Miracle Girls episode 51

Episode Miracle Girls episode 51
Title Kiseki wo Shinjite
[Believe in Miracles]
Air Date 1993.12.24
  • Synopsis by George Robbert, 1995.02.05

Kurashige carefully looks out into the hall. Finding no one there, he and Mikage exit Marie's room that they were in. He wonders at the lack of guard, and suspects something is brewing. Tomomi contacts her sister asking if Emma has showed up yet. She hasn't. Neither have Noda and Tomomi found her. Kurashige hopes that she hasn't been captured already, which concerns Mikage.

Noda and Tomomi have just finished telling Emma's father that she's missing and ask if he can do anything to help. Naturally he's concerned. He tells them of the trickery that's going on, and how Mr. X is using and deceiving Marie to get control. He wants to give the country over to Emma and Marie together, but doesn't want Mr.X to get it.

He tells them that Diammas was founded by the Legendary Twins of Light. It's reported that they will appear again and make Diammas into a great country. Emma discovered this in her travels and has told him. He wants to believe in his twin daughters, and says that when they come together they should have miraculous powers like the twins in the legend. Tomomi and Noda agree, and he comments on how she and her sister can do amazing things together. Tomomi promises to help Emma's dad.

While Mikage watches from her hiding place behind a plant, Kurashige meets Marie on the balcony. He tells her about Mr.X's plans to take over Diammas and adds that Emma's life may be in danger. She may be assassinated if she is discovered. Marie asks who he expects to believe this story. He counters that Emma is not her opponent, but her ally, and asks where she might be if Mr.X captured her.

Marie insists that she doesn't know where Emma is and says it's even ok if she's dead. This is too much for Mikage who pops up, and yells at a surprised Marie. Marie's eyes fill with tears and she says that will be better if she's her father's only daughter. She then calls for the guards to take Mikage away. They come, but Kurashige runs off with Mikage before they can get her.

Noda and Tomomi climb in through an open window elsewhere in the castle. He apologizes for causing trouble and maybe separating her and Mikage when they teleported. If they weren't separated, they could use their powers now; all he's done is cause trouble. Tomomi takes his hand and says he's wrong. His hand is warm and she thinks he's the most wonderful person to be with. She hopes Emma and Marie can get together too. Noda's spirits are restored and he suggests they continue searching for Emma.

Kurashige drags Mikage down the castle halls, and to make matters worse, the guards take out their guns and start shooting at them. Marie comes up, tries to get them to stop, and demands to know why they're shooting. Spy A shocks her saying that these are Mr.X's orders. He explains that it will all be clear by the coronation ceremony. He then runs off after the guards who continue pursuing and shooting at Mikage and Kurashige. Marie stands there, stunned, and Kurashige's words about the planned takeover of Diammas echo in her head.

Kurashige continues running away with Mikage. They dive through a small door in the wall and hide from their pursuers in this tiny compartment. As they sit in this dark room, he holds her to him, apologizes for all of this, and asks her not to be afraid. She snuggles closer, happy to be held. She smiles, tells him that she came here to help him, and says that now they're together she's found courage.

They are interrupted by Tomomi telepathically calling her. She asks if Mikage can hear her; she can. Mikage apologizes and explains the guards running around, saying that she accidentally let Marie know that she was here. They both wonder if Emma has been captured yet. She asks Tomomi if she's all right. "Of course, I'm with Noda," she replies and takes his hand. Mikage says that she too is ok, since Sempai is with her.

Marie makes her way down into the castle dungeon. There, she finds the dark cell where Emma is being held. Emma realizes she's there, and comes to the bars to talk, calling Marie by name and explaining that they're sisters. She apologizes to Marie for not coming to meet her when she returned to Diammas. Marie is surprised at Emma's location and attitude,

She doesn't have much time to think about it, as Mr.X and company appear. She demands to know what he's doing, and orders him to release Emma. He says he can't do that. It would be dangerous and Emma would be a hindrance to them. She takes exception to being included in the "us" that's doing this. He at last calls her selfish and suggests she cooperate. Emma begs Marie not to believe him, saying that he's only using her on his way to take over Diammas. He just smiles at Marie, stunned by this revelation. At Mr.X's orders, his men take Marie and throw her in the cell with Emma. Marie asks what he's going to do. He reassures her that her father will forget about this and that he's done everything skillfully enough that it will all still go according to his plan

Upstairs Spy A and a couple guards machine-gun open a door. They enter Emma and Marie's father's rooms only to find that he is gone. Spy A reports this to Mr.X by radio.

Tomomi and Noda have found the way to the dungeons and head down the stairs there. Mikage and Kurashige have found another entrance to the same place and also enter, commenting on its being strangely quiet. Unfortunately, a couple guards have followed them here.

Emma and Marie are sitting back-to-back in their cell, talking. Both are surprised to meet the other, Marie didn't even think that Emma was alive. Emma is happy to finally have a chance to talk to her, even though it isn't in the best of circumstances. Her kind words even begin to break through to Marie, finally bringing a smile to her face.

Tomomi and Noda arrive at Emma's cell, and recognize her. She tells them to hurry and run away since Mr.X will be hunting them. Mikage and Kurashige also run up at this point. At Kurashige's suggestion, the twins teleport into the cell, grab a calm Emma and a shocked Marie, and teleport them back out.

No sooner have they teleported out, than Spy A and his guards arrive blocking the exit. Mr.X joins them, commenting that they have something strange here, and the guards draw their guns on the frightened six. Marie wants to know how much Mr.X thinks he can get away with. He replies there's nothing to worry about, anyway he'll end up with the whole country anyway. The guards are preparing to shoot the twins and the fellows when Tomomi and Mikage realize what they must do and teleport all six of them away. Those left behind are shocked at this. Spy A wonders if this is like the legend, which earns him the title of Idiot from Mr.X.

The six teleport into the throne room. Mikage and Tomomi are tired after this much use of power, which worries their boyfriends. However, both twins say that they're all right. Marie points out a painting on the wall. It is of the Legendary Twins that founded Diammas. Tomomi points out that Emma and Marie really resemble these two, and her sister agrees.

Kurashige notices that someones coming and Marie points out an escape route heading up since their pursuers are coming from below. They head out and up, only to encounter a pair of knife-wielding guards. Noda takes care of one, and Kurashige wrestles with the other. As he desperately holds the knife away from him, the guard suddenly collapses, clubbed over the head by Mikage. The six continue on up the stairs, and emerge atop a tower high above the castle and lake.

Hearing that their location is known, they climb up on the tower roof while the fellows fight a rear-guard action against their pursuers. Marie's scared of the height, so Mikage tells her not to look down. Finally all six emerge atop the roof. As they stand there, Mr.X and his guards also climb up and out onto the roof. Tomomi and Mikage wonder what they should do. Mr.X gloats that he now has them all together, including Emma and her meddling foreign friends.

Marie comes forward and asks him why he's doing this. She was the only one who believed in him. He explains that he understood how to manipulate a selfish and lonely girl. She replies she'll never forgive him for this and charges at him. Spy A counters, by shotting at her feet.

This causes Marie to lose her balance and fall off the edge of the roof. Emma catches her, but she too slips. Tomomi grabs Emma, and Mikage grabs her sister, but all four end up falling off before the horrified fellows can help. As they plunge toward the lake, a strange light envelopes them, they join hands into a ring and crash into the water. Above, Mr.X smiles.

All is not done. A circle of light appears on the lake, and erupts into a pillar of light rising to the sky. It sheds little sparkling snowflakes of light down on the surrounding countryside, causing the wilted flowers Emma saw earlier to grow back and burst into bloom. As the people on the rooftop stand looking on in stunned amazement, the pillar of light flashes into a shining floating sphere, which resolves into the four twins holding hands, surrounded by a glow and floating in midair. They fly forward and land on the edge of the rooftop just as the sun rises, shining behind Emma and Marie.

Mr.X looks at them and their image fades into the picture of the Legendary Twins of Light. He comments, "Oh no. The legend has come back to life." His thoughts are cut short by the words, "That's far enough Mr.X." It is the Duke, backed by the army. He has captured all of the agents. A frustrated Mr.X and Spy A can only surrender.

Emma and Marie run to their father and he embraces them both. "Emma, Marie, from now on all three of us will be together." Kurashige, Mikage, Tomomi and Noda look on, pleased at this happy ending.

The scene fades to the throne room of the castle, where with all the people watching, and the army standing at attention, the Duke, their father, crowns both Emma and Marie. The three of them together receive the cheers of their happy people. The twins and their boyfriends are also watching the ceremony. They think it is wonderfully and beautiful.

Later, Tomomi and Noda look for Mikage so they can return. She's standing near the castle moat talking with Kurashige. He tells her that he has to return to London, and she adds that she too must return. She blushes and says that she'll send him a Christmas card. He promises to do the same. Tears gather in her eyes, and claiming that Tomomi must be looking for her, she says "bye" and starts to run off. Kurashige grabs her by the hand and pulls her back. "Even though we really must part... I want you to say you'll wait for me... forever." Her face colors as she hears these words, too good to hope for. The two draw close and seal this with a kiss.

As "We've Got to be a Pair" plays, the events after the twins return to Japan are shown in a series of stills. The two of them playing in the park by the ocean. Everyone begins preparing for Christmas, bringing decorations and such. Tomomi and Mikage decorate the tree at their house. Everyone comes in to celebrate: Kageura is dressed as Santa Claus, carrying his sack, and everyone else is bringing presents too. Yamagishi and Daijouji have come together, wearing matching outfits.

Everyone has a good time at the party and sharing the various gifts that are exchanged here. Mikage stands in her room by the window and the falling snow. She reads her most treasured present this year, a long letter from Kurashige. The camera pans back and shows him, still in London, with a smile on his face matching Mikage's.

To save all these memories, a group picture is taken of everyone at the Christmas Party. Everyone's happy in it; the twins sit on the ground in front, and off to one side, Yamagishi and Daijouji bashfully hold hands. As we zoom in to the twins, the picture fades into a painting of the two of them.

As various scenes from the series are shown, Tomomi, Mikage, Noda and Kurashige introduce themselves and comment on how fun it has been. The series finally ends with another still painting, and the twins tell us,

"Thank you for so many miracles throughout the year."

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