Miracle Girls episode 46

Episode title
Kokoro wo tsunagu air mail
[Heart-tied air-mail]
Air date
Koi no mirai (GARDEN)
Futari janakya dame na no (Dio)
letter, amusement park, roller-coaster, romantic film, fever, truck, Narita
  • Summary by Pascal Janin, 1994.12.19.
    [Have the producers "perverted" Pokota to appear in Miracle Girls as Yuuji?]
On a windy autumn morning, Mikage, pretty sad, is sitting at her desk, staring at a blank sheet (the letter she has yet to write to Kurashige- senpai), hoping for his letters to come.

In front of the TV, Tomomi watches TV and laughes out loud, when the door bell rings. She gets up and opens the door, to see a young boy she doesn't know putting out his tongue at her. The boy is quickly pulled back by Noda, who has something to tell Tomomi about him.

Outside, the kid sees the postman dropping a letter into the Matsunaga mailbox.

[title screen]

While the kid is watching TV and eating chips, Noda tells Tomomi that he's his cousin Yuuji, a 2nd-year schoolboy. His parents have been transferred to Borneo, and until they set things up there, Yuuji is staying at his house. But Noda's own parents have left on a trip 2 days ago, so he has to take care of Yuuji.

In the meantime, Yuuji silently goes upstairs and sneaks into the twins' room where Mikage is now having a rest, sleeping over her desk.

Downstairs, Noda shyly tells Tomomi he'd like her to take care of Yuuji for today.

Upstairs, Yuuji gets closer to Mikage, and sees she's sleeping and murmuring the name of her lover in her sleep. He wants to steal a kiss from her, but she wakes up at the very last second and yells out loud.

Noda now apologizes to Mikage and Tomomi for his cousin's bad behavior, but Mikage is very mad at Yuuji, saying that they won't take care of him and that Tomomi is too nice with Noda. Noda begs them to help him, even just for the day time since Noda's parents will be back the next day. This moves Tomomi who agrees to take care of Yuuji for that day, and asks him what he'd like to do.

They all go to the amusement park, and Yuuji booby-traps Mikage in the roller-coaster, saying she's afraid of having a ride. In fact, when the short ride is over, Mikage is in a so poor shape that Tomomi suggests Yuuji to go to a much "slow-paced" place, such as a cinema. But the movie he fancies is a romance, called "Wave of Love", and if features a girl and a boy about to kiss each other. This gives the twins the creeps, but Yuuji takes them there nevertheless.

Inside the theater, the three are surrounded by lots of young couples, boys and girls tenderly hugging each other, making the twins feels even more uncomfortable. When the kiss scene comes, Yuuji stands up and yells, "A kiss! They're kissing each other!" making everybody else upset. When Yuuji wants to try on Mikage what he just saw on the screen, she pulls him outside the room. There, Mikage yells at him for being a brat. "Then do you hate me?" Yuuji shyly asks.
"Yes I hhhhhhate you !" she angrily replies, making him cry. To soothe his tears, Tomomi "forces" Mikage to tell him she likes him after all. Being very happy again, Yuuji now wants to go and eat something.

At a family restaurant, Tomomi tells Yuuji that he can have whatever he wants, but the dish he picks up is a large thus very expensive steak, so Tomomi "suggests" him to choose a much cheaper one. Yuuji's behavior upsets Mikage who angrily leaves their table.

Left alone, Yuuji spots a young girl eating an ice-cream. He disturbs her by making faces at her, so she complains to her mother about Yuuji. But he stays still when the girl's mother glances at him, and resumes his stupid jokes when she turns back. So the girl angrily throws her spoon at him.

Outside, Tomomi tries to calm down Mikage when they hear people scream in the restaurant. They see Yuuji leaving the dining room in a hurry, followed by the other customers who now yell at the twins (thinking they are his older sisters) for what he did (basically, putting a big mess inside).

Mikage wants to spank the little brat but Yuuji has already left the place, now making faces at Mikage, yelling she's a tomboy. Running away, Yuuji passes by a group of four girls whose skirts fly a la Marilyn Monroe in the winds Yuuji blows. Mikage has to apologize to the girls, who were very mad.

When Tomomi, coming up front, tries to block him, Yuuji crosses the street at full speed, followed by Tomomi who does her best to avoid the vehicles. She eventually catches him, but then a policeman shows up, and Yuuji suddenly struggles in Tomomi's arms, pretending she has kidnapped him, forcing her to let him go.

At a run, Yuuji goes through the subway station's gate without paying, but when the twins try to do the same, the inspector on duty pulls them back, and it's too late for them to take a ride in the same train. So they decide to teleport to the next station.

In the train, Yuuji is very happy to have got rid of them, but also looks sad to be all alone.

At the next station, Yuuji thinks he's now safe but the twins show up, startling him. He lures them with the famous Hey! What's that? trick, but when he runs away, he bumps into a bucket of water. He started crying because he got all wet.

[CM break]

At the end of the day, Tomomi and Mikage walk back home, Tomomi carrying Yuuji, asleep, on her back. When Mikage asks to change with her, Yuuji, still sleeping, murmurs, "Mikage.. I love you.." in her ear. Mikage is moved by these words, and finally agrees with Tomomi when she says he's a nice kid after all ("only when he sleeps", she adds).

Later, when Tomomi hangs out Yuuji's clothes to dry, she spots a letter in his shorts' pocket, all worn out since it has been washed, but the name of the sender is still readable: Hideyuki Kurashige. Tomomi, startled, brings this letter to Mikage who, seeing it, almost bursts in tears.

When Noda rings the door bell, coming to take Yuuji back, Mikage angrily slams the door open, smashing Noda against the wall.

Inside, Mikage is now crying her eyes out, while Noda does his best to apologize for what Yuuji did. Yuuji says that he wanted to give the letter to her, but forgot, and is kicked on the head by Noda. So he goes to Mikage and apologizes to her.

"It's no use apologizing!", Mikage sadly retorts, "You have to restore my letter!"
"..writing another one myself?", he asks, making Mikage yell.
"Do you think that will do?? Go to London, have Kurashige-senpai write another one, and bring it back to me!!!"

Of course Yuuji can't go to London, so he kindly asks her if this man is more important to her than Yuuji himself.

"More than you, more than anyone else!" she yells. These words hurt Yuuji who decides to go to London to apologize. "Go there if you think you can !!" Mikage yells.
The Yuuji, running away, yells, "Mikage you triple idiot! I hate you!!" hurting her in turn. Noda thinks that there's nothing to worry about and Yuuji will soon be back.

But time passes by and Yuuji hasn't come back yet. Tomomi worries even more when she notices that rain has started falling.

Walking in the streets in the darkness, Yuuji finds a slightly broken umbrella to take shelter from the rain, but a car splashes him from head to foot, breaking his umbrella as well.

To look for Yuuji, Noda and Tomomi split, while Mikage stays home.

Yuuji has now caught cold and sneezes, when a large truck stops by him, and the driver asks him what he is doing here.

At home, Mikage, looking at the rain out of the window, is very worried about Yuuji, when the telephone rings, startling her.

Having now a ride in the truck, Yuuji, drying his hair, tells the driver he wants to go to Narita Airport.

The phone call is from Noda, who didn't find Yuuji at home. Then from the Ogurayama subway station, Tomomi "telepathically" calls Mikage and tells her that she found nobody there either.

In the truck, Yuuji has made up a story of his own, about a father who died long ago and a sick mother that he has to go and meet no matter how. That makes the driver cry, and he makes an impressive U-turn with his truck to take Yuuji to Narita.

Tomomi goes back home. The twins are in despair, wondering what happened to Yuuji and what to do.

The truck driver has taken Yuuji to the bus station where he can take a bus to Narita Airport. He makes Yuuji swear to be strong like boys should be, and is about to give him some money to take the bus, but Yuuji has disappeared. While the person in charge of selling tickets isn't looking at him, Yuuji sneaks into the first bus to Narita he finds.

Tomomi and Mikage have crossed their little fingers, willing to teleport where Yuuji is, but the magic doesn't seem to work this time.

In the bus, Yuuji, who has caught cold under the rain, sneezes a lot, much to other passengers' embarrassment.

Mikage and Tomomi keep thinking and thinking about Yuuji, hoping they'll eventually find out where he is.

Yuuji arrives at the airport, but has a strong fever and can only rest against a pillar, murmuring, "Mikage..".

Mikage bursts out of her concentration, since she has "heard" Yuuji's words. She grabs Tomomi's hand and teleports both of them to Narita [actually, to the women's restrooms of Narita ^_^].

Without noticing they are running down the airport barefoot (but a little girl does..), they spot Yuuji asleep outside against the pillar. Mikage is very happy to meet with him again, and when she realizes how sick he is, she gives no choice to Tomomi, grabs her hand and teleports all three of them away.

Their first attempt brings them in the night sky right above Tokyo. As they fall down to the city, the twins eventually reach each other's finger, and teleport home this time, but Yuuji has had time to notice where he was and what the twins did..

Later, Tomomi, looking for Mikage, finds her asleep half-lying on her bed, holding Yuuji's hand in his sleep.

The next day, Noda's parents have come by taxi to bring Yuuji back home. They thank the twins for what they did. Yuuji swears to Mikage that he will write to her, and makes her swear she will read his letters too. They cross each other's little finger to seal their promise, and Yuuji, looking at his finger, remarks, "Eh? We didn't vanish!?"

As the taxi leaves and Yuuji waves at them out of the window, Noda tries to escape but the twins remind him that they've been to the amusement park, cinema, and restaurant, so he should do something for them in return. Then Tomomi hears the postman dropping another letter in the mailbox, another letter from Kurashige-senpai.

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