Miracle Girls episode 37

Episode Title
Itsuwari no kikoushi
[A False Young Noble]
Air Date
  • Synopsis by George Robbert, 1994.11.08
Tomomi tells Noda about their experience with Takamura at the beach and How they saved Nana from drowning while they share drinks and conversation at a cafe. She adds that it wasn't just their power at work that time, and is somewhat surprised by this. Noda finds it hard to believe that this other fellow also has power like the twins. Tomomi changes the subject and asks if he's been in touch with Kurashige. When he wonders why she asks, she explains that Mikage hasn't heard from him. She asks Noda if he could try getting in touch to see if everything is ok. Noda isn't too keen on doing this which doesn't please Tomomi.

Tomomi comes home to find Mikage watching TV, laughing at the amusing program. She's happy to find that Tomomi brought a box of cakes back with her. Tomomi is confused at her sister's sudden cheerfulness. The two sit down and share the treats Tomomi brought along with some conversation. Mikage does most of the eating and talking. She has decided that she can't really do anything if sempai doesn't want to write, so she's going to try and stop waiting so anxiously to hear from him.

Their talk is interrupted by the arrival of the postman. His delivery of a letter to Mikage from Kurashige in Diammas brings a smile to Mikage's face and a light to her eyes, showing that she really hasn't stopped waiting for him.

Back in Diammas castle, Marie comes up to Kurashige on the terrace. She tells him, ``This time I sent your usual letter by special delivery. Here's the receipt.'' He thanks her for this and they both comment on how receiving a quick reply is nice. Marie turns to leave and comments to herself that this one is really a bad response though.

Tomomi pounds on the bedroom door, asking if there was something wrong in the letter. Mikage doesn't answer. She's sitting on the floor, motionless. Beside her is the opened envelope. In it was a picture of Marie happily clinging to a smiling Kurashige in Diammas castle. Mikage holds the watch he gave her in her lifeless hand.

The next morning, the twins are on a crowded train. Mikage is pressed (intentionally?) against the doors by the crowd. Tomomi senses this and telepathically asks her if she's ok. Mikage complains then is surprised when the crush suddenly stops; Takamura is taking the presure off her. They talk and he levitates a card in front of her; it's an invitation. He asks the twins over to his place after school as a gesture of friendship. At Mikage's query, he replies that he'd really be happier with just her but... He then puts the card in her bag. Tomomi asks what happened, and a confused Mikage merely responds that Takamura helped her.

At school, Noda walks past an open window and notices Tomomi under a tree outside. He's about to yell a greeting to her, when he sees that she and Mikage are talking with Takamura, so he angrily turns to leave. Just then, and errant soccer ball heads toward the group under the tree. Takamura concentrates and the ball comes to a stop in midair a couple feet short of hitting Mikage; then it drops to the ground and rolls off. The soccer team is dumbfounded by this event. Tomomi, Mikage and Noda are also amazed by the occurrence.

Later, in the hall, Tomomi shows Noda the picture Mikage received in the mail. He asks who this person is. Tomomi has no answer, but says that this is a serious matter for Mikage. Tomomi thinks that his unconcerned attitude about this is a bit cold. However, he says she should trust Kurashige, ``Don't you believe him?'' Tomomi replies that it isn't a question of belief or not. Noda suggests teleporting to London to find out then, which surprises Tomomi that he'd say that.

A melancholy Mikage is sitting in class thinking. Telepathically Tomomi asks her if she's ok and suggests that they might teleport to London to resolve this issue, an idea which surprises Mikage.

Noda runs into Takamura in the hall and asks about the events of this afternoon (with the soccer ball). He claims that Takamura's secret is now revealed. Takamura tells him that he isn't from outer space, ``We're just a bit better than you.'' Takamura turns to leave, asking who would believe Noda about this. Noda runs after him, and Takamura uses his power to trip Noda and keep him from hitting the ground. He tells him that ``I'm none of your business,'' then dumps him on his back. He walks off calling Noda ``clumsy.''

Tomomi is putting on her shoes to leave school when Noda comes up and tells her he was wrong earlier. Their conversation is interrupted when Mikage shows up, followed by Takamura. Noda is surprised to see him, and Tomomi explains that they're going over to his place this afternoon. ``Maybe it will cheer Mikage up.'' Noda wonders if this is ok, and comments that cheering up is fine, but it looks like Mikage has forgotten Sempai. This hits Mikage hard, and Tomomi calls Noda on this. Mikage run off in tears. Tomomi tells Noda, ``You don't understand,'' and heads off after her sister, while Noda realizes he made a big mistake.

Mikage and Tomomi are at Takamura's splendid house They sit down at a small table in the garden. Takamura helps Mikage with her chair, but Tomomi doesn't want help to sit. The butler comes up with a cart and some tea and Nana runs up behind him. The twins say hi to her. She shyly returns their greeting and runs off. They talk about how the butler does all the cooking here and how good he is at it. Takamura points out that his cooking is exceptional and truly world class.

Noda is sitting on a fence, looking out over the city and comes to a decision.

Inside his place, Takamura is explaining chess to the twins. In his explanation of the pieces, he states that the job of the knight is to protect the queen. Tomomi doesn't seem to be catching on to the game as fast as her sister. Meanwhile, Noda comes up and knocks on the door. When Mikage asks what a pawn is, Takamura names it and says they are merely soldiers. The butler answers the door and Noda says that he wants to talk to Matsunaga Tomomi. The twins are now set up to begin playing a game and Tomomi makes her move. Mikage asks Takamura what she should do now, and Tomomi accuses her of cheating by getting expert help. The butler shows Noda to a room and asks him to wait there.

Takamura leads the twins out to the garden to show them something there. The garden is covered with hundreds of flickering lights. The twins think this is really great, and are further impressed when he levitates the lights (and the twins). At this point, the butler comes and tells a few words to Takamura. After making a gesture to keep things floating, Takamura walks off. Floating amid the lights, the twins decide to go elsewhere, so they link fingers and teleport to to porch.

Inside, Noda grows tired of waiting. Looking around to pass the time, he opens the door to the next room. Inside he finds Takamura's notebook with pictures and data on Tomomi and Mikage opened to that page Looking further at it, he finds himself and Kurashige also in there.

At this point, Takamura reveals himself standing in the door by commenting, ``You really are a troublesome fellow.'' Noda demands to know what the notebook is, but Takamura says it's just something that he wanted to know. ``They're people I have picked out.'' He goes on says that those with ``power'' should stick work together for mutual help. He wants to rule everyone, and claims that his power gives him the right.

Noda doesn't like these plans and says that he's going to take the twins home, but Takamura shuts the doors and windows before he can do anything. He claims that Noda just doesn't understand. Noda demands that he return Tomomi and Mikage. Takamura refuses, levitates Noda and uses his power to hypnotize him. ``You will forget everything you saw when we met, and if you oppose me again...''

On the balcony, Mikage comments on how wonderful the lights are. Tomomi agrees and is happy that her sister is once more cheerful, though she is confused when Mikage comments that thinking and not being able to answer isn't all bad. Mikage insists she's ok, and says they should go to look for Takamura now. and heads inside. Tomomi wonders if this is ok.

Wandering through the halls, Mikage hears Nana complaining to the butler that she doesn't want to go to sleep without her brother. Mikage looks in through the door at this scene. The butler explains that Takamura can't come because he is taking care of a guest, but this doesn't satisfy Nana. Takamura walks up behind Mikage, apologizes saying he won't take long, and goes to talk with Nana. He talks to her a little and manages to put her to sleep. Mikage watches him do this with a little smile on her face.

The next day at school, Noda runs into Tomomi in the hall. They greet each other and he realizes that there was something he wanted to talk to her about, but he can't think what it was. Tomomi brings up Takamura, and this starts Noda thinking. When he does, it's as if someone hit him in the back of the head and he collapses holding his head in pain. Tomomi is worried that he's ok. Takamura (coincidentally) come up at this point and asks what's up. Tomomi tells him of Noda's sudden unexplained pain. Takamura looks Noda in the eyes and asks if he's ok. Through bits of static, some bits of Takamura's hypnotism comes back to Noda. He gets up and staggers off in pain while Takamura stands watching him leave.

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