Miracle Girls episode 39

Episode Title
Futago Kaishou?!
[The Twin's Dissolution?!]
Air Date
  • Synopsis by George Robbert, 1994.11.15
Tomomi is looking through her dresser. When Mikage comes in and asks, she is told that Tomomi is looking for her ``Captain Panda'' T-shirt. Mikage comments that she borrowed it. It's now in the laundry, dirty. She adds that it's ok, since Tomomi has a bunch of other T-shirts. This irritates Tomomi, since she wanted to wear this one. Mikage calls her selfish then says to hurry up since they have to meet aunt Noe at the plane, so Tomomi grabs another shirt off her bed. Mikage picks up the small photo album that fell down when she did so. Inside she finds a picture of Noda and Tomomi, both wearing ``Captain Panda'' T-shirts. She quickly figures out that's why Tomomi was so concerned about finding this shirt, she wanted to be a matched pair on her date with Noda.

Tomomi angrily takes the mini-album back, and the twins start to argue. Mikage points out that what you wear doesn't make you a pair, and adds that she doesn't go for ``that weirdness.'' Tomomi counters that it isn't weird. Their argument is interrupted by the phone ringing. Tomomi answers it. It's not their mom (her first guess), but their aunt Noe, telling them ``I'm here already.''

Mikage asks to teleport, ``It's the fault of you're talking that it got like this.'' Tomomi claims it's Mikage's fault, but agrees to and links fingers with her. Even though they try a couple times, they just cannot teleport to the airport. Mikage figures that somehow their hearts just aren't coming together.

At home that evening, aunt Noe comes out drying her hair and complaining about being stuck at the airport for an hour. ``Is that you you treat your mother's twin sister?'' Tomomi and Mikage apologize, but again try to place the blame on each other. Mom is sitting with the twins on the couch,. With her children behaving like this, she wonders if it might have been better for her to visit Noe overseas. Noe complains about being busy at work, and about the high price of Japanese things. Mom has complaints about her own work in turn.

As a break, Noe brings out a photo album of her and Noe when they were kids. The two start reminiscing over it. Mikage is put in mind of their own album and asks to Tomomi go get it. The four sit looking through the two albums. Many of the pictures are similar in the two, bringing up the comment that they almost look like copies. They continue talking an reminiscing about the pictures, including ones of Mikage and Noe hitting their baby sisters. Noe and Mikage think the baby pictures are cute, while Mom and Tomomi do not. As they continue looking, it becomes obvious that their temperments and personalities match up in this fashion too.

That evening, the four sit down to an elegant plate of sushi for dinner. Aunt Noe comments that Japanese sushi and tea is the best. Mikage telepathically adds that Tamago (fried egg sushi) is the best. When she comes back from getting some more tea, she is furious at Tomomi for eating her piece of Tamago. Tomomi claims that Mikage never said she wanted it, but Mikage claims that Tamago is her favorite and Tomomi should have known. This just starts over the argument about the T-shirt from earlier. Mom sighs at the behavior of her daughters, while Noe is simply amused.

Later that evening, Tomomi comes up from her shower to find Mikage putting up a curtain across their room. This will separate the two halves so they won't have to share a room and will know what is whose. Tomomi thinks this is a good idea until she realizes that the location of the curtain isn't quite an even division.

Just then, Mom and aunt Noe stick their heads in wondering what's going on. Mom asks Mikage what she's doing, this is awfully sudden in her opinion. Mikage explains, and Mom wonders why she has to go to such lengths for this. Tomomi doesn't understand this sudden remodeling either. Mikage complains that mom's always disagreed with her and sided with Tomomi. She says that she's going to just have to leave the house to fix this. Noe interjects that Mikage can return to London with her. Everyone is surprised at this, but when Mikage agrees to go and study abroad with aunt Noe, Tomomi and Mom are stunned.

Mikage and Noe share dinner at a restaurant overlooking Tokyo bay. Mikage is impressed by the view, the food and everything. Noe asks her if Kurashige is in London. He is, and they talk about the opportunity this presents for a while.

At home, Mom and Tomomi discuss Mikage's going to London with aunt Noe. Tomomi wonders what aunt Noe is intending by this. Mom replies that she and Noe had previously discussed Mikage's going to London to stay with Noe and study abroad. Tomomi wonders if it's all right, and Mom replies that, ``If Mikage is drawn in this direction we really can't help it.'' Tomomi still isn't too keen on it, but Mom won't oppose it, knowing both Mikage and Noe's natures. She suggests heading off to bed instead.

On their way back from school the next day, Tomomi and Noda talk about Mikage's going to London. He understands about her going to be with Kurashige. Tomomi is a bit depressed over this whole thing. Noda tries to cheer her up, pointing out that they can still communicate by telepathy (an alternative most folks don't have), but Tomomi counters that they won't be able to teleport anymore, since that requires them to be in the same place to begin with.

Tomomi arrives home to find that Mikage has everything already packed up and downstairs. Her side of their room is quite bare now. Tomomi finds their hair dryer lying on her bed. Mikage comes in and tells her she's returning it. She agrees that the did buy it together, but she'll buy another one.

At school, Kageura can't believe it when Mikage tells him she's leaving. He's really depressed now, since he believes there is no way that he'll ever be able to get Rika to come back to him now.

Tomomi is sitting in her room, lonely, listening to music. Mom comes in and asks if she's not going to the airport to see Mikage off; she's not. Mom says that Mikage will be disappointed, but Tomomi doesn't think so. Anyway, there's no way she can compete with being in London with Kurashige. Mom then says that she's leaving for there now.

Aunt Noe and Mikage have lunch together at a small restaurant. Noe gives Mikage her Tamago. Mikage asks why she's doing so, and Noe gives the excuse that she's full. Mikage claims to be as well, but inside realizes the true reason her aunt was doing this. Noe then mentions that Mom should be closing her beauty shop soon (to see Mikage off). Conversation continues and it comes out that Mikage has not told Kurashige that she's coming to London. She wants to surprise him. Noe likes this idea and wonders how long Kurashige is going to be there, but Mikage doesn't know for sure and comments on the hardship of waiting for letters. Noe replies with a story. Before she and her husband were married, he had to take a long business trip to Belgium. Noe discovered that she wasn't able to endure this day after day, so she packed her bags and went to Belgium after him. Mikage is impressed at her boldness and bravery. Noe responds that Mikage is a lion and also has the courage and bravery to do something like this.

Tomomi is sitting at home at Mikage's empty desk. At the airport, Mom tells Mikage to take care and to listen to her aunt and uncle. Mikage takes umbrage at this and replies that she's not a kid anymore. Mom still wants her to keep in touch by phone.

At this point Noda comes running up and surprises Mikage with a going-away present. She wonder's why, but then takes it anyway. Inside she is happy to find a ring. He tells her that it suits her perfectly, and even if Tomomi is unwanted... This starts Mikage thinking. At home, Tomomi turns off Mikage's desk lamp and stares out the window.

Mikage and Noe head down the escalator to the planes. Mikage, for once now, is downcast. At home, Tomomi sits on her bed, looks through the photo album of theirs, and stops at the picture of the baby Mikage hitting her.

Noe and Mikage are waiting for the plane to depart when the boarding call finally comes. Noe gets up, ready, but Mikage just sits there. When Noe prompts her, Mikage responds with tears in her eyes that she's strong enough to not meet Sempai for a few months for Tomomi's sake. Even though Tomomi is letting her go, she didn't want her to. Noe understands, gives her a handkerchief, and puts an understanding arm around her niece. Her words go to show that she really does understand. Mikage's tears really flow then.

At home, Tomomi's tears fall on the picture she's looking at. The alarm clock goes off, indicating the plane's departure time, and she begins to cry in earnest. Telepathically, Mikage's voice comes through to her, ``Tomomi, can you hear me?'' She can. Both this and the fact that Mikage would want to call her are a surprise.

No sooner has Mom come in the front door, returning from the airport, than Tomomi runs up to meet her and says that Mikage's returning home. Needless to say, Mom is quite surprised.

As the plane flies off, Noe sits alone, next to the empty seat for Mikage. She is surprised to hear a voice calling her name, and looks around to see who it is. There's no one even sitting nearby that it could be. The voice comes through again. It's her sister (the twins mom). It's been a long time since they've done this, and Noe is surprised that they are still able to. Mom replies that this is a good omen, the children helped. ``It's just like them.'' She tells her not to worry and adds that she'll come to London sometime soon, along with Mikage and Tomomi. This brings a smile to Noe's face. These twins are back together again too. She then tells the stewardess who stops and asks that she doesn't need anything, and the plane continues on its way to London.

At home, Mikage and Tomomi are back in their room. They try teleporting once again. This time, they succeed and arrive atop a tall building overlooking town. They are happy that their hearts are once more in accord, and that they can enjoy this. Mikage adds that going with Mama is going to be really nice, especially the three of them going together.

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