Miracle Girls episode 40

Episode title
Yamagishi Hashiru!
[Yamagishi Runs!]
Air Date
  • Synopsis by George Robbert, 1994.11.18
  • Synopsis update by George Robbert, 1994.11.23
The whole school is getting ready for the upcoming athletic festival. Yamagishi is doing his part by exhorting the class to do their best and win. It's quite the impressive plan and victory speech, but it in no way inspires the whole class.

Noda walks down the hallway in the gym, mumbling to himself about Yamagishi's enthusiasm. A couple girls come out of the locker room. They're also complaining about his speech, and how glad they are that it's over. Apparently, they didn't shut the door fully, since it swings open again as Noda continues down the hall. Through it, he notices Tomomi facing away from him, changing. She takes off her shirt, and he is shocked to see her bare back (with only a bra on). Tomomi puts on her gym shirt, then realizes that the door swung open. She closes the door, relieved that there was no-one out there (that she could see). Noda is standing hidden next to the door trying to catch his breath. What he just saw was almost to much for his poor heart.

A somewhat dazed Noda heads out to practice where he runs into Yamagishi who asks what he was doing. He wonders if maybe Noda has a fever, because of his red face. ``We were counting on you.'' Noda claims he doesn't However, the mere mention of Tomomi's name is enough to make Noda blush. When she actually comes up, he really loses it, blushes more, and remembers well what he saw of her in the locker room. She asks him what's wrong, but Noda barely stammers a tongue-tied ``nothing'' and runs off.

The whole class is stretching before practice. As Tomomi bends backward, Noda notices how this emphasizes her chest. He also notices that her shirt hitches up to reveal her bare midriff. At this, he loses both his cool and his balance and falls to the ground. Tomomi laughs thinking his behavior is quite amusing.

Stretching completed, Yamagishi again exhorts the track team to do their best in the trials. ``We will be the warriors of the 100 meter dash.'' As others do their trial and practice sprints in pairs, Tomomi comes up to Noda and asks to run together with him. ``We always get our best times that way.'' A disconcerted Noda runs off and pleads with Yamagishi to please run with him, leaving a very confused Tomomi still standing there. Yamagishi is also perplexed by this request. ``You always run with Tomomi.''

Noda and Yamagishi race, and Noda wins by over a full second. Yamagishi asks Noda to try hard for the class since he thinks that that Noda chose him because he would be easy to beat. Noda denies this, and adds that they will work together until the final race. Tomomi comes over and witnesses this discussion, wonders why Noda is acting this way, and starts to worry.

After school, Yamagishi walks home and wonders why Noda asked to run with him instead of Tomomi. She runs up and asks if they can walk home together. He's quite surprised by this. Tomomi explains to him that Noda left early. They talk over drinks at a cafe. Yamagishi mentions that being like this, it almost looks like the two of them are lovers, then laughs off the remark. Tomomi is downcast, and tells him that Noda has been acting strangely today. At first Yamagishi is unconcerned, but then asks about Noda. She is worried that it seems like they're breaking up and Noda doesn't like her anymore. Yamagishi doesn't think so, but when Tomomi is still worried, gets an idea. He asks Tomomi to entrust the matter to him; he'll find out what Noda's true feelings are. This gives Tomomi hope, and she begs Yamagishi to do so.

The next day after school at track practice, Noda and Yamagishi sit on the side and he asks Noda what he thinks of Tomomi. ``Naturally, I love her,'' replies Noda. Yamagishi then asks why he's acting so strange; Tomomi is worried about him. Noda yells at him to mind his own business, but Yamagishi replies that he's only acting as a friend.

Noda swears Yamagishi to silence and explains how he saw Tomomi undressing the previous day and how he keeps remembering it. Yamagishi is loudly surprised to hear this, forcing Noda to quite him. Yamagishi wants to know more about it, and is disappointed when Noda replies that he only saw her back. Yamagishi asks what Noda thinks of her now. He asks if it makes him want to do anything with Tomomi, like kissing and hugging etc. Noda gets mad at him for thinking such things, and says didn't think of Tomomi as a girl that much. Yamagishi feels that he's beyond hope.

At the end, he tells Noda that he's going to take Tomomi away from him (whoever wins the sprint at the festival wins her), but when Noda reacts poorly, says he was ``just kidding.'' Noda then makes him promise that what he just said must remain a secret.

Later that day, Yamagishi and Tomomi meet in a park. She slides closer to him on the bench and asks what Noda said. Yamagishi is nervous in light of what Noda told him and tries to evade her question, but Tomomi is persistent, ``really tell me.'' When Yamagishi continues to be evasive, Tomomi makes the only conclusion she can, that Noda really doesn't like her anymore.

Yamagishi is worried about how hurt she is acting and moves to put his arm around her, but stops himself. Instead, he kneels in front of Tomomi, takes her hands, and tells her that he loves her. Needless to say, she's surprised. He says that he's better than this boring Noda. ``I want to go steady with you.'' He then runs off, leaving a very confused Tomomi behind.

That night, Mikage pulls up the covers to go to sleep. Tomomi comes over and tells her sister what Yamagishi said. She wants to talk about this, but Mikage just wants to go to sleep. Some loud telepathy gets Mikage's attention, and she gets up to talk with her sister. Now awake, Mikage says that this is a good opportunity to change, but Tomomi doesn't want to do that. ``Then you should tell Yamagishi `no thank you','' says Mikage, but Tomomi is scared to do that too. Mikage goes back to bed, though she'd like to help, she can't clear her sister's personal confusion.

At track practice the next day, Yamagishi is working very hard on his running. Noda comes up and greets him after a sprint. Yamagishi replies that he won't be beaten by Noda. He then leaves a confused Noda behind as he heads off to practice more.

Noda washes his face at the water fountain and Mikage comes up to wash some chemistry glassware. She asks him if he's started to dislike Tomomi, adding that Tomomi is puzzled by his behavior. She also tells him of Yamagishi. Yamagishi's words, ``I won't lose to you,'' come back to Noda, and he asks Mikage what Tomomi thinks of him. Mikage (truthfully) tells him that Tomomi doesn't know, which really worries Noda.

Noda is in the hall, looking out over the city when Tomomi walks up. Both of them are worried and neither can get up the courage to say anything to the other, so Tomomi continues on by after a bit. When she's gone, Noda beats himself in the head for not being able to say anything. Tomomi stops just around the corner and tears come to her eyes. Mikage telepathically asks how it went, ``What did Noda say?'' Tomomi replies that he said nothing. She feels that her fears are confirmed while Mikage wonders about Noda's behavior. She tells Tomomi not to cry, for tears are running down her face.

That night, Noda dreams of Tomomi coming up and taking off her shirt for him. He wakes up, shocked at this, and runs out of his room only to fall down the stairs.

The next day at school, it is raining. Despite this, Yamagishi continues to practice hard at running. He does one sprint in a good time, surprising his classmates. They are further surprised when he heads back to try again. Noda sits watching the practice, downcast.

He sees a vision of Yamagishi and Tomomi walking off hand in hand. Yamagishi turns and tells him that he won't lose to Noda. Tomomi turns and says that she promised Yamagishi. She nods to him, and the two then walk off together. Noda wakes up, screaming. for Tomomi not to go away. This was another bad dream.

Noda walks through the rainy streets of Yokohama and winds up at the Matsunaga house. He stands outside, under his umbrella. Inside, Tomomi sits downcast at her desk, wondering why Noda doesn't like her anymore. Noda finds his resolve and in his mind tells Tomomi he won't give her up to Yamagishi, he loves her. He then yells to the world, ``I won't lose,'' turns and runs off.

The day of the athletic festival has come. Varying degrees of aptitude are shown in the different events. In one race, Daijouji and Mikage show their lack of athletic skill (though they have more than some others). Yamagishi does well in the hurdles, as does someone in the high jump. Tomomi handily wins the girls relay race, coming from behind. Finally, it's time for the men's 100 meter dash. This get's Tomomi's attention even as she's being congratulated for winning, since both Noda and Yamagishi are competing in this. It's obvious that the rivalry here is more than just who can run faster, it's personal. Mikage notices this and points out to Tomomi that it's a competition for love here.

The race starts and both guys are determined not to lose. As the run neck and neck, Tomomi wonders to herself about deciding between them. Noda says that he loves Tomomi, and Yamagishi replies that Tomomi is his. The two fellows break the finish tape together, a tie.

As they slow down, Noda trips and falls. Tomomi rushes over, worried. She's glad that he says he's ok. He's glad this happened after the finish. Tomomi notices that their hands are touching and pulls hers back in embarrassment. Noda apologizes for all that he's done and making her worry. Tomomi's relieved and happy that he still likes her. A boy with the pennant approaches Yamagishi and asks who should get this, since it was a tie. Yamagishi takes it, claiming that it's his, since Noda has the real prize.

In the evening after the festival, there's a big bonfire at school to celebrate. Noda and Yamagishi sit in the background looking on. Noda asks him if what he did was really just an act. Yamagishi says that things are settled, and that would be interfering anyway. Noda continues asking about ``that time.'' Yamagishi is deliberately dense, as Noda explains more. Unfortunately, Tomomi overhears this. Noda tries to point the blame at Yamagishi, but Tomomi doesn't buy it. She accuses Noda of being kinky and runs off telling him, ``I hate you!'' Noda chases after her, trying to apologize, but she turns away, refusing to forgive him. Yamagishi sits there crying over his lost opportunity, even to the audience.

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