Miracle Girls episode 47

Episode title
Kizudarake no tenshi
[The Muddleheaded Angels]
Air date
Koi no mirai (GARDEN)
Futari janakya dame na no (Dio)
Guest characters
Hosoka Haruka (Tomizawa Michie)
Motoki Mai (Mitsuishi Kotono)
  • Summary by Pascal Janin, 1995.02.26
  • Edited by George Robbert, 1995.04.03
The twins are running through the streets, late for a 5 PM appointment at their mother's beauty shop. The stop at a kids ``hideout game'' in the playground in a nearby park and hide inside it to teleport off to the hair salon.

When they arrive, their mom is busy cutting a young girl's hair. Mami, the girl, hears the clock strike 5 PM, rushes to the TV set and switches it to channel 4 to watch her favorite show, ``Miracle Girls''! This is a live-action show featuring two girls Mai (with short brown hair) and Haruka (with long dark hair). They blast their enemies with their ``Magical Power!'' lighting strike.

Mami doesn't want to go back to her seat because she has an important job to do: help the Miracle Girls to defeat their enemies. This reminds Mikage and Tomomi of their youth when they were playing Magical Princess twins. They crossed their little fingers and found themselves teleporting away. In shock, they landed under a tall tree, peeked out from behind it and saw a young boy playing a superhero (Noda) and a young basketball player running (Kurashige).

On TV, the Miracle Girls teleport to the monster's hideout where he had taken some kids prisoner. Haruka and Mai easily defeat him with their magical boomerang and their magical power strike.

Mami is very happy to see that the Miracle Girls have won again, and tells Mikage and Tomomi that they can even teleport too! The twins, embarrassed, must admit this is only a show but Mami yells the Miracle Girls exist for real.

At the TV studios Haruka announces that she'll stop playing in the Miracle show because it will take her nowhere close to fame. The phone call she gets next cheers her up: it was from their producer who has another show in mind for them. Haruka is very happy, since this one will make her famous. Mai isn't that enthusiastic because the new show starts tomorrow at the same time as the Miracle Girls show is shot, and their director Ishibashi expects them to be there. Haruka replies that this is a chance to do something more than mere kids' shows. It may not come again.

Ishibashi is shocked to get a phone call telling him the bad news of Haruka and Mai's new intentions. When his associates ask what's the matter, he tells them what Mai and Haruka intend to do. He doesn't think that anyone else could take over their roles and remembers their performance at their audition.

The next morning, Tomomi and Mikage are in a hurry as usual. Today's Miracle Girls episode will be recorded at the nearby park. Unfortunately Ishibashi can not get in touch with Haruka and Mai. He's desperate because the show depends completely on these two actresses. He's about to resign himself to his fate when he spots the ``real'' twins, Mikage and Tomomi, appearing in mid air in the kids' hideout game and running off. Ishibashi can't believe his eyes.

At school, Yamagishi tries to convince his friends to go to see the shooting of the Miracle Girls show, but no one wants to go with him.

At the nearby park, Ishibashi is striding along, wondering if he didn't just dream of the girls teleporting there. Anyway he only saw their back, not their faces. ``Of course in no way people can teleport!'', he finally thinks to himself.

Yamagishi continues to have no success in convincing his classmates to attend the Miracle Girls shooting. Finally, since he sounds so desperate, the twins and Noda agree to go along with him.

At the park, Ishibashi is the only one to believe in Haruka and Mai, as his associates soon lose hope in their showing up and leave the place. On their way to the park, Yamagishi and his friends hear them speaking about the shooting being canceled, so Noda and a disappointed Yamagishi leave to play basketball instead.

The twins continue on to the playground and ask the director if it's really over for today. Ishibashi tells them how this is the place where he used to play when he was young, but now his actresses are looking forward to playing other roles. He still remembers their audition performance and how nice they looked in their ``magical warriors'' outfits. Ishibashi adds that, when he was young, he swore to shoot a show of this kind one day, for the sake of other kids' happiness. The twins remember Mami's enthusiasm for that show, and their own ``teleporting mishap'' when they were young, so they propose their help to Ishibashi to bring Haruka and Mai back here.

While waiting for the other show to start, Haruka and Mai also remember when they auditioned for the Miracle Girls roles and when Ishibashi stood up and told them ``good, let's make this miracle happen together!'' Suddenly Mikage and Tomomi appear in mid air right in front of them. The twins beg them to continue playing their roles as Miracle Girls, trying with all their might for the sake of the kids who watch the show, and for their director, Ishibashi. The twins then vanish as mysteriously as they appeared. Mai and Haruka, bewildered, don't know what to think, but naturally cross their fingers just as if they were playing their roles for real, as tears run down their cheeks.

Ishibashi is still sitting at the playground as the sun sets. He is happy to see two kids playing Miracle Girls. Seconds later, he sees Mai and Haruka run out of the setting sun. In tears, the girls beg him to let them play Miracle Girls till the end and to forgive them. When they confess to him that the ``real'' miracle girls teleported in front of them to encourage them, Ishibashi realizes with a big smile that he hadn't dreamt about seeing them after all. They will shoot the next Miracle Girls episode the next day.

Tomomi and Mikage are relieved to see this happy ending, but it's 5 PM and they have to hurry or they'll be in late again.

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