Miracle Girls episode 38

Episode Title
Kimi wo mamoru!
[I'll Protect You!]
Air Date
  • Synopsis by George Robbert, 1994.11.11
It is nighttime, and Mikage stands in her room, staring at the watch Kurashige gave her that she is holding in her hand. It is still stopped. Figuring nothing more can be done, she shakes her head and puts it away in a drawer. However, she can shut neither the drawer nor her heart on Kurashige. She takes the watch back out and looks at it, thinking of Sempai.

The same moon shines down on Diammas castle where Kurashige is writing yet another letter to Mikage. Outside Marie tears up the letter and scatters the pieces on the wind. She wonders how long Kurashige will keep writing letters like this.

Kurashige is sitting in the castle garden reading a book. A gust of wind makes him clutch the book to him to keep from losing his place. He finds that the gust has blown a scrap of paper into the book. It seems to be a fragment torn from a larger page. He looks at it and wonders if this isn't from his letter. Marie comes running up, so he closes his book on the windblown fragment.

She is happy to find him, and wants to do something together. He starts to say something to her but pauses. She continues on, wondering why he is wearing a bad face, ``I really like your cheerful face.'' Changing his mind about saying anything, Kurashige tells her ``It's nothing,'' and walks off leaving Marie to comment on how strange he's acting.

At school, Noda is jogging with the rest of the boy's PE class. He stops, sees Takamura, and thinks that there was something important about him that he had to say. Takamura turns and looks at him. Noda remembers some of being hypnotized and falls down. At a friends prompting he gets up and continues his run. Takamura comments to himself about completely erasing Noda's memory.

Immediately after this, Tomomi and Mikage run up to Takamura, apologizing for being late. They walk home with him, as they're going to share dinner (so he doesn't have to eat alone). He would also like to talk with some folks that have the same powers he does.

Their walk is interrupted by Nana jumping out and grabbing Takamura. She then drags out the butler, who apologizes. Nana wanted to come meet her brother so... At their confusion, Nana claims that she always knows where Takamura is. This surprises the twins. After telling Takamura that she loves him and understands everything about him, Nana and the butler drive off.

Mikage asks, and Takamura replies that Nana is an ordinary person with no powers. Tomomi comments that even if she is ordinary, Takamura seems to truly like her, thus he does understand some things about folks without power. Takamura comments that Tomomi is a romantic, causing her to blush. Mikage adds that it is nice that Takamura does like Nana this way.

Kurashige is sitting at his desk in Diammas castle, staring at the torn fragment of his letter that the wind blew to him. He remembers the parting scene with Mikage at the airport, what her reactions were, and how he felt about what she said (``I love you''). Deciding that he just can't stay here anymore, he gets up and leaves the room. Just outside the door, two armed guards walk up to him and ask where he is going.

That evening at Takamura's house after dinner, he tells the twins that he has something that he would like to show them. He takes them down into the basement. It's somewhat the worse for wear, but is decorated with medieval arms and banners. On the far wall is a full bookcase. Takamura telekinetically pulls out a book from there and shows it to the twins. It is the notebook that has their descriptions in it, and he opens it to that page. They twins are shocked at this. Takamura explains that these are files he's collected describing folks that have power. ``You two are part of my gathering.'' He says they will begin the first step of his project together as partners. Mikage asks what this is. Takamura tells them of his plan to rule the world. Tomomi tells him to stop joking. He isn't and tells them they don't understand. Mikage, with a pained expression on her face tells him, ``I thought you really were a nice person, but... sayonara.'' Tomomi then moves so the two can teleport off. Before they can, Takamura uses his powers to levitate the spears that are sitting all around as decoration and send them flying toward the twins. They don't hit the frightened girls, but form a cage around each so that they cannot reach each other to teleport. Takamura explains to them that if they won't cooperate with him, he'll have to erase their memory.

Tomomi calls for help. Noda is lying on his bed when he hears this telepathic cry for help. He runs out to the balcony, where a thunderstorm is building over the city. He sees images the faces of Tomomi then Mikage, and finally Takamura (which brings him pain again). He then sees Takamura saying that he is going to rule everything. Tomomi's call for help comes through again and Noda wanders off, as he remembers Takamura telling him to forget everything. Noda stagers through the streets in pain as the storm continues to build overhead.

While Mikage yells at Takamura to stop, Tomomi continues to call to Noda for help. He arrives at the gate to the house, and strengthens his resolve. Downstairs, Takamura's eyes turn the color they did when hypnotizing Noda, and the light goes out of Tomomi's eyes. This is interrupted by Noda's entrance, falling down the stairs. Tomomi is glad to see him here and asks why he is. He doesn't know, but says that he heard her calling. Takamura wonders how he could come here; his hypnosis was supposed to be perfect. Noda demands that Takamura let the girls go. Takamura's answer is to levitate all sorts of boxes and pictures in the basement and throw them at Noda.

In the Diammas castle throne room, Marie orders, ``Tell me one more time.'' Kurashige, flanked by two armed guards, replies that he thought to return to London. Marie replies, ``I'll ask one more time. Think well! Did you really say you were returning to London?'' To emphasize her point, the guards raise their guns to Kurashige's face.

In Takamura's basement, Noda has just been thrown to the ground. Tomomi and Mikage are still trying unsuccessfully to reach each other. Noda gets up and advances on Takamura through a hail of objects. Since boxes and vases aren't working, Takamura also levitates a dagger from a wall display and sends it towards Noda. It hits and gives him a cut on the forehead. This doesn't even affect Noda, who continues advancing, demanding that Takamura let the girls go. Takamura wonders why Noda is unaffected by his powers and how he is able to stand up to this. He turns the dagger around for another pass at Noda.

Tomomi manages to move one of the forest of spears and touches fingers with Mikage. The two teleport out of their prisons and appear next to Noda. The dagger is still on course, and it hits Mikage in the chest. Noda and Tomomi are horrified by this, and Mikage drops to the ground. Takamura is shocked at what he has done. As Tomomi and Noda bend over Mikage in concern, she sits up and pulls Kurashige's watch out of her dress. It took the blow from the dagger, saving her. She opens the watch, and finds the crystal is broken too. However, it is running once again. Mikage thinks fondly, ``Sempai...''

In Diammas, Kurashige again tells Marie, ``I'm returning to London.'' He has a look of determination on his face as the guards ready their guns and tighten their fingers on the trigger, waiting for Marie to finish her order of execution. She pauses, and lowers her hand. The guards step aside and she walks up to Kurashige and tells him, ``You've defeated me.''

Takamura stands in his basement, upset. ``I can't accept this. I had all the power in my hands and I was going to rule the world.'' Now this has happened. His power kicks up a whirlwind around him, tossing spears, books and chunks of wall out of the way. A blue glow surrounds him and his eyes have a strange look. Noda suggests that they get out while the getting is good, but Mikage looks at Takamura and sees that he can no longer control his power. She reminds Tomomi of the time with Nana, and says they can believe in that Takamura. The twins go to try and help him, Noda follows.

They reach the whirlwind and are all thrown back by an explosion. Takamura's power even puts dents in the concrete walls. Mikage looks at him and yells ``Takamura-kun. Answer me, Takamura-kun.'' This gets through somewhat, he looks at her and manages to stammer out, ``Mi---ka---ge.'' She runs through the whirlwind to him, reaches up and takes his hands. With this, the glow around him goes out and the whirlwind dies. Tomomi yells for her to ``look out!'' and runs up. The twins, and the two fellows, teleport out just before the ceiling falls in.

Takamura comes to upstairs with a very worried Nana watching over him. The butler and twins are in the room too. When she finds he's awake, Nana hugs him tearfully, glad that he's better. Satisfied that he's ok, Nana turns and gets mad at the twins for his injuries. Takamura stops her, saying that its all ok. Mikage smiles that this side of him is showing now, looks at her watch and thinks of Sempai.

Afterwards, Noda and Tomomi are outside talking and looking at the moon. Tomomi comments that ``Kurashige protected Mikage.'' She thinks this was really nice and Noda agrees. He goes on to say that he's going to become stronger so that he can protect Tomomi, since with Takamura and his powers, he wasn't strong enough this time. Then, wondering if he said too much, he laughs. Tomomi is really touched by his words, and is blushing. She finally looks up at Noda and tells him, ``Your saying this makes me very happy.'' She thanks him and runs into his arms, happy for everything. Noda holds her and tells her, ``Even if I'm not that strong, I'll protect you.''

In England, Kurashige is riding through the countryside on a hay wagon, writing a letter. Marie's parting words come back to his mind. She won't just give up. She's says that she's the Princess of Diammas and that it's not impossible that he'll come back. She'll be very happy when he does return.

After school, Mikage opens the mailbox and finds a letter inside. She happily shows it to Tomomi, ``Look, it's a real letter from Sempai!'' She's overjoyed at this. Tomomi thinks it's good and asks about Takamura. The two head over to his house and stare in through the gate. Tomomi comments that he must be gone; he hasn't been at school since the incident.

As a limousine and moving van drive through the countryside, the butler tells Takamura that he thinks he found some good friends there, even if they did have to leave. Takamura, holding Nana, agrees and concentrates with his power one last time. The flowers in the garden in front of Mikage and Tomomi, spring into bloom. The two recognize this as a parting gift from Takamura and are happy.

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