Cyber Formula 11 Round 2

  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.06.23
The fifth Grand Prix race was going to take place in England.

The Aoi team still hadn't won a race this year, but they were going to use a new car from this race.

Hayato's time put him in 12th place in the time trials. When Hayato returned to the pit, he said that the car seemed to float during the corners. Miki said that she would check it out.

When Hayato was sitting and resting, he said that he couldn't win with the current car. Asuka got mad and strangled him. She also told him not to lose confidence.

There was an Aoi team press conference. Knight Shumach said, "While I was away, the Grand Prix changed. This is supposed to be a place where it takes machine, teamwork, technique, and spirit all together to become the world champion. But there isn't anyone like that any more. So I returned to prove it."

The other racers were a little surprised at Shumach's words. Randoll was still full of confidence in himself, and was determined to beat Shumach.

Hayato and Asuka went up to Knight Shumach. Asuka asked her brother why he got back into racing. Shumach said, "I just stated the reason. I have to show that the Grand Prix is not an easy place where a terrible driver can win."
Hayato asked Shumach why he said that. "You cheered for me before."
Shumach said, "This year it's different. We are enemies on the track. Don't forget that. On the circuit, I am not Sugou Osamu any more."

Later when they met alone, Kyoko told Shumach that she still didn't trust him 100%. She also asked if he really thought he could win. Shumach said that he can win if he wins all of the remaining races. Shumach also said, "But to win I need a good machine and team. That's why I contacted you."

At the next time trials, Knight Shumach took 1st place by a wide margin. Hayato couldn't figure out why Osamu became his enemy. Hayato improved his time and moved up to 8th place.

When Hayato returned to the pit, he told Miki that the car was floating again. Miki said that it should be perfect because she tuned it. She couldn't figure it out. Then Maki ran a simulation and got some yellow warnings.

Then a blonde haired woman came and felt around the Asuraada. Miki got upset at her and said that an ordinary person shouldn't be touching the car. But Asuka's father said that it was Claire Fortran, one of the designers of the Asuraada. After looking at some numbers on the computer, Claire gave some directions for minor modifications. Miki got upset but Claire said that it was all right. When Maki ran the simulation again, there were no yellow warnings. Then Claire told Miki that she shouldn't use the word "perfect" so easily.

Near the end of the time trials, Knight Shumach set the course record. Then Randoll went out for his run. When Randoll heard Shumach's time, he was surprised. But he still felt confident that he could beat it.

Hayato told Asuka that he still can't believe that Osamu would become the enemy. He said that Osamu must be trying to tell them something. Hayato said, "All I know is that if I don't beat him, I can't win."

When Randoll was going for his time, Shumach was driving along the course in front of him. But instead of getting out of the way, Shumach slowed down and caused Randoll to crash.

Later Randoll stormed into Shumach's pit. Randoll yelled, "Shumach. What was that for!"
Knight Shumach calmly said, "Sorry. It was a bad sensor. I tried to get out of the lane."
But Randoll said, "You knew you couldn't beat me!" Randoll got very mad and wanted to attack Shumach.
When Randoll walked away, he stopped by Hayato and said, "Win Hayato. If you're my rival, don't lose to him."
Then Hayato got very mad at Knight Shumach. Shumach said that it was a battle where they risked their lives. He also said that he would do the same to Hayato in the final race.

The race started and Shumach and Shinjo took the lead. When Hayato was racing, he said that the machine was very different. He felt good and began to get confidence. Everyone was surprised too. They were amazed at Claire's skills. But Miki was upset.

Asuka asked her father what Osamu was up to. She couldn't believe it. But father said that it was Osamu who had introduced Claire. Asuka still couldn't believe it. Father said that Osamu had his own way of thinking.

Knight Shumach was way ahead of everyone. Near the end of the race, he lapped Hayato. Hayato couldn't believe it. Claire talked to Hayato on the radio. "Hayato. Knight Shumach is not the Osamu that you know. He is your enemy. I will give you the machine to face him evenly. But the rest is up to you. If you want the championship, you have to beat him."

Hayato knew he wasn't good enough in technique. But he said that he wouldn't lose in guts.

Hayato used his boost to try to catch Shumach. Shumach saw Hayato approaching and used his boost too. So Hayato couldn't keep up with Shumach. But because of Shumach's speed, they both gained a lot on the other racers. Hayato saw Shumach easily pass the other cars in front of them. Hayato was surprised at how easily Shumach had done it. But Hayato got his confidence and said that he could do it too. Then Hayato passed Bootsholtz and Gudelian to finish in 3rd place.

After the race, Knight Shumach went to Hayato, "3rd, but one lap behind." Hayato said to Shumach, "You totally defeated me today. But I'll beat you next time."
Shumach laughed. Then Asuka came and yelled, "I don't think of you as my brother any more!" Asuka threw her pendant (which had a picture of Osamu, Asuka, and Hayato in it) at him and ran off crying. Hayato ran after Asuka.

The fifth race results and the standings after five races were:

Shumach 10
Shinjo 6
Hayato 4
Gudelian 3
Bootsholtz 2
Hiyoshi 1
Randoll 30
Guedelian 23
Shinjo 23
Hayato 14
Bootzholtz 12
Shumach 10

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