Majocco Club 4 Nin Gumi A Kuukan Karano Alien X

OAV released
Running time
45 minutes
[the story is only about 30 minutes, the music videos make up the rest]
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.08.18
    This was an OAV featuring the four magical girls: Creamy Mami, Magical Fairy Pelsha, Magical Emi, and Pastel Yumi.
A monster (alien X) attacked a young girl who was walking down the street. When the monster finished attacking her, the girl turned into a very old woman.

At a TV station, Yuu, Pelsha, Mai, and Yumi (the four girls in their little girl form) were called by the TV director.

Yuu, Toshio, and Midori went to a dessert store. But the dessert store was a disguise, and Yuu got kidnapped.

Mai was performing a magic act. A man from the audience said that he can do some magic too. Mai invited him up onto the stage, and the man did his magic. The man made Mai disappear, and then disappeared himself.

At a zoo, Pelsha followed a bunch of kids to look at some animals. Suddenly the ground gave out underneath her.

Yumi was delivering flowers. Suddenly a guy came on a bicycle and took her away.

All of the girls were gathered at some secret military base. A general was on his knees begging for the girls to help them defeat alien X with their magic powers. But the girls said that they couldn't help out. The girls told him that they could not use their magic any more. Then the four girls got thrown out of the building.

When the girls were deciding what to do, alien X came after them. The girls ran away to an old church. Alien X surrounded them. The girls started screaming.

Then the film got cut. The TV crew paniced, but they managed to show a commercial.

In the CM, Creamy Mami was lying on a beach chair, as a large wave was coming. It was a CM for "creamy summer lotion".

At the church again, the girls where still surrounded by alien X. Then a bright light appeared from the sky, just as the monster was going to touch the girls. The light carried the four girls up into space. A mysterious voice told the girls to defeat alien X. But the girls said that they could not use their magic any more. Then their magic items appeared!

Yuu, Pelsha, and Mai grabbed their magic items and yelled out their magic words together. After seeing the others transform, Yumi got hers and transformed. They all had space suits with a face guard.

The girls all landed on a planet with lots of alien X. The girls attacked it and fought. But the aliens kept coming and coming. There were too many of them. Then the girls got together and used their magic items. "1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. Super miracle shoot. Fire!"

They blasted the monster, and there was a large explosion. But alien X was still alive. The large alien X then attacked the girls. The girls got blasted, and they all lost their face guards. (still had their suits)

Then Creamy Mami struggled up and yelled out, "Everyone stand up!" Then the girls got up. They used the last of their energy to become beams of light themselves. The light blasted and destroyed alien X.

When the girls woke up (back in their little girl forms), they were in the middle of a city. Then a light appeared in the sky. It was a clown face. The girls all asked the clown a lot of questions, but the clown only said that the girls of earth were still strong. When asked who/what he was, the clown said, "You can call me god or the devil or anything.." Then he disappeared. The girls all said bye to each other and left in different directions.

The TV show ended. The four girls all left the studio. They said that next time they wanted to do a romantic story.

When the girls got outside, they saw alien X!

"Girls adventure is just beginning" (appeared on the screen in English)

The ending credits had the girls running away from alien X.

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