Miracle Girls episode 50

Episode Title
Futari no Oujo
[A Pair of Princesses]
Air Date
  • Summary by George Robbert, 1995.01.24
The episode opens with an overview of the end of the previous one. Backed by the guns of Diammas, Marie gives Mikage the choice of giving up Kurashige or being shot. He makes the decision for her, choosing to go to Diammas in order to save them. Mikage and the others are thrown out of the embassy as she cries out his name.

In Diammas, Marie shows Kurashige the large room that will be all his. She hopes he likes it. He tries to make her understand that things like this won't change his attitude toward her. This doesn't seem to get through. Mr. X diverts her mentioning that the time until her coronation is growing short.

She leaves saying she'll introduce Kurashige to her father later. After she leaves, Mr. X warns Kurashige not to try anything useless like try to escape before the coronation. The agents emphasize his point by reaching in their coats for their guns.

A group of three ``women'' arrive by plane and hurry into a limousine. Closer inspection show that they are really Emma and the two men she met at the end of episode 48 in disguise. Just as they drive off, another limousine pulls up and a group of dark-suited Diammas agents get out and run into the airport.

Spy A comes into Mr. X's office and reports that Emma has now returned to Diammas. He's not pleased to hear this. It could mean their whole assassination plot may be discovered, and if that happens...

Marie tries to take Kurashige to meet her father. A couple of his servants block their way and say that he is not able to see them right now. She protests this, as does Kurashige who want's to know why she is not allowed to see her own father. The servants reply that it is her father's orders. She's shocked that he wouldn't want to see her enough to do this and runs off.

Emma is with her father in his rooms, sees all this out the window and recognizes Marie as her sister. Her father apologizes for not being with her and making her worry all this time. She says it's ok and in turn apologizes for the same thing saying that she didn't know these two agents were from him. He adds that they'll certainly have to let Marie know as well.

Marie is being fitted with a wedding dress by her ladies in waiting. She's not that pleased with the way it makes her look. The ladies in waiting leave after she tears off the accessories and orders them out of the room. As they leave, they comment on her selfishness. Kurashige overhears them as he walks down the hall.

Marie, now alone, stares into the mirror in her room. She remembers her father calling her Emma and Tomomi telling her she always knows about her twin sister. She says to herself ``another me... another'' and Emma's image appears in the mirror instead of hers. This unhinges Marie, she grabs a hairbrush and breaks the mirror with it.

Kurashige enters the room at this moment and sees her recoil from the shattering glass. As he bandages her cut hand, Marie tells him that she's only a substitute: that her father thinks more of her twin sister Emma than of her. He tells her this can't be true, but she won't believe him. She feels betrayed that her father would treat her as second when she's been the only one that's stayed by him. Why else would he call her by the wrong name. Kurashige tells her to persevere and adds some words of comfort and encouragement. She runs crying into his arms.

Back in the science building, the twins and Noda are pouring over Kageura's books on Diammas. Tomomi would like to go to there, if possible, to find out about Emma. Mikage also wants to go to Diammas to help Kurashige. Tomomi wonders if they can, then agrees and holds up her finger to teleport. Noda asks them to take him with them too. Mikage doesn't want to take him, but he begs them since he's promised to protect Tomomi, and that he wants to come so he can. Mikage agrees, but before they can leave, Kageura enters saying he heard everything they said. Hurrying off, the the three teleport away to Diammas in front of Kageura, leaving him behind and frustrated.

Kurashige steps out of Marie's room, only to be intercepted by Spy A who asks him where he's going. He'd like to take a look at the rest of the castle, and figured it would be easier to do by himself. Spy A tells him he's only a guest here until the coronation is over. They've got enough worries about security until then. After getting a report from another agent, he walks off, leaving Kurashige with the words that it would be better if he didn't think much about being able to escape.

Emma is looking at some wilted flowers in the castle garden when she is startled by a flash of light behind her. It's Tomomi teleporting in with Noda. They wonder where Mikage is and are surprised to find Emma there instead. She's surprised too, but happy to see them.

Mikage teleports into the throne room and drops to an ungraceful landing. Tomomi telepathically calls her asking if she's all right. However she can't answer where she is. The sound of people coming forces her to hide.

It's Mr.~X and spy A coming in and talking about Marie and how difficult she is being about her dress. Mikage runs off, wondering what they were talking about. Mr.~X proceeds to yell at spy A for messing this up. Even though she's selfish, they've got to work through Marie. She's his puppet and the way they will gain Diammas. They leave to talk more about this later. Kurashige overhears this from behind another door.

Mikage continues talking with Tomomi as she walks through the castle trying to find out where she is and how she can get out. After a couple close calls she ends up in Marie's room with the broken mirror. After a brief surprise, she starts fixing her hair only to be grabbed from behind (by a pair of arms that look like Kurashige's). Though her mouth is covered, Tomomi hears her scream of surprised fear.

Marie enters her rooms, telling Mr. X and Spy A telling them her opinion of the coronation and wedding dresses they chose for her. Mr.~X tries to smooth things over saying they'll soon be just fine, but she says she can't just change her feelings like that. Even the suggestion a Parisian designer doesn't seem to help.

Tomomi tries to contact Mikage, but can't. She's worried that she can't, as are Noda and Emma. She's about to go look for her when Noda stops her, saying that he should go search instead. Emma stops both of them by saying she should be the one to go. ``This time I can help you.'' After all, she belongs here and may know the castle a little better. She asks them to trust her in this. She doesn't want to put them in danger, and, ``It would be dangerous for you.'' She asks them to stay there. Tomomi takes her hands and thanks her for her help.

Their joined hands fade into Mikage and Kurashige's. She awakes from her faint to find the person she most wanted to see. He's glad to find her here too. She hugs him and cries in happiness. He returns the embrace as she begs him to return with her. However, he asks her to please wait for him a little longer.

Elsewhere, Emma is looking through the halls of the castle as are Spy A and his men.

Kurashige explains that Marie is a confused person. He's worried that once she ascends to power she'll become a puppet for someone else. Getting her together with Emma would help tremendously (both her and the country). He tells a little bit of what he knows of Mr.~X's plan and asks for Mikage and Tomomi's help with their miraculous powers. She takes his hand and nods in agreement.

She contacts Tomomi, who is glad to find she's all right. Tomomi tells her that Emma went to look for her, but it turns out that she hasn't found Mikage yet. This worries Tomomi and Noda.

As Emma continues her search, she wonders where Mikage could be. She is interrupted by a group of secret service agents who surround her and draw their guns. Spy A comes up and says that he's been looking for her. He throws her in a cell in the dungeon for safe keeping.

Mr. X comes up and joins them here. She recognizes him, and he tells her that she's going to miss the upcoming events. She tells him her father already knows of his plan to take over Diammas, and asks what he intends to do with her sister. He tells her that Marie is his puppet in and is going to give it all to him. Then he walks off, laughing.

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