Densetsu no Yuusha Da Garn episodes 45/46

episode 45
Chikyuu zettai zetsumei
episode 46
Kazeno miraihe
  • Summary by Hitoshi Doi, 1993.03.30

Da Garn episode 45

Seiji saved his father (Colonel Takasugi) from Orboss and returned to earth in Great Da Garn GX.

Orboss had Red Ron and Cian (lots of ufos) attack the earth. Orboss was going to disrupt the earth to see if it would react. He still wanted to see the legendary strength. The known release points of the earth were being attacked.

Seiji and his father went to the military base in Australia. They met the other military leaders. They knew that they could not do anything, and their hopes were all on Da Garn. Seiji accidently gave up his identity as the captain of Da Garn. Everyone was surprised. Then Seiji found out that the release points were being attacked and sent the robots to protect the release points. [i.e. actually pull the earth to hold it together.]

Red Ron went to Midorigahama, thinking that it was the fifth and last release point. Yanchar and Seven Changer tried to fight off Red Ron.

Misuzu (Seiji's mother, who was a TV reporter) went to the TV station to broadcast a message to the world. She found out that the legendary strength would only appear if all of the living things on earth had the same feeling, and they believed in the earth. The military tried to stop her, but since the enemy robots were moving away to a different section of town, they went to fight the enemy.

The Cian were attacking a point in Australia, so Seiji went to fight it. Then the Cian turned into a giant dragon monster. Great Da Garn GX tried to fight it, but even the GX Buster was no match for the dragon.

Red Ron said that he had found the fifth release point. Orboss ordered the Cian to bring Da Garn and go to the fifth release point. Orboss thought that it would be his last chance to see the legendary strength. The Cian caught Da Garn in a force field. Da Garn couldn't break out and told Seiji that he couldn't do anything. But Seiji said that he believed in the future.

Da Garn episode 46

Misuzu was televising her message. She told everyone on earth to believe in the legendary strength of the earth. She told everyone to think as one. Then Misuzu said the legendary words that Yanchar had told her. (It had come from Yanchar's planet.)

".. be one with the earth .. a yellow light will come out.."

The robots were trying to hold the earth together at the release points.

Yanchar and Seven Changer were fighting against Red Ron and Red Geist in the air above Midorigahama. Then Hotaru felt something. She started running toward the temple at the top of the hill. Hikaru and others followed her and started running there too.

Seven Changer was getting beaten by Red Geist. Seven Changer said he was too weak. Seven Changer told Yanchar to leave the robot. Yanchar told Seven Changer to continue fighting, but Seven Changer put Yanchar on the ground. Then Seven Changer went to fight Red Geist. The others found Yanchar at the front gate of the temple. Yanchar warned everyone that it was very dangerous there.

Then Cian (the giant dragon) came, carrying Great Da Garn GX in some force field. Red Geist blasted Seven Changer. Seven Changer went flying and crashed into the ground. Seiji told Da Garn to give some energy to Seven Changer. Then while Da Garn was giving Seven Changer some energy, Red Ron hit Da Garn away from the Cian's force field.

Yanchar told Seiji about the last release point. Yanchar said that Seiji was last hope. Then Hikaru said that Seiji's mother was broadcasting the message to everyone in the world. She said that Seiji would win.

Da Garn went to attack. But Red Geist fought off Da Garn. Then the Cian went to put the drilling device into the ground at the last release point. Red Geist was beating Great Da Garn GX. Then Yanchar told Seven Changer to go help Da Garn.

Hotaru started praying and repeating the legendary words. Everyone else started praying with her.

The little Buccho's got into a tank and started blasting the drilling device. After a couple hits, the drilling device stopped. But the Cian got mad and blasted the tank.

Red Geist was going to finish off Great Da Garn GX. But Seven Changer came. Seven Changer was bleeding in the face. [can robots bleed?] Seven Changer used all of his remaining energy. He said, "Da Garn, protect this planet!" and went at Red Geist, sacrificing himself. Seven Changer put his sword into Red Geist, but Red Geist also put its sword into Seven Changer. Red Ron claimed that he had won. Then both giant robots exploded. Yanchar started crying.

The Cian used some energy to make the drilling device work again. Da Garn was going to stop it, but Cian caught Da Garn. Da Garn said that it was the end. But Seiji said, "Believe it! I still believe in it!"

People all over the world were praying. The animals and all living things on the earth were praying too. Hikaru said, "If there is such a thing as the legendary power, please help him!"

Then some small yellow balls of light started flowing out from the earth. The yellow specs of light started surrounding the earth. The energy helped strengthen the robots who were holding the earth together. Then beams of yellow light came out, and they all converged at Da Garn. Great Da Garn GX became wrapped in the golden light and turned gold in color. Da Garn became very powerful and blasted the Cian. Then Seiji told Da Garn to go after Orboss.

Great Da Garn GX went out into space and flew into Orboss. Seiji called out for Orboss and said, "The legendary strength is not something that you can get!"
Orboss asked, "Why?"
Seiji answered, "It is something that comes from all of earth."
Orboss challenged Da Garn, "Then kill me."
Then Orboss started attacking Da Garn. Da Garn started firing the gun all over inside Orboss. Orboss tried to capture Da Garn in a force field, but Da Garn broke out. Then Great Da Garn GX used the GX Buster to blast Orboss. Orboss tried to capture and compress Da Garn's power.

Seiji said, "I believe in the future. We will create the future." Then Seiji and Great Da Garn GX released a huge amount of energy, and Orboss got blasted into bits.

Then a yellow light came out from the sky. Yanchar said that Seiji had won. Then one little Buccho came running to the group. He said that he was the only one that survived. Everyone was happy to see him. Then the police car [Da Garn] came crashing down into the front gate. Hikaru asked where Seiji was. Then Hotaru spotted Seiji in the air.

Da Garn was using the last of its energy to protect Seiji. Seiji was floating to earth in a force field created by Da Garn. Da Garn said to Seiji, "It's time for us to say good bye. You don't need us any more. You must make the future yourselves."

Seiji the floated all the way down to his very happy, waiting friends.

[The ED had the voice actors/actresses singing the OP song, with anime clips from the series. Really nice!]

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