Cyber Formula 11 Round 1

  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.06.23
The 11th World Grand Prix started, and the first race was being held in Brazil. Since Kazami Hayato was last year's champion, he was very determined to keep the pole position. Hayato was currently in the pole position as he had the best time in the time trials so far.

When the reporters asked him about the pole position, Hayato said that he wasn't very concerned about it. But Asuka knew that he was. Then as the time trials were ending, Shinjo both beat Hayato's time. Hayato was surprised. Then at the last minute, Randoll came in with a great time to knock Hayato out of the front line.

When the race began, Hayato tried to take back the number one position. With his aggressive driving, Hayato moved up to the lead. But Miki and the others in the pit noticed that Hayato's car was the only one going all out. So the coach told Hayato to slow down. Then the other cars started passing Hayato.

When the race ended Hayato was in 7th place, so he didn't get any points. Hayato was very upset that he (the champion last year) finished 7th. After the first race the scoring looked like:

Randoll 10
Gudelian 6
Shinjo 4
Hiyoshi 3
Bootsholtz 2
Heizenberg 1

In the second race (America), Hayato couldn't finish in the top 6 either. The results of the second race was:

Randoll 10
Bootsholtz 6
Gudelian 4
Shinjo 3
Garnet 2
Hiyoshi 1

In the third race (Canada), Hayato was about to get lapped. So he used his boost. He kept using it past the 27 seconds (which was the limit), and blew Asuraada's engine. So Hayato had to retire and didn't finish the race.

The third race results and the standings after three races were:

Gudelian 10
Shinjo 6
Randoll 4
Garnet 3
Hiyoshi 2
Rentz 1
Randoll 24
Gudelian 20
Shinjo 13
Bootsholtz 8
Hiyoshi 6
Garnet 5

Since Hayato hadn't gotten any points in the first three races, the team began to worry. Hayato's car was the Super Asuraada, and had been only slightly improved from the previous year. But most of the other teams had new model cars with great improvements. Miki and the others were struggling to get the most performance out of the Asuraada.

Hayato walked into the team meeting and told everyone that it wasn't possible to win with Asuraada the way it was. He said that his car lacked the power and speed to compete. He also said that it wasn't his fault for not winning.

Then Hayato ran out of the room, and Asuka went after him. They ran into Randoll. Randoll ignored Hayato and went up to Asuka. When Randoll put down Hayato, Hayato couldn't even respond and ran off.

Before the fourth race (Australia), Ohtomo came to visit Hayato. Ohtomo had quit racing and had become a reporter. He told Hayato that Hayato was worried too much about his number 1 position from the previous year.

But Hayato denied it and said that Asuraada wasn't powerful enough. Then Ohtomo said that it might have been the case in the first two races. But in the third race it was Hayato's stupidity for burning out the engine. Then Ohtomo said, "If you don't think you can win, quit!" Hayato was surprised at the words, and Ohtomo continued. "A racer who is just concerned about pride and has lost his challenging spirit doesn't deserve to race." Then Hayato ran away.

Hayato rode around on his motorcycle in the rain. After a while he came back to the Asuraada cockpit. Asuraada noticed Hayato's lowered body temperature and warmed him. When Asuraada said that he was Hayato's partner and will do whatever Hayato says, Hayato became happy and cried. "Let's challenge the limits together!"

The fourth race took place in the rain. Hayato used his rain driving techniques (which Ohtomo said was better than his own) and won.

In the rain, Knight Shumach and Claire Fortran watched Hayato. As they were leaving, Shumach said that Hayato had the ability to become a great racer.

The fourth race results and the standings after four races were:

Hayato 10
Randoll 6
Shinjo 4
Heizenberg 3
Bootsholtz 2
Garnet 1
Randoll 30
Gudelian 20
Shinjo 17
Bootzholtz 10
Hayato 10
Hiyoshi 6
Garnet 6

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