Miracle Girls episode 44

Episode title
Papa no koibito
[Papa's Lover!?]
Air Date
  • Synopsis by George Robbert, 1994.12.06
Tomomi and Mikage are in their pajamas getting ready for bed. Since Mom is going to be gone tonight the twins are home alone, and Mikage wonders if they locked the door. Tomomi says of course she did. ``You can check it if you're worried.'' They are interrupted and frightened by the sound of the bell on the front door ringing as it is opened.

The two scared girls creep downstairs to investigate this noise. Tomomi carries her tennis racket for self defense. Mikage call out, asking if anyone is there, then speculates that it might be a monster. When Tomomi finally does put her foot down on the downstairs floor the a bunch of fire-crackers go off and a frankenstein monster jumps out at them.

He is greeted by the tennis racket leading a hail of projectiles. A potted plant hits him square in the face and knocks him down. Mikage gets the lights and the girls wonder what sort of robber this was. He sits up, a bit groggy after the impact and the frankenstein mask falls off. The twins are shocked at who they find. ``Papa!'' He's a bit disheveled after this greeting, and says that he wanted to surprise the twins. He did that. The two march back off to bed, mad, leaving their dad sitting on the living room floor in the dark.

The next morning, Tomomi wakes up late. As she and Mikage rush hurriedly downstairs to head off to school, Tomomi is surprised to see a full breakfast set out on the table. Their dad comes out wearing an apron; he made the breakfast. He explains that he learned to do a lot while he was on his own in Rome.

The twins are surprised at this, but soon notice the laundry basket that he's carrying. It has some of their lingerie in it. Neither is happy about this and they both grab back their underthings, offended that he would even think of washing their private garments. This confuses him, since he only wanted to help. After throwing a couple pairs of his boxer shorts they accidentally grabbed back at him, the twins take their stuff back upstairs and leave for school in a huff. Dad sits down on the porch outside, and ponders his bad luck.

Tomomi and Noda sit a bench eating ice cream cones after school. She is still mad at her dad for his actions when he came back home. Noda counters that it was rather nice of him to do something special like the frankenstein greeting or fancy breakfast on his return after not seeing them for a year. Tomomi is still mad at papa about the laundry, and accuses him of being a dirty man. Noda doesn't understand this so Tomomi gets up and walks off, mad.

Noda runs after and catches up. She explains that she'd rather have a kinder greeting after a year. They turn a corner and Tomomi stops dead in her tracks, seeing her dad sitting at an outdoor cafe with another woman. Trying not to be seen, she sneaks over to spy on the two. Noda also comes over, but his reaction is, ``Wow what a pretty girl.'' Tomomi pushes him out of sight for this comment. She then notices that her dad has given the woman a fancy necklace which she is overjoyed to get. Noda comments that he really does seem to be a dirty old man, which earns him a fierce slap from Tomomi who then runs off.

At home, Tomomi sullenly makes dinner while she tells Mikage what she saw. The two discuss what this might mean. The woman is pretty and young (22-23). Mikage comes up with the theory this woman might be their dad's lover. Tomomi is shocked at the idea, but it matches the evidence.

At this point, their mom comes home. She's back from her absence and has brought a treat for them to eat. The twins tell her that papa came back last night. When mom asks where he is now, they are embarrassed and can't answer, so she goes upstairs to rest.

Meanwhile, her husband is at a restaurant with the woman Tomomi saw him with earlier. They talk about the incident of doing his daughter's laundry. She explains how for women their age this would be quite an embarrassing thing. They continue talking and he ends by apologizing for talking about his kids all the time.

At home it is almost midnight, and the twins, waiting for papa to return home, complain about how late he is. He finally returns, to be faced by the inquiry board of his two daughters. He's surprised to find them still up waiting for him. With a firm expression on their faces, they demand to know why he came back to Japan. He isn't sure how to take this and waffles a bit before finally answering that he has something important to talk about with their mom. He then heads off to bed, confused, leaving his shocked daughters behind. As they mull his answer over, one topic for the ``important conversation'' comes to mind: ``divorce.''

Next morning papa has made a fancy breakfast again. Tomomi and Mikage come down, give him a cold greeting and head off to school without even sampling it. He is confused and hurt by this rejection.

The twins eat their lunch outside school and talk. Tomomi wonders if their mom knows about this stuff with their dad, and Mikage isn't sure. She also wishes that dad had done something nice for them on his return. Mikage replies, ``That's not unreasonable,'' then asks, if there is a divorce, which way would Tomomi like to go. Tomomi tells her to stop talking like that, but Mikage goes on to speculate; going with mom would be ok, but so would papa. It all depends on what his lover is like.

Tomomi gets up, mad, and heads off. Just then Noda comes up and begins apologizing to her about yesterday. She snubs him and continues off. Mikage calls after her and also gets up. Noda asks what is going on, but Mikage too snubs him and heads off after her sister.

At home, the twins discover that papa has gone out. The find a couple small packages and a note from him. In it he apologizes and says that he has to return to Europe due to some work trouble. He also has a meeting at a hotel this evening. He says that he did buy them a present in Rome. It's a pair of watches for them.

Mikage wonders if mom knows about this, so Tomomi tries calling her. She's gone out already. The twins wonder where, and Tomomi guesses that maybe she went to the hotel. Mikage figures this must be for whatever important thing their dad had to say to her. With this worry on their mind, the two teleport off to the hotel.

They appear in a room in the hotel and quickly run out, surprising the gal who was just about to enter the room. They head down the corridor and hide against the wall as they see their dad and his ``lover'' walking down the hall. Mikage asks if that is her, and Tomomi confirms her identity. The ``lover'' excuses herself for a moment and heads down the hall past the twins as they hide behind a door.

Tomomi takes this chance to run over by the door to the room their dad entered to spy on him. Mikage isn't too keen on being left alone, but she asks Tomomi what their dad is doing anyway; he's sitting by himself. ``Maybe he's thinking about mother?'' suggests Tomomi. Both are worried since his ``lover'' is also here.

At this point mom walks in. She asks papa what he wanted to talk about, but before he can answer, his lover also enters. The two gals eye each other. Papa introduces the new woman to mom and walks over next to his lover. He proceeds to explain that they'll be living together from now on and that he doesn't love mom anymore. She seems to accept this, but then shows her true feelings by throwing the glass she picked up against a table leg where it shatters. Tomomi is shocked at this turn of events, which turn out to have been a vision (or just an overactive imagination) on her part.

Mikage asks what happened, and Tomomi sees mom come in through the door for real this time. Just then, Mikage notices papa's ``lover'' returning. Both twins are scared and worried, not wanting the vision to come to pass.

Mikage jumps out, stopping the ``lover'' and the man she's returning with. Dad steps out and is surprised to find Tomomi waiting right outside the door. He then greets mom who apologizes for making him wait. She's also surprised to see Tomomi here. She then notices Mikage a little bit down the hall. Mikage is paniced and keeps looking back and forth between the two women that she wants to keep from meeting. Finally, she can't take it any more and breaks into tears.

The twins sit on a couch and Mikage is still sniffling and drying her eyes. The others are seated around this coffee table. Papa then proceeds to introduce the woman they thought was his lover. She is transferring from the Rome branch of his company to their home offices here. He then goes on to introduce her fiancee. The twins are surprised at this and she replies that they will be getting married next year.

When Tomomi asks about the necklace that she's wearing, their papa explains that it was his engagement present to them. Mom adds that it was her design too. The twins are privately ashamed for thinking what they did. Mikage asks why Tomomi thought their papa had a lover, but she points out that it was Mikage that came up with that idea.

Their conversation continues as the two of them sit on the ground by a building. They're both glad that their suspicion was totally unfounded, but wonder what important thing their dad had to tell their mom. On the other side of the car in front of them, their parents look over the ocean and talk. He finally brings up the important thing that he came to say, arousing her curiosity. He asks if she would like to go to Paris with him. Paris has nice weather this time of year and she could also study hair styling there. He continues explaining that there was a corruption scandal that he has to take care of.

She says that this is a nice feeling and counters by handing him a small jewelry box. He opens it to find the tie-pin that he's wanted for a long time inside. ``Congratulations,'' she tells him. The twins have overheard this much and realize that they had forgotten that today was their father's birthday. It's even worse that their worry over an unwarranted suspicion about him is what caused them to do so.

The next day, papa is leaving at the airport. Mikage and Tomomi come up and give him a bunch of flowers and a letter. They apologize for being a day late, wish him happy birthday, and ask him to open the letter on the plane. He thanks them.

Once the plane takes off, he opens up the letter. In it, the twins wish him a happy birthday and apologize for not getting him something better. However they have included a couple photographs of the two of them. ``Don't we look more grown up now?'' they ask. It seems like he does appreciate this birthday present ``From your cute daughters.''

The twins teleport back to school, arriving just as the bell rings, so they have to run to try and not be counted late for class.

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