Miracle Girls episode 48

Episode title
Unmei no saikai
[A Fated Reunion]
Air date
  • Synopsis by George Robbert, 1995.01.16
Mikage is tearing her room apart searching for something. Tomomi comes over to ask what it is, and observes that Kurashige will be returning the day after tomorrow for his cousin's wedding. This distracts Mikage, the box she was trying to take down falls on top of her, and a picture from it floats down and lands on her face. It's the one of Marie and Kurashige in Diammas that she was sent. Tomomi recognizes Marie as ``that selfish princess'' and they laugh over how worried Mikage was.

In Diammas, Marie walks through the garden. Her father is sitting in bed in his room, reading a notebook with some photos of Mr.~X clipped inside. Marie knocks on the door, he closes the book and tells her to enter. She is immediately worried that he's working himself too hard and takes the books from his bed. He replies that she'll be turning 18 soon and is preparing for his retirement ceremony. She tells him that she met this wonderful guy. He thinks this is nice, but mentions he'd rather she waited on that until he's finished the succession to her and Emma. Marie says that Emma left soon after being born and they don't know where she is. Her father shocks her by saying that he does know. He shows her a picture of Emma and say's he's been looking after her, explaining that circumstances have kept them apart until now. With the two of them turning 18, she'll be back in Diammas. Marie doesn't look too pleased at this prospect.

A subordinate comes in and reports to Mr.~X that the opposition is growing, especially after Emma's escape. They're doing everything they can to find her now. Mr.~X replies Marie by herself was easy to manipulate; when Emma appears there will be some troubles. He thought he had everything in hand. After he leaves, Mr.~X looks out the window and comments to himself. ``This country is mine. I won't return it to anyone.''

The twins and Noda are watching trials and practice for a big track meet. Tomomi and Noda talk about the event and the competition: they're both going to be in it. He also mentions that Kurashige would do well here (pleasing Mikage). Tomomi notices someone running below. They all recognize her as Emma, the girl they met at the ski lodge in episodes 9--10.

Back in Diammas, Marie sits with the doctor at her fathers side. The doctor puts his things away and tells a worried Marie that her dad is ok, but that he should rest from work. After the doctor leaves, Her father awakens, takes Marie's hand and asks her to, ``Forgive me, Emma.'' She's not pleased (worried) at this mistaken identity and backs out of the room.

She remembers a time when she was much younger, running after a car that is leaving, yelling for her dad to wait and let her come too. As the car disappears into the distance, Mr.~X comes up and talks to her. He tells her not to speak like a selfish child; her dad is sick and has to spend some time away resting sometimes. She promises to be quiet and not be selfish, but she does want to go with her dad. Mr.~X says this is good since she's a future princess. He closes by asking her to follow him instead.

Marie comes out of her memory looking over the lake and takes out the picture of Emma that her dad had. His words that he thinks about Emma every day, come back to her and she tears up the picture. Mr.~X comes out to the balcony and inquires about Marie. In turn, she asks him about the order of succession and how Emma fits in, complaining how her father was calling for Emma even though she is the one who has stayed by him all along. Mr.~X sympathizes but says that Emma is older. Marie doesn't want to accept this, claiming that Diammas is hers alone. She wants to rule it all together with Hideaki, after all she's been lonely and studied for years to do this. Mr.~X agrees, saying she's a lady well suited to that. Marie thanks him as being the only one who understands that, then announces that they're going to London.

After the trials and practice for the upcoming events, the twins, Noda and Emma sit down in a cafe to share some coffee. She thanks them for the rescue on the skiing vacation. She then notices a man wearing a trench coat, dark glasses and hat sitting at a nearby table, makes a hasty excuse and runs off. As she leaves, the two suspicious looking fellows get up and follow her out.

The Diammas limo races to London. Marie barges into Kurashige's room only to find he isn't there. She is none to happy to notice the picture of him and Mikage on his desk. While she replaces this with the one of the two of them, one of the other agents replies that Kurashige has left. Marie responds to this information by saying that they'll go to Japan. ``Arrange it as soon as possible,'' she orders.

The day of the track meet everyone is at the stadium. Noda comments that Emma is the big hope of her international school. Mikage accuses him of shifting alliances, but Tomomi is merely amused at her sister. Emma walks up at this point and greets them, saying that Tomomi is really fast and everyone think's she'll win. Mikage's excessive agreement embarrasses Tomomi but makes Emma laugh. Mikage then goes on to apologize but tell Emma that Tomomi is going to win. Tomomi silences her, asking Emma not to worry about what her sister just said while Mikage tries to free her mouth. ``It's ok. It suits you two. I hope that day will come for us,'' replies Emma. ``Us?'' reply a surprised Tomomi and Mikage. Emma says it's nothing and leaves wishing that they'll both do their best.

The sprinters, including Tomomi and Emma, line up for the 150m race. Two men in suits and dark glasses watch from the stands. The race starts and Emma quickly takes the lead. Tomomi is close behind with the rest of the field far away. By the finish line Tomomi barely manages to pull ahead, winning the race. At this, the two secret agents leave the stands.

While both are still catching their breath from the race, Emma comes over and offers Tomomi her hand and congratulations for winning the race. They shake, this competition having strengthened their friendship. After the race, Mikage and Noda congratulate Tomomi on her victory and trophy.

As Emma heads toward the locker rooms, two men meet her and ask her to go with them. She drops her soda in surprise.

As they wait after the race, Noda wonders where Emma is, commenting that she's late. She was going to meet them here. Mikage says she'll go look for her. She runs off, looks around the stadium and finally finds Emma in the parking lot --- being shoved into a car against her will. She telepathically calls Tomomi, ``Emma's being kidnaped,'' and runs off after the car.

While Emma protests her handling and demands to know what her abductors are doing, Mikage continues chasing he car. She stops, out of breath, just as Tomomi catches up. They use their powers and teleport to the car, landing on its roof. The people inside wonder what that thud was until Tomomi sticks her head down and makes faces at the driver through the windshield. Thoroughly surprised, he tries violently maneuvering the car to knock the twins off. Fortunately, they hang on (though they get the ride of their life, including going the wrong way down a busy street).

Finally, the car slams into a guard-rail and stops for a moment. Emma seizes this opportunity and escapes out the door. The twins tell her ``this way!'' and all three run off trying to avoid her pursuing kidnapers. As they run, Emma asks why they're here. ``We're the Miracle Girls, of course,'' is Tomomi's reply.

The three finally manage to lose their pursuers, by taking a detour through a crowded bus, trapping them on board as the bus drives off. The twins rejoice at their success which Emma finds cute and amusing.

The three sit down by a fountain to rest and talk for a bit. Emma thanks them for saving her again. She comments that the twins are always together and thinks this is nice. She has a twin sister but they were separated at birth and she hasn't seen her since. Especially since she's been studying around the world. Tomomi says it would be really nice to be able meet her sister, and Emma agrees completely saying she trys to believe she will.

Finally, she leaves saying, ``Bye. See you around. Thank you again Miracle Girls.'' The twins hope she'll be all right. Then Tomomi suddenly has the horrified realization that she is missing another race back at the event.

Emma takes a turn in the park only to find two men in suits and dark glasses waiting for her. They both bow deeply and one says calls her ``Emma-sama'' and congratulates her on her ascension. Needless to say, she's surprised at this.

That evening, Tomomi, Mikage and Noda are walking back from the stadium and discussing todays events. This is interrupted by a car pulling up and a woman getting out. As the wind blows, we hear her unforgettable laugh and Marie Milgraine Diammas introduces herself to Mikage. Further shocking the three, she announces that she has come to take Kurashige's affections and tells Mikage to give up on him. Mikage, of course, doesn't like this at all.

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