward her. She retreats, worried, and telepathically calls Tomomi for help. Backed up against a light pole, Mikage protests that she already has Sempai, but Takamura counters that he hasn't returned her letters. This is to much, and she slaps him away. Just then Tomomi runs up, and is happy to find that her sister is ok. Takamura comments, ``I thought that you would come,'' turns and walks off leaving the twins confused.

Back in Diammas, Marie burns Kurashige's letter to Mikage instead of mailing it, commenting ``You're mine now,'' and adding that she's not going to forgive him for this. She raises a glass to her success and laughs wickedly as Kurashige stares out his room window over the lake, lonely.

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