Miracle Girls episode 43

Episode Title
Eiga ha matsuri da jinsei da!
[A Movie is a Festival, a Person's Life!]
Air Date
  • Synopsis by George Robbert, 1995.01.03
It is autumn and the ginkgo leaves are falling. Daijouji pauses outside the science building, clutches her book to her chest, and waxes poetic about autumn being the season for the storms of creativity to blow.

Mikage, Tomomi, Noda and Yamagishi are sitting outside the school. Yamagishi is reading a book. Noda comments how cheerless it is after the festival. Tomomi is worried about an upcoming test. Her sister is unsympathetic and turns the topic to the upcoming winter vacation. Tomomi wants to go skiing, but Mikage would prefer an onsen. Tomomi then comments that they probably won't be able to do this if they get a part time job. Mikage thinks this is a real drag. Yamagishi suddenly comes out of his book about movies with an idea.

After class the next day, Yamagishi puts forth his idea to make a movie. He tells of the contest he found out about and mentions that there's a 300,000 yen prize as well. A bunch of folks think it's an interesting idea. Noda would like an action film, Mikage an adventure, Daijouji a historic drama, Tomomi a romance. Others would like comedy, horror, musical or other genres. Kageura comes in and says that it ought to be a movie about twins with ESP powers. This can bring together all of what they were talking about.

He points out the problem of getting actors, then says that ESP powers are linked to twins, and there's only one set of twins around, the Matsunagas. They're reluctant to be singled out this way, and worried about what his real agenda is. Daijouji isn't too pleased about them (especially Mikage) getting all this attention either. Kageura makes such a good speech about how this would work, that everyone except Daijouji agrees that the twins are it.

At the next meeting for the movie, Yamagishi sets forth the major roles. He will be the director. Daijouji will write the scenario. Noda will handle the special effects. The Matsunaga twins will star in the movie. And Kageura-sensei will be the sponsor. The movie ``The Invincible Twin Miracle Girls'' is now ready to start production. He gives another of his inspirational speeches, including his ideas on how the movie should go. Kageura is surprised at some of his ideas, and Daijouji naturally disagrees with both of them. Kageura insists that the ESP power must be teleportation, but Noda is concerned as to how they'll be able to film something like that. Kageura insists he'll handle that (as the sponsor).

Noda and the twins walk home together after the meeting, and discuss how it went. Mikage isn't very happy with Kageura and all his scheming. Noda isn't worried though.

Kageura arrives back at his apartment. The elevator gives him the idea that they can use that for the teleportation scene. He also figures that this movie will make him famous enough for Rika to come back to him. The phone rings just as he enters the door. He rushes over to it, hoping that it's Rika. Unfortunately, it's not. He's very surprised --- possibly shocked --- by what he's told on the phone.

The next day at school, he meets the movie makers in the hall and apologizes to them. His little sister is getting married and he has to go back home for that. He's sorry that he has to leave them in the middle of the movie, but... Everyone else tells him that it's ok; they can handle it. As he walks off, Noda has a grin on his face as he wishes him a good trip. The twins share his happiness at this turn of fate.

Daijouji is surrounded by piles of books at the library. She is trying to figure out how to make this movie a real masterpiece. Elsewhere, Yamagishi is looking through a bookstore, trying to find more help.

On her way back from the library, Daijouji is stopped in the street by a meddling beautician, who drags her into her shop to create a ``new image'' for Daijouji.

At home, the twins talk about the movie and how Kageura has directed the plot. Tomomi is worried about their secret, but Mikage points out that this is only a movie and no one will believe that what's in it is real.

The beautician takes down Daijouji's braids, and removes her glasses, pointing out that she looks much better that way, and suggesting that she should get contacts. Daijouji argues this point, saying that she preferred her previous look, and that contacts aren't for her. She doesn't get far as the beautician continues talking to her about her image and maybe some make up and other things to improve it. The beautician then hauls off a protesting Daijouji to get some new clothes that she will look good in.

Daijouji finally leaves the shop, her image completely remade. She thinks that she's just wasted a couple hours, but maybe ought to think about what the beautician said. She starts back on her way home, when a pizza delivery scooter comes racing down the street toward her. Yamagishi, who was also walking home at this time, yells at her to watch out, jumps and manages to rescue her from the path of the scooter. The driver yells at her for being stupid, and continues on his delivery.

Yamagishi and Daijouji are on the ground as the ginkgo leaves fall about them. He sits up and finds that he injured his arm during the rescue. He deflects her concern asking if she is ok. Yamagishi looks at the new Daijouji and doesn't recognize her, but time stops for him staring at this beautiful woman. The camera pulls back from these two sitting in the circle of light from a street-lamp, looking at each other.

Afterwards, they sit on a park bench overlooking a lake. Daijouji apologizes for making him hurt himself for her sake. She takes out a handkerchief and uses it to clean and bandage his bruised arm, thinking to herself, ``I can't see too well.'' Yamagishi is worried that this gal he just met is using such a pretty handkerchief for such rough work. She replies that she got it at a bargain, only 250 yen, though it may not look like it. She then turns and rummages around her bag thinking that it's really inconvenient without her glasses.

While she does this, Yamagishi stares at his new bandage and comments, ``truly pretty.'' She re-asserts that it was really a bargain, but Yamagishi says that he was talking about her, not the handkerchief. This really surprises her. He continues, ``I thought so when we first met. It seemed like a story from a shoujo manga.'' [these are known for featuring love stories like this -- ghr] Before she can do anything with her glasses, he gets up and asks if they could meet again. When she says yes, he immediately arranges to meet here tomorrow at 6 in the evening. He then runs off, quite happy, full of energy and overjoyed at the new turn his life has taken. Daijouji just stands there, not sure what to make of the situation, watches him run off, and looks at her reflection in her glasses.

At home, she stares at her ``new face'' in the mirror on her desk, wondering. Her glasses lie unused to the table nearby. Suddenly she gets an idea: the theme of the movie should be a romance.

The next day at the movie planning session, Yamagishi again harangues the group. He tells them that the theme of the move should be love and romance. Daijouji mutters to herself wondering where he came up with the same idea as she did. The two of them start arguing over how carefully he thought this out. She claims he couldn't have thought about this all night like she did, in fact he probably only gave it a few seconds thought. Noda finally steps in and stops this confrontation. He then asks Yamagishi what image he had in mind for the male lead. He was thinking of a superhero ``Kurashige-kame.'' He continues explaining his thoughts on the story. Daijouji suggests that they add transformation sequences and have him fight monsters for his true love. Tomomi wonders where twins fit into this picture, and Noda adds that it will have a happy ending. Everyone but Daijouji likes this. She complains that they don't understand ``the arts,'' Yamagishi finishes by urging folks to work hard on the movie since there's not much time left.

Afterwards Yamagishi stops by a flower shop looking for some flowers. The florist embarrasses him by asking if they're for his girlfriend's birthday. Daijouji sits on the same park bench, again dressed up in her ``new image.'' Yamagishi comes up and surprises her with the gift of red roses. As they sit and talk, it comes out that he is making a movie, and she asks if he is a movie director. He replies that he will be in the future, and apologizes for being busy for a while but promises to make this movie a masterpiece ``for you.'' He then excuses himself, promises to meet her here in a week and runs off. Daijouji stands looking fondly after him running off into the sunset as the ginkgo leaves continue to fall. She realizes, ``I forgot to ask his name.''

At home, Daijouji sits on her bed holding the bouquet of roses remembering his words that he would make a masterpiece for her sake. She thinks she would like to know more about this nice guy.

The next day the ``burning'' science building is the set for a scene in the movie where Kurashige-kame is fighting upstairs. The twins run out of the building, but Mikage wants to go back for Kurashige-kame. Tomomi stops her. Yamagishi stops everything and yells at Mikage to put more feeling into her lines. She counters that this is the 20th time they've shot the scene already. He pulls rank as director and says they'll do it again until it's right, even if it takes 100 or 200 times. Daijouji wonders what's gotten him all hot.

This finished, Yamagishi goes to wash is face at the water fountain. He pulls out a handkerchief to dry it, and notices that this is the fancy one he received when he rescued that girl. ``I love you,'' he whispers to it. Noda surprises him by coming up and asking what he's doing, then teases him about using a woman's handkerchief. ``You have strange taste.''

Later, Yamagishi tells Noda the whole story as they sit on the school roof. ``It was love at first sight,'' he says and adds he thinks of her constantly. Noda thinks this is a very fine thing and asks if she's pretty. Yamagishi responds that she's not just pretty but is indescribably beautiful. He goes on to say that he's going to do his best on this movie for her sake.

At home, Daijouji stares at the roses on her desk. She wishes that she could see their giver with her own eyes (and not glasses), then buries her head in the petals.

Kurashige-kame pulls up on his scooter by a fountain where Mikage is waiting. She's glad to see that he's ok, and runs to him. They embrace and the fountain raises a wall of water behind them. ``That's good! Cut!'' yells Yamagishi. He's happy that it's over. Daijouji comments sarcastically to herself, then notices the time and rushes off.

The shooting done, Mikage sits down tired. Noda replies he also is, and Tomomi comes over to congratulate them. Yamagishi comments that the movie is almost finished then notices the time. He too realizes he's late and runs off.

Daijouji and Yamagishi sit together on their park bench. He is surprised that she looks this way. She replies that she was trying to change her image but didn't have time to put on the new clothes this time. He says that he's still happy that he met her, and feels that it was fate that brought them together. Daijouji says that his voice sounds like she's heard it before. They both comment that they'd like to meet again. She then puts on her glasses and they simultaneously turn and tell each other ``I love you.'' Time stops when they realize who it actually is that they have said this to. They stand up, embarrassed. Daijouji apologizes for leading him on, and Yamagishi does the same. Both then turn and walk off in opposite directions.

Ginkgo leaves continue to fall about the bench to the narration, ``The making of the movie was over, and also the love was over.''

``END'' appears on the movie screen and the audience of Yamagishi's film starts to get up. Kageura is upset, ``Where is the teleportation? Where are the twins? Where are the Miracle Girls?'' Noda says that they story changed a bit, but that they think this is best. Kageura, of course, wants them to shoot the whole thing over according to his ideas. Noda stops this by suggesting to the audience that they all go out to eat, which receives hearty approval. Kageura doesn't like it that everyone ignores him and proceeds to walk out. He yells after them that he is the sponsor.

Noda calls for Yamagishi to leave. He picks up his book-bag to go, but it opens spilling it's contents on the floor. Among the items that fell out, is the handkerchief that Daijouji bandaged his arm with. He picks it up, and stares at it thoughtfully. The ginkgo leaves are falling as Daijouji again pauses outside the science building. She puts on her glasses and stares at it thoughtfully.

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