Miracle Girls episode 49

Episode title
Sayonara Senpai
Air date
  • Synopsis by George Robbert, 1995.01.21
Mikage and Tomomi are in their room looking at the picture of Marie and Kurashige. They remember Marie's appearance at the end of last episode and realize that she is indeed the same person in the picture. Mikage is upset to remember Marie's claiming Kurashige for her own.

Tomomi takes another look at the picture and realizes that Marie looks amazingly like Emma. Mikage agrees with her, which yields the conclusion that Emma must really be a princess of Diammas. They remember her saying that she's been followed by bad circumstances and people since she's been born and that she'd really like to meet her sister and father. Tomomi decides to do some research on Diammas. If Emma and Marie are really twin sisters, she'd like to help them to get back together.

Mikage is waiting at Narita airport for Kurashige to arrive. She notices Marie also coming to wait here, with a retinue of her secret service. They both ask why the other is here, neither being pleased that the other is. This confrontation is interrupted by Kurashige's arrival. Both girls greet him and Kurashige is surprised to find that Marie is also here to meet him.

She jumps the handrail and walks past a couple security guards to meet him. ``It's been a while, Kurashige. I wanted to meet you.'' The airport security guards come up and tell her she's not allowed in this area. Marie tells them off and they decide they're not going to contest the secret service retinue of a foreign dignitary.

She turns back to Kurashige, only to find that he's gone to talk to Mikage. They have only time for a brief (but tender) greeting before Marie pushes Mikage out of the way. Kurashige is surprised to find Marie here and asks what brought her, ``is it work? or maybe sightseeing?'' Actually she wanted to talk to him about something important. He explains that he's here for his cousin's wedding and doesn't have much time. Mikage comes back telling her to leave Kurashige alone, he's tired. Marie is in no mood to be opposed. Kurashige puts a stop to the growing confrontation between the girls. He tells Marie that she's not in Diammas now, asks her not to be selfish, excuses himself and walks off with Mikage. She exults in her victory over Marie, who is not at all pleased about this turn of events.

Kurashige and Mikage talk as they ride back home on the Narita express. He apologizes for not bringing any gift back for her, he's been too busy. ``Your smiling face is the best gift you could bring,'' she tells him. ``And for me too,'' he says brining a happy, embarrassed smile to her face. She's happy that he really wanted to see her too, and contented, rests her head on his shoulder.

Noda and Tomomi have gone to Kurashige to inquire about Diammas. They're impressed by the load of books he brings out on the subject. He acquired them in college, where he did a lot of research on UFOs, Supernatural phenomenon and Occultism. Tomomi's comment that he's an otaku almost makes him refuse to help, but her apology smooths things over.

He goes on to explain that Diammas is an old country with some interesting history and legends. The most interesting is the ``Legend of the Twins.'' It was 1000 years ago when the vikings were invading the British Isles. One of the various small countries in this area was Diammas. The vikings invaded here too. Among the defenders were a pair of twin princesses. When the twin princesses hearts were together, they could do miracles. They threw the invading vikings back into the sea and thus founded the kingdom of Diammas.

He says that the Emma they told him about sounds a lot like one of these twin princesses from the legend, since she is both a twin and a princess of Diammas. He speculates that maybe the legendary powers of twins could have something to do with the intrigue that's going on now.

Tomomi and Noda leave, wondering about Emma. They visit her school, only to find that she's left. Unfortunately, she didn't leave a forwarding address.

At home that evening, Mikage is lying on her bed, fondly remembering Kurashige and the ride back from the airport. Tomomi comes over and sits down on the bed next to her. Mikage isn't too pleased to have her thoughts interrupted and is even less so when Tomomi asks for some help about Diammas (since this brings Marie to mind). Tomomi counters that it's for Emma instead, but she still doesn't want to help. Tomomi points out that those two are twins just like them and she wants to help bring them together. Mikage can agree with this, and they teleport off to the Diammas Embassy.

In the Diammas Embassy, spy A meets Marie an asks her where she's going. ``To Hideaki's place.'' He tells her that goes against Mr. X's orders and forbids her. Tomomi and Mikage overhear this and wonder if maybe Emma is not Marie's twin sister. Spy A goes on to tell her that she and Emma are both princesses of Diammas. Marie claims she's the only one, and adds that she'll rule together with Hideaki after they've married.

They all hear a noise, but when spy A pulls back the curtain where Mikage and Tomomi were hiding, there's nobody there. The twins appear back in their room. Mikage is furious at Marie for being so selfish to think she could marry Kurashige. Tomomi tries to calm her down, but doesn't get far.

Kurashige leaves his cousins wedding, only to find Marie waiting for him. The two of them go for a walk along the seashore. Marie holds his hand and snuggles close, liking the romantic setting. He tries to discourage her, saying that they can't meet again, however she's not discouraged. She goes on to ask him how he'd like to be Duke of Diammas, after marrying her. He answers that he can't. However, she doesn't accept that he can't change his feelings about Mikage and marry her. He repeats his refusal and walks off, leaving her behind.

Spy A reports to Mr.~X over the phone. Mr.~X isn't pleased that they haven't found Emma yet, though he is interested in the strange pair of twins they did find. He closes the call offering dire consequences if he fails a second time.

At school, Tomomi asks Noda if he's seen Mikage. He hasn't. It turns out she's leaving school, where she runs into Marie who wants to talk to her. She takes Mikage back to the Diammas Embassy where she asks her to say good-bye to Kurashige. Mikage says that she can't do this, and that Kurashige wouldn't marry her anyway. Marie wonders how she knows this. ``I just know,'' replies Mikage. Marie goes on to try all the other means of persuasion at her disposal, but these don't work either. Mikage tells Marie she won't return Sempai to her and turns to leave. Marie's men surround her and keep her from leaving.

Tomomi hears her call as she's walking home from school with Noda. She runs off to help her sister, asking Noda to meet her at the Diammas Embassy with Kurashige. There, Spy A throws Mikage into a locked room and tells her that no-one can come help her since this is an Embassy. He also tries to get her to tell him where Emma is. Of course, she can't.

His questioning is interrupted by one of his men saying that Mikage's twin sister is out front. Tomomi is at the front gate, talking to a bunch of Marie's men. They tell her her sister isn't inside, but she insists that she is. ``I just know that she is.''

Marie comes out and asks Tomomi how it is that she ``just knows that she's here,'' remembering similar words that Mikage said about Kurashige. Tomomi explains that it has to do with their being twins, ``like you and Emma.'' Marie then wants to know how Tomomi knows about Emma.

This conversation is interrupted by Kurashige coming up and asking Marie to return Mikage. Marie says that she's not here, but Kurashige insists ``since Tomomi said she's here, she's here.'' Marie has everyone come inside at this point, despite her guards misgivings.

Inside Marie dodges Kurashige's question of ``where is Mikage?'' by asking if he'll come to her coronation. Tomomi asks if this will be together with Emma, to which she angrily answers that she's the only princess of Diammas.

At this Tomomi hear's Mikage telepathically call, and runs off to find her. She runs upstairs and opens the door to Mikage's room with her shoulder. As the two, happy to be together, return down the stairs they find Marie at the bottom. Her men are holding Kurashige. She asks Mikage to promise not to meet with Kurashige again. He tells Marie she can't ask that: she doesn't know his heart or Mikage's.

This is unacceptable to Marie, and at her signal, the guards draw their weapons on the twins. Spy A comes up with his pistol and points out that since this is an embassy, they can't call the police to come here, so the twins are at their mercy. Marie points out that Mikage's answer can set them free. ``What will it be?'' she demands.

Kurashige breaks this standoff by offering to return with Marie if she will let the rest go free, unharmed. Marie likes this resolution. The guards lead the others off. Mikage doesn't want to leave, but lets herself be taken off after a nod from Kurashige. The three are thrown out of the Embassy and the door is closed behind them, cutting them off from Kurashige who is left inside with Marie and her men.

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