Miracle Girls episode 36

Episode Title
Kiken na aitsu
[Dangerous Person]
Air Date
  • Synopsis by George Robbert, 1994.11.04
This episode opens with Kurashige literally in Mikage's eyes. She's dreaming that he's getting ready to kiss her. She closes her eyes for this and opens them only to find Takamura trying to kiss her instead. She tries to beat him off, telling him to stop. Mikage awakes in her own bed, relieved that this was only a dream. She's not to pleased with Takamura but is lonely for Sempai. She then notices that his picture has fallen down from it's place on her ceiling. She picks it up and thinks of him.

In Diammas castle, Kurashige is in his room, sitting at the desk writing. Marie comes in dressed for riding. She wants him to join her, but he apologizes. She notices that he's writing a letter to Mikage and comments that he does this everyday. He agrees and says that she wanted him to do this. This fact doesn't exactly please Marie. He finishes the letter, and no sooner has he sealed the envelope than Marie grabs it with a mischievous grin on her face. To his displeasure, she starts playing a game of keep-away with it, laughing all the time. She finally dashes out of the room, closes the door and locks it behind her. Kurashige pounds on it, asking her to open up and give him the letter. She comments that she's thirsty, telling him not to worry about the letter, she'll take care of it. She then proceeds to tear it up.

This hits Mikage's heart. She and Tomomi are waiting for a train, and she notices that Kurashige's watch has stopped. Tomomi says not to worry, but Mikage adds that it's been a week since she's heard from sempai. Tomomi replies that he's probably busy, upsetting her sister. She tries to encourage her and gives Mikage a pat on the back. This makes Mikage lose her balance and she almost falls into the path of an oncoming train, except that Tomomi was able to grab her in time. The two collapse frightened and embarrassed on the platform.

At school, Daijouji is doing an overly dramatic reading aloud. When her gaze drifts to Takamura, she stammers to a halt and blushes furiously. The teacher then calls upon Takamura to read. He does so, reading with quiet intensity of lonely longing for a girl at the seashore and of a subsequent night of magic. All the girls in the class are entranced at how romantic this is, and the fellows are disgusted. When the teacher asks him about it, Takamura replies that there is a certain such girl. Mikage turns away from his gaze embarrassed, while Daijouji interprets this as being about her. Mikage sits stunned, not knowing what to think.

In Diammas, Marie and Kurashige are out riding horses. She heads off across the countryside at a fast gallop. When he catches up, she congratulates him on his skill. He suggests a slower pace for safety, but she doesn't like that idea and races on. He slows down and stops, letting her go on ahead. She rounds a corner in the forest path and we hear her scream. Kurashige does too and rushes to help.

He finds her laying on the path, unresponsive, her horse continuing on in the distance. Picking her up, he asks if she's ok. Though he's holding her in his arms, she's disappointed that it's no more than simple concern. This time, it's her ankle that's hurt. She suggests soaking it in a nearby forest spring to keep the swelling down. Unfortunately, she can't walk, and asks him to carry her there.

Mikage is sitting, bored or lost in thought. Kageura is watching her through his ever-present video camera and is sitting on a tree branch outside the science building hoping to catch her teleporting on video tape. Takamura walks up, and with his power, breaks the branch that Kageura is sitting on, leaving him to fall to the ground. He then walks on, unconcerned, passed a knocked silly Kageura. He enters and finds Mikage sitting inside in the chemistry lab, thinking of Kurashige.

Takamura comes in and asks her what she was thinking. She is surprised to see him and drops the test-tube she was holding. He apologizes for his behavior yesterday in the park. While picking up the broken pieces, Mikage manages to cut her finger on one of the shards. Takamura takes her hand and stops the bleeding with his teeth. Mikage is nonplussed (to say the least).

Meanwhile, Tomomi is outside timing Noda and Yamagishi in a sprint. She is surprised by what she hears telepathically. She turns and runs off from her post without even waiting to finish her job. They finish the race, ask her for the time and wonder why she is running off instead.

Marie is sitting with Kurashige and soaking her ankle in the forest lake. He asks how her injured ankle is and is glad that she tells him it's better. She looks at him, and tells him that he is not only kind but strong and smart. She adds that it was fate that brought them together the other day, and moves to kiss him. This makes him nervous, especially when asking her to wait doesn't even slow her down.

Takamura finishes tying a bandage around Mikage's finger and tells her that it was fate that brought them together at the ocean. Though done with the bandage, he continues to hold her hand.

As Marie continues to move closer to kiss Kurashige, he comments that this is a bad place to do something like that. She counters that it isn't since no-one will come to this spring, pushes him over and lands on top of him (as he protests). Fortunately at this time three men come up and their leader calls Marie back to the castle; it's time for her studies. Kurashige is visibly relieved at this rescue and Marie laments this timing.

Takamura is still holding Mikage's hand when Tomomi runs in the door of the lab. He notices her arrival, says ``bye,'' and walks out. Tomomi steps into the hall and asks him what he did to Mikage. He counters by asking how she knew that he was here, while looking at the ring he took from Mikage (though hiding it from Tomomi). Tomomi is surprised, and worried, by this question.

Walking home after school, Tomomi asks Mikage about Takamura and his behavior. Mikage tells her not to say such odd things. There is no mail from sempai today, but Mikage puts on a happy face anyway. That night, Tomomi comes over to check on her sister. She turns off the computer, and sees Mikage asleep in her bed, holding her picture of Kurashige. Takamura sits at home, staring at Mikage's ring which he is levitating before him.

The next day, Kageura is having a cup-o-noodle for lunch, and hoping that Rika will come home soon so he can have something better (a lunch that she made). He figures if he gets a video of the twins teleporting, he'll be famous and she'll return. There's a knock at the door, but when he answers it, no-one is there, but there is an envelope for him on the floor.

He reads the letter. It's from ``another professor investigating ESP.'' He tells Kageura that he also believes that the Matsunagas have ESP powers, and suggests some collaboration in their research. He figures that all twin's aren't born with powers, and also observes that the two have to be in the same place to teleport. The envelope also contained Mikage's ring that Takamura took.

As they walk home from school, Mikage wonders where her ring is. Tomomi says that maybe she forgot it, and suggests looking around home for it. When they get home, Mikage finds a note for her in the mailbox. It's not from Sempai, but it does ask her to meet someone in the amusement park.

Though a bit uncertain, the twins go to the amusement park. After they enter, the gate, with a `closed' sign is shut behind them. They wonder why no-one else is around, but then a man offers them a free ride on the ferris wheel they are standing next to. Tomomi thinks they are `lucky' to get this, but Mikage isn't sure. Tomomi tells her that this is a slow ride with nothing to worry about [unlike those roller coasters she hates]. She'd be stupid not to take this chance. Mikage says she'd like to yell from the top that Sempai's an idiot since she hasn't received one letter from him. Tomomi suggests that maybe her voice will reach all the way to England and prompt him into action. They share a laugh over this.

The wheel starts up, and the twins talk as their car rises above the park. Tomomi asks if her sister is worried that Takamura may know about their telepathy. Mikage says not to worry, but this doesn't convince Tomomi. As the ride continues, Mikage notices the `operator' down below watching them. He comments that this is a good place. The ferris wheel slows and stops, to the twins puzzlement. Then they notice that the operator is standing out there filming them with a video camera. There's only one person who would do this, Kageura.

Tomomi jumps out of the car and climbs down the ferris wheel. She runs out, calls Kageura by name and demands that he stop. He starts to make some excuse, but Takamura walks up behind him and knocks him out with a karate chop . Tomomi is surprised at his appearance. Takamura picks up the ring that Kageura dropped and shows it to her. It's Mikage's (that he took and gave to Kageura). Mikage notices this too. She's leaning out of the ferris wheel car when a gust of wind makes her slip and fall. She manages to catch onto the wheel itself, and is left hanging there, calling for help. ``Sempai, help me!'' Tomomi climbs up to her, but they can't quite reach each other, even to teleport. As they try, Mikage loses her grip and falls for good. As she plummets toward the ground, Takamura uses his power to slow her fall. Mikage is surprised at the leisurely pace of her descent. Takamura finishes his work by catching her.

With everyone back on the ground, Takamura gives Mikage back her ring and puts it on her finger, adding that it's good she wasn't hurt. He further surprises the twins by explaining that he has the same powers that the two of them do.

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