Cyber Formula 11 Round 3

New Asuraada Tanjou
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.10.26
Hayato was interviewed as they all returned to Japan. Asuka was with him in the interview. When they were asked why they returned to Japan, Asuka said that they were going to try out a new car. Hayato told Asuka that she shouldn't say too much. Asuka thought that the interview was going to be aired three weeks later, but Hayato pointed out that it was live.

After the interview, when they were coming out of the building, a lot of girls cheered for Hayato. Asuka got a little jealous.

At the Sugou test course, Claire Fortran joined the team and built the AKF-11 (Super Asuraada). Claire told Hayato that the idea that his father had imagined still hasn't changed in the new car.

Hayato was going through some test laps. There was still a little time lag, because they were using the data from the old car. Claire said that she would change it the next day.

Hayato was very anxious and quickly went for the maximum speed. Claire said that it was ok, and the Super Asuraada reached 659 kmph. Then Hayato went into the time attack. Claire told Hayato that the expected time for Knight Shumach on this track was 49.03. "If you can't beat this time, you can't beat him."

Hayato's time was 52.2. Then he kept at it and got times of 52.8 and 53.2. Hayato's time wasn't consistent, and he wondered why. Claire said that it was technique. Then Claire showed everyone the line data of Hayato's previous race. Hayato kept turning the corners inconsistently (at various lines). Shinjo was much better and didn't miss the line by much. But Knight Shumach was "perfect". In every lap, he hit his line. Claire said, "If the cars perform the same, the difference would be in the drivers."

At night, Miki, Ryouhei, and Maki were talking. Ryouhei and Maki thought that Claire was great. Miki left to take a shower, and thought to herself, "I'm not a chief."

The next day Hayato tried again and again. His time was getting a little better as he was trying to match Knight Shumach's line. But he was still 2 seconds behind. Hayato said, "It's not the machine. I just can't fully use the power of 11."

The next day Kaga came to visit the Sugou test course. (Kaga was an Indy racer, and his new machine was going to use a Sugou engine.)

Kaga ate breakfast with everyone, and he noticed that everyone was feeling very depressed. Hayato said, "I can't reach Knight Shumach's time." He also started to say that he wasn't good enough. Then Kaga asked Hayato to lend him his car. Miki said that it couldn't be done because the Asuraada cyber system would only allow registered drivers. But Claire came and said that it can be done, by using the normal system.

Kaga went for it and got a time of 49.13. Everyone was surprised. Hayato was shocked. Kaga said, "Hayato, the best line is where you can drive the fastest. If you run at the same line as him, you can't beat him. Don't worry about him. I'm me. You're you. Don't forget that." Hayato thought about what Kaga said.

Hayato went to Asuraada. He turned the cyber system off, and said that he wanted to change his driving technique, and that old support system would just get in the way. Miki said that it was too dangerous. Asuka told Hayato not to panic too much. But Claire said to let Hayato do it. "He has his own way of thinking. Let's see what he can do."
Hayato said, "There are some things that I have to risk my life for."

Hayato started driving, and immediately spun around. But he managed to get the car onto the race track. Then Hayato tried to drive around the track. He was shaking around as he drove. Hayato finally completed his lap, and made it back. When Hayato stopped the car, Asuka went to him. Hayato struggled out of the car and fell into Asuka's arms. Then Hayato vomited.

Then Claire came up to him and said, "Just one lap?" Miki and Asuka got mad and yelled at Claire. Then Claire snapped back, "Are you the team mascot? I can't believe that you're the owner and chief mechanic."

Hayato struggled back up. Hayato said, "Don't worry about me. I'm doing this for me. Thanks, Asuka."
Then Hayato went out again. After his car got out of their view, they all heard a crash.

They all ran to Hayato. Asuka held Hayato and said, "Why do you have to do this much? Why do you have to go through so much pain? Is it that important to defeat my brother? If it's going to be like this, I don't have to win."

Hayato kept at it for three days. His time got down to 50 seconds, but Hayato was still struggling a lot. He wanted to master a new cornering technique. Asuka and Miki wanted him to stop. But Claire said that Hayato was going to give the answer himself. She said that he was on his way to becoming a real professional driver.

Then Kaga came to the course. Claire told him that his car was ready for him. Kaga commented that Claire was a very scary woman. Then Kaga went out on the track, where Hayato was already driving. Kaga got in front of Hayato and said, "I'll keep counting the money until you can pass me. If you're too slow, Sugou will go bankrupt."

Hayato tried to pass Kaga, but couldn't. They were speeding through the track, and Hayato said to himself, "I need a new cornering to beat him. I have to go into the corner without slowing down. Just a little bit more.."

At a corner, Kaga was still in front of Hayato and slowed down. But Hayato kept up his speed and went by him. Kaga yelled out, "You're going too fast."

But Hayato kept going and spun his car to skid. Everyone thought that Hayato was going to crash into the wall. But the tires gripped the road and Hayato shot in front of Kaga.

Everyone was surprised, but Claire said, "It's inertial drift."
Hayato said, "That's it!" and Asuraada said that he saved the pattern in his computer. Then Hayato switched on the cyber system and they went for a time. With Asuraada's help, Hayato got a 49.012 to beat Knight Shumach's estimated time.

Kaga said, "You did it."
Hayato said, "Because you were there in front of me."

While everyone else was very happy, Miki started walking off. She said, "I failed as a chief mechanic. I couldn't believe in Hayato."

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