Miracle Girls episode 45

Episode title
Tsuma, Kaeru?!
[My Wife, Coming Back!?]
Air Date
  • Synopsis by George Robbert, 1994.12.12
The song of birds greets the sunrise this morning. Inside, the breakfast table is set for two and a coffee maker begins it's morning work. Kageura Rika is in the kitchen working on breakfast. She calls out to her husband, ``Shin-chan. Shin-chan! Shin-chan, get up! You'll be late.'' He turns over in bed, asking her for a morning kiss. Unfortunately, this is all a dream he's having.

He wakes up to pounding on his door, falls out of bed and stares around at the mess. Meanwhile the person pounding on the door stops, calls out that there's a letter for him, and slides it under the door. The camera pans around the room to show that Kageura really needs some help keeping the apartment clean and organized.

Kageura knocks over his alarm clock, which goes off. He notices the time, rushes to the kitchen, wolfs down some breakfast --- a bit too quickly for his health --- and looks fondly at a picture of him and Rika. He resolves to get evidence of the Matsunaga twin's powers so that she'll come back to him. He has his trusty video camera, on which he swears to do so, filling himself with a fiery resolve.

Tomomi and Mikage are running to the train station. Tomomi is concerned about the hour exam she has today, but of course Mikage isn't worried. At the station turnstiles, Tomomi discovers that her ticket has run out, and she has to get a new one. Mikage did this yesterday. As Tomomi runs off to get at ticket, she is watched by a man in a trench-coat.

Tomomi arrives at the train just as the doors close and it starts off. She and Mikage missed it. She's quite upset since she won't be able to remember what she studied for the exam much longer. She asks Mikage to teleport to school, holding out her finger right there, in the middle of hundreds of witnesses. Mikage hauls her off to a less obvious place before agreeing to.

In a side corridor, they make a deal, and teleport off. Unfortunately, Kageura, who was the man watching them, manages to get this on video tape. He's surprised to have finally gotten this, and boasts about his ``victory of love,'' then dances in joy over finally being successful.

After class, the bell rings and students pour out into the hall. Tomomi is tired after her test, and telepathically talks with Mikage about it. Kageura comes up behind her and asks if she's using telepathy, which of course, she denies. He then surprises her by inviting her to lunch with Rika in his office.

Later, Mikage and Tomomi peek into Kageura's office. As they discuss what to do, Tomomi mentions that it would be nice if Noda came too. They enter, and a television turns on automatically. It starts playing the videotape of their teleportation that Kageura filmed this morning. The twins are shocked to find this, and Mikage ejects the tape to confiscate it.

At this point, the door slams shut and Kageura appears, telling them that the tape they have is only a copy. He has the original in his hand. They ask what he intends to do with it. He's going to show it on TV and become a famous person. This will let him continue his research on ESP powers. Mikage is shocked that he'd use them as guinea pigs, and Tomomi wonders what they can do.

Noda enters and interrupts this discussion. Kageura isn't happy with his meddling, but Noda replies that the principal is looking for Kageura and wants to talk to him about his wife. Kageura is really worried at this, since he didn't want anyone to know that she had left him (and thought he had kept it secret). He runs off to the principal, leaving the relieved twins behind with Noda.

In the Principal's office, Kageura demands to know what's going on. The principal tells him that he heard about a group in the mountains on the noon news. He thought he heard Kageura's wife's name in the list. Kageura is floored by this news, so the principal offers that he might have been mistaken and suggests calling home. Kageura promises his concerned principal that he'll take care of this problem himself and runs off.

Noda and the twins are waiting at the school gate as he comes running out. The demand to talk with him wanting to know why he was going to make them guinea pigs. He denies that he was and runs right past them without slowing down. The three wonder what he's up to and are still upset with him.

Kageura arrives home and his rush in through the apartment door blows the letter from this morning into his face. It's from Rika. She says she's going to the same mountain they went to in college where they made up their minds. She figures that maybe seeing it and the memories there will help her to figure out what their future will be, and whether she can answer his love. Kageura's world shatters, crushing him, as he cries out Rika's name.

Noda meets the twins in the hall at school. He tells them that Kageura has left, adding that he doesn't know why, but he was in a hurry. Tomomi is worried about where he might go with the video tape he has. Mikage agrees, and the two ask Noda to take care of matters there and teleport off.

Elsewhere, a search and rescue team is preparing to head out into the mountains. Kageura runs up and forcefully asks them if his wife is ok --- rather vigorously. When the team can't answer him, he runs off into the woods to look for her himself.

As she passes by a billboard TV, Rika hears a reporter describe the departure of the search-rescue party. She recognizes the Kageura as he accosts members of the party demanding to know where his wife is. The reporter says that the missing party are all students and that none of them are married, thus they don't know who this person is. She receives a note saying that he ran off into the woods. After hearing this news, Rika runs off to find him.

Mikage and Tomomi teleport in, their arrival hidden by a large rock. Meanwhile Kageura searches through the forest, calling for Rika. After a little asking around, Mikage returns having found out that Kageura wandered off into the mountains alone, searching for his wife.

Kageura continues heading deeper into the woods searching for his wife as the fog builds. The noise of a breaking twig scares him and he runs off in blind panic. Unfortunately this leads him over the edge of a cliff, and falls.

Rika surprises the twins when she comes up and greets them. They are concerned when the news reports that the original lost party was found, but that neither Kageura nor his wife were with it (though she has discovered his name). And are even more so when the reporter points out that it is going to get very cold tonight up on the mountain. The twins stand listening to this news with Rika and notice that it is beginning to snow.

Elsewhere, Kageura wakes up at the bottom of a cliff as the snow falls around him. He tries to get up but finds that he has injured his leg. After dragging himself over to a tree to lean against, he apologizes to Rika for not being able to come to help her.

Sitting with Mikage, Rika looks up in surprise. In answer to Mikage's question she replies that she felt that she heard her husband calling and explains that he would really like to know if there are ESP powers but now she just wants to help him.

Tomomi runs up with the news that the authorities are going to wait until tomorrow before going out to search for Kageura. Mikage doesn't like this turn of events, and Rika breaks down crying, apologizing to Kageura and saying that this is all her fault.

Tomomi comes up with an idea that she telepathically discusses with Mikage. She agrees but worries how Kageura will take their help like this. A look at Rika sitting there crying decides it for them. They tell her to wait, promise to return with her husband, and run off into the woods.

Sitting beneath the tree, Kageura picks up the video tape he took of the twins teleporting, and thinks of what he could get by publishing this. After talking to himself on this a while, he finally figures out that Rika is more important than his research or fame or anything this tape might bring; he loves her.

The twins are teleporting and walking through the forest looking and calling for Kageura while he sits collapsed beneath his tree, overcome by the cold and snow. He thinks he hears them in a dream, but finds it is real as they run up and tell him that his wife is worried about him. Tears of joy form in his eyes at this unexpected help.

Mikage holds out her hand to him and says that they'll go back now --- by teleporting, Tomomi adds. He's surprised that they would help him this way and asks why, surprised. Mikage points out that he'll be uncomfortable sleeping like that Tomomi says that their power isn't something to be made much of, and Mikage adds that it's for special things like this. He's overcome by this and impressed by their attitude. Tomomi tells him his wife is waiting and they teleport back to where she is waiting.

He walks around the rock to meet her, and both have tears in their eyes at this reunion. Unfortunately there is no time for a tender moment as the media immediately attacks Kageura asking how he got out. He is about to tell them about the twins and the tape of their powers that he has when the their words come to him. He changes his mind, throws the tape away (into a stream) and tells the media that he really doesn't know how he got out. Rika is happy that he decided this, as are the twins.

Another day, after they've all returned home, Kageura leaves for work in his little red car. He blows a good-bye kiss to his beloved Rika who is seeing him off from the balcony of their apartment. It appears that all is well in their relationship again. Tomomi comments that it looks like everything is sweet between them now. Mikage is no where near as impressed by their display. Tomomi then realize how late they are and the two teleport off to school.

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